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Extreme Weather meme
e x t r e m e   w e a t h e r

You're stuck. Wherever you are, whoever you're with, you'd better stay put. Mother nature is not being kind today; travelling is dangerous. Maybe you're stuck in a public place. Maybe at a friend's house. Maybe you're in a car, a bus, a train. Doesn't matter. Point is, you're stranded until the weather clears. Depending on the severity of the situation, you could be in very real danger, or you could just be bored out of your mind and looking for a way to pass the time (you know what the only activity left to do is when the power's out, right?).

  1. Post with your character, putting their name and canon/fandom, along with any preferences, in the subject line. (Alternatively, you can also put preferences in the main comment box.)
  2. The person responding will use the Random Number Generator to decide what the severity of your situation is (1-4) and what mother nature's going to be throwing at you (1-5).
  3. Let the games begin!

(You can decide whether or not a power outage is included with any one of these.)

  1. Boredom - Can't leave, must find a way to pass the time.

  2. Nuisance - Darnit, we have things to do out there! Is it over yet?

  3. Frightening - It's been nonstop for a while now. Places have shut down, maybe even the power's out.

  4. Dangerous - You're stuck in the worst of it, maybe you've heard news of accidents and deaths. Maybe you're even stranded outside.


  1. Tornado - Better find shelter! Underground maybe, or I hear bathtubs are pretty safe? Although they'd also be pretty cramped...

  2. Blizzard - It's so cold outside, baby. Where did all that snow even come from? Welp, better get out the blankets and light the fire.

  3. Hurricane - The wind is howling, the rain is pouring. Everything's so loud you'd think the walls could crash in at any moment! And maybe that's not too far from the truth...

  4. Heatwave - Now you know what a cookie feels like. The temperature's scorching. Not even fans or air-conditioners are cutting it any more. It might do some good if you shed a couple of garments though...

  5. Flood - Whether the storm's over or it's still going strong, the scary truth is you're surrounded by water and you're soaked to the bone. Oh, but look on the bright side: pool toys, man!

The Doctor | Doctor Who | Open

[Whee trapped in crap weather, it's like a Friday vacation!]


[S-so this kind of flooding is NORMAL AND OKAY right? They're totally prepared for this, right?]

You're sure this thing's designed for this much rain?

:] Hi thar!

I've waited out several deluges in this thing and guess what, I'm still here! [He grins] Yeah, we'll be fine.

[He does have flotation devices though, just in case the TARDIS' shields start to fail.]

How goes~?

[Hoho he caught that, did he? She grins over her shoulder at him fro her perch at the bottom of the TARDIS stairs.] Just checking. Wasn't sure if floods were included in the anti-cosmic storm shields.]</i>

it goes, and apparently i suck at noticing my notifs.

[She's lucky the TARDIS doesn't take too much offense to being called a thing most days. Otherwise they'd never go anywhere fun when the Doctor let Rose pick the settings on the randomizer.]

Oh of course. I made sure of that ages ago! [He moved from where he'd been checking life support settings on the monitor, plopped down next to Rose on the stairs and nodded at the weather outside.] So. What d'you want to do while we wait out this deluge?

Ohoho bad Doctor-mun

[She says it with absolute affection, the TARDIS knows this. 'Thing' is just her fallback word when she's nervous.]

That must have been exciting to do. [Ohi Doctor, have a blonde leaning her head on your shoulder.] Dunno. Could go explore the TARDIS, could go swimming, or we could make a picnic and sit outside in the shield and watch the flood? Have any better ideas?

Yes. Very very bad. :C

[Oh, don't be nervous, Rose!

He laughs a bit.]
Oh yes, it was fascinating--I could tell you the story if you want. [And oh would he! it's got a whole section on the noises the TARDIS was making while he was testing the shields midflight. What? They have time!] Or we could--yeah I haven't got any better ideas. [Well, there are other repairs he could do, but that would make for an incredibly bored Rose. And no one wants that!]

Baw it's okay, I forgive ye

[There's a flood! It was reasonable to be nervous!

She blinks up at him and then...offers that cute smile she gives when he's being resistant to her ideas.]
Or we could have a picnic outside and you could tell stories? [Note how she doesn't say 'that story'. Because he probably has more thrilling ones to tell.]


[ Donna can't feel her fingertips. That... can't be healthy, can it? She also feels like her jaw is going to shatter from the constant chattering of her teeth.

She'd give her right arm to be curled up in the library next to a blazing fire right about now. ]

... Bit cold.

holycrap not paying attention to my notifs hiiii!

[The Doctor isn't faring much better, his toes are losing sensation and his fingers aren't getting any warmer tucked in his coat under his armpits. Who knew this planet's weather patterns were going to change from moderately warm spring rain to deathly cold blizzard in mere hours?!

Oh wait. He did. But he'd apparently landed in the wrong month. Or continent. Or planet?

He'd give both legs to be back on the TARDIS with hot cocoa next to the library's fireplace right now.]

J-j-just a bit.

Hai <3

[ Oh God! Hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles. That sounded like heaven.

Shivers run through Donna's body. She's so cold she feels sick. ]

Don't suppose you have a blanket in those pockets of yours? Or sommat useful like, I dunno, shelter?

[ Lips turning blue couldn't be a good sign, could it? ]

I'm also a horribly inconsistent tagger omgsorry!

[Absolute heaven, yes. And then he'd take Donna to wherever, whenever she wanted once they'd warmed up. Without any trouble or mishaps to follow them.

At least he hopes there won't be any mishaps. :|

He's beginning to wonder if his ability to regulate his own temperature is on the fritz it's so cold. M-maybe he's caught something? (No, he won't admit to feeling sick either. No. Not at all.)]

Sorry, I left the blankets and the inflatable multi-weather-resistant shelter in my other suit. But I'll be sure to check next time before we go out for a milkshake. [There will never be a way to tell if the Doctor is being serious or a sarcastic prat in situations like these....]

In any case, I'm fairly certain the TARDIS is just over that hill. [Fairly. She'd better not have moved since they landed on the planet!] We'll get warmed up soon enough. [That had better be some weird shade of blue lipstick you picked up on a retail planet, Donna Noble...]

No worries <3

[ Like there's any chance of that, Doctor. Trouble is attracted to him like a magnet. A simple trip can turn into a disaster in sec-- oh wait, it already did.

Donna is shivering, and no, no it's not blue lipstick, Doctor. Donna is freezing to death and it's all his fault!!!

She glares at him. ]

That isn't a hill, Martian. That's a bleedin' mountain!


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