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782. The Zombie Apocalypse meme

The Zombie Apocalypse Meme!

Maybe it was a magic curse. Or a cosmic event. Or science gone wrong. Whatever it is, all that matters is that the world has suddenly become overrun by the walking dead. Zombies. The Virus Ridden. Whatever you want to call them, they're quickly decimating the lively population of the planet.

So, what are the remaining non-zombies supposed to do? Band together for survival? Develop a cure? Run for your lives? Scavange for supplies?

All of the above, probably. But the most important part is surviving.

So how does the zombie apocalypse meme work?
Go to RNG and roll a number 1-7 (or pick one, we won't tell). This number is your character's motivation in the zombie apocalypse. Post with your character, name/canon/number in the subject, optional scene setting in the body.

Anyone who wants to tag you ALSO rolls a number, and that number is their character's motivation for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Do your numbers match? Great! Maybe you can work together to survive. Do they not? Well, maybe you can come to a compromise.

Or you could die.

But then you'd be in good company with the rest of your brain-loving friends.

So, what do these numbers mean?

1 - Survival of the Fittest - You're a zombie killing machine. You see a zombie, you kill it. It doesn't matter if they used to be your mom, your best friend, or your pet dog. They're zombies now and they're coming after your brains.

2 - Are Zombies Good Eating? - You're hungry. Ever since the collapse of civilization, there's been a distinct lack of food and water. And you are determined that you get more of it than anyone else. While everyone else might be busy beheading zombies or trying to reach a safehouse, you're going to be looting those empty houses looking for something to eat. Or maybe something to drink.

3 - Science Will Save Us - There has to be a cure for zombie-ism, right? You might have trouble getting running water and electricity in your lab, but that doesn't mean you're not going to keep trying to cure people from their unfortunate bout of Zombie Flu. How? Well... you can take samples and look under a microscope. Or... you could try to catch a zombie and experiment quarantine them.

4 - I Don't Want to Die A Virgin - It's the end of the world as we know it, so why spend it getting beaten up and struggling to survive. Why not spend your last day doing what you've always wanted to do? Confess your love to an old crush, a new arrival, or just the guy you saw beheading zombies. After all, if everyone manages to survive, someone has to repopulate the earth.

5 - No, What Are You Talking About, Fluffy Isn't a Zombie - The world is burning but you just can't let go of man's best friend. Your pet is frothing at the mouth and continually tries to crack open your skull to get to the tasty tasty brains inside, but you know Fluffy is just playing. And if anyone else tries to tell you otherwise, they are going to find themselves on the wrong end of your shotgun!

6 - Ooooooooooooone Of Usssssssssssssss - You have been infected! Your skin is turning grey and you're getting hungry. So very hung--BRAAAAAAAAAAINS...

7 - Poster's Choice - Are you the Zombie Queen? The last bastion of hope in a tanker out at sea? Running a Safehouse for the Hungry Undead? Anything else your heart desires, this is the number for it.

Happy Hunting!

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