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Sometimes we all want to play some angst and see just how far our characters and and will fall.

- Post your characters, name and series in the subject along with any preferences.
- Go to and roll.
- Play!

1. just depressed.
Things are tough, you're feeling worn out, or whatever the case, you're depressed. You need help or someone else thinks you do anyway.

2. abandoned.
You were left behind by everyone you hold dear and now you're forced to see how well they've adjusted, how happy they all are while you're screaming inside.

3. sick.
Cold, flu, or something even worse, all you can do is lay back and let someone take care of you.

4. fight.
You've been fighting nonstop with the other person and it just keep escalating.

5. break up.
You're being broken up with and they won't reconsider... Damn.

6. separated.
For some reason, you've been separated from the other person for a long time.

7. kidnapped.
You've been held captive for how long now? Maybe they've been torturing you even, using your blood to write ransom notes, threatening to cut off fingers to send next, etc. Rescue is on the way though, right?

8. beaten up.
Just because someone didn't like you or maybe they wanted something you had, whatever the case is, you're coming home sporting some nasty wounds and bruises.

9. jealousy.
You just have this undeniable jealousy suddenly and you need to let it out.

10. cheated on.
This goes beyond just suspicion and you have full on proof of what your lover has done. How do you handle it?

11. apathetic.
You're not sad, you're not happy, you just... don't feel much anymore. The sparkle of life has gone right out of you and you're just going through the motions now.

12. addicted.
Drugs, alcohol, whatever your drug of choice is, you can't fight the draw and you can't draw yourself out of the hole, but the other person is going to try.

13. bad romance.
You know this isn't good for either of you, but you can't stop now.

14. fear.
Nightmares, the feeling someone is following you, etc. You can't shake the feeling.

15. insanity.
You're seeing things and hearing them, waking up only to realize you've done things you don't remember or you're in a place you weren't before. You're losing it and you don't know what to do.

16. guilt.
It's eating you up inside and you have to tell someone about it now. You want to be punished and you won't take no for an answer.

17. loss
You've lost something dear to you.

18. wild card.
Combine some options or make your own!

from this post by want_to_jog! :3

9 apparently >.>

Emma tried to watch calmly as Charles worked his 'magic trick' on the young woman at the bar. She wanted to turn the other blonde into a walking vegetable but knew better than to try while Charles was standing right in front of her.

Instead she stayed at their table, fuming into her glass of Scotch and growled at some poor college student when he tried to ask if the seat across from her was taken. Everything about Emma's presence was starting to scream for people to stay away from her, and her smile was tight as Charles finally returned. "Did you get her phone number, dear?"

asdljsdlfj!! why is everyone throwing that option at charles?? lol

Charles didn't realize till he sat down, the jealousy was practically reverberating off of her in waves. So he hesitates before answering. "Not sure I really want to tell you now." He signals to the bartender for another drink.

i didn't do it on purpose! but i don't think anyone likes sharing your charles ;)

"But there is something to tell?" Her jaw tightened as she took a conscious breath and tried to shield her emotions once more. She tapped a finger against the side of her glass before meeting his gaze. "Forget it, don't answer that. Charles, who am I to you?"

lol don't know if I should be flattered or worried

Oh dear. Hypothetical womanly type questions were always dangerous. And this time, Charles couldn't rely on his mental abilities. "What kind of question is that?" he counters, picking up his glass to take a swallow. He didn't make her any promises when she came to live with them. She only assumed...and Charles wasn't one for long term commitments. Not emotional ones anyway.

stick with flattered... it's safest lol

Emma let out a dry laugh before taking a sip of her drink and crossing her legs under the table. She hadn't made any assumptions, but she couldn't deny there had started to be an attachment. She supposed that was her own mistake. He'd saved her life, she'd taken care of him when he was sick. Now she was finding herself in the distinctly uncomfortable position of not having been able to act on an attraction and it was coming out as jealousy. "Would you ever consider exploring this... friendship in another way. If we agreed it was purely a physical arrangement?" She frowned, very much out of her comfort zone despite having started the conversation.

must be a timey wimey thing if he can walk, pfft who needs continuity :3

"Emma..." he starts, her name coming out more like a sigh as he sets his drink down. Almost saying it all with that one word, he obviously had thought about it and didn't want to consider her like that. He was used to picking up very shallow women for short lived dates. And he wasn't going to be treating her like that.

continuity, what continuity? he could walk the whole time >.>

Emma waved her hand and gave a small shake of her head. She didn't need to read his mind to understand what he meant with that one word, with all that went into the way he said her name. Her shoulders dropped before she schooled her face into a well-practiced mask of indifference. She wanted to ignore the fact that it hurt, that she understood why he wouldn't think of her like that more than she wanted to. She hated him for actually caring about her enough not to cross that line. "Clearly you need to bring Alex with you next time. He'd be a better wingman."

lol he's intermittently paralyzed, it's very rare :3

How was it that he could end up hurting her when he's trying not to hurt her? Sometimes even Charles had to admit the female mind was something he just did not understand.

He tries not to smirk at that statement. "I don't think I would want to be responsible for what might come of that. Especially if his parents should find out."

Charles shifts in his chair, surveying the bar room scene. "We could find someone for you if you like...there's a rather clueless young man over there on his own." Trying to get her attentions away from himself for the moment.

clearly it's healed when he's out drinking with hot people.

It really wasn't his fault, it was very much the fault of the female mind and misdirected frustration. It wasn't as if she could stay mad at him for long anyway.

"Somehow I doubt he'd risk telling them when it would mean there was alcohol and girls. He is a boy after all."

She arched an eyebrow and looked in the man's direction before just shooting Charles a Look. "He cries during sex. Not a young man I wish to go near. And please don't try and set me up because you pity me. It's even more frustrating than having already made a fool out of myself. I'd much rather talk about tweed and the weather."

exactly, which is why he does it...cause he's incredibly shallow

"Can't assume they wouldn't find out." Especially if Sean found out first, he could never keep a secret.

Ok, now he is laughing into his scotch, trying very hard not to. Poor guy, Emma would probably terrify him and that just struck him as funny.

But Emma was quite serious so he does manage to get ahold of himself to reply in kind. "If you say so."

Or they could sit here and just not talk. Because Charles wasn't entirely sure any topic of conversation was going to work out.

well who can blame him? he has very nice legs worth saving by any means.

Emma tilted her head. "You could always wipe his memory after." But she would agree with the thought about Banshee. He really was the most terrible person to tell a secret to.

She cleared her throat as she watched him, the facade cracking just a little as the corners of her mouth twitched with a smile. She would break the poor fellow and they both knew it.

Eventually she rolled her eyes before nodding in the direction of another patron. "And he has a fondness for wanting to be spanked, which normally would probably quite appeal to me except he prefers to call the women 'mummy' and that's not something that turns me on. That one with the tall redhead is only with her because she's actually a man... Then there's the brothers over there, both of which would want to kill me once they knew of my abilities..."

She sighed. "I don't know how you do it, Charles. It's far too exhausting. I'd rather just be with someone who already knows all about me and will just take me as is. I don't necessarily mean a relationship, but just someone I don't have to play games with all the time." She held up her hands. "A shock, I know."

His lips press into a thin line, a sound of disapproval at that suggestion. He only wipes memories if he absolutely has to. Of course, she knows that and was probably trying for this kind of reaction from him anyway.

The amusement comes back as he watches her deconstruct everyone's love life in the bar, all of them oblivious to the entertainment they were causing for the two telepaths.

"Oh yes, I am deeply shocked." Not really, he'd known that for awhile. But he did know that games were a part of who she was. If anything, his resistance to playing her usual mind games should have been a turn off for her, at least logically one would think it would be.

He turns his glass thoughtfully, considering giving her an honest answer. "You probably know why I do it already. To give the appearance of commitment without actually doing it. Keeping others at arms length....there is a nice sense of safety about it." As if he was analyzing someone else's thoughts, not his own.

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It was true. She really was only saying it to get a rise out of him. While Emma knew what Charles had the ability to do, she also knew he would always use it discreetly and only when he had to.

Her gaze flicked around again, continuing to silent deconstruct all the men in the bar. None of them would survive her, or live up to her expectations. They would only fill a need in her fleetingly. Not long enough to justify wasting her time.

She looked back at Charles, and bit her lip briefly. Try as she might to keep out of his mind she hadn't been able to avoid taking a look. What she saw made her expression once more shift into something unreadable to stop the hurt showing through. "I'm disappointed, Charles. And insulted that you would think I would be so easily put off by your lack of playing games. I care for the man and his mind, not whether or not he'll bow to my tastes."

She took a sip of her drink, gaze dropping to the glass before she watched his turn in his fingers. "Where's the fun in being safe? Some things are worth taking a risk for."

Charles leans against his hand, elbow on the bar, as he listens to her talk. One eyebrow goes up. "You're disappointed in me?" For picking up shallow girls at a bar. Hardly something worth faulting a person for, considering her past life.

"I appreciate your honesty. But..." he says this carefully, "I believe I do have the right to decide for myself when it comes to the opposite sex."


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