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Back to school!

Back to School!

It's that time of the year again where people, old and young, have to head back to classroom so why shouldn't our characters experience the same joy/dread?

  • Comment with your character name, fandom and any particular preferences go in the subject line as usual.
  • Pick a scenario below or go to RNG and pick a number randomly or leave your comment blank if you want people to reply with their own numbers.
  • Respond to other comments for fun times.


    1. Highschool highs - You and your rp partner are young and back in highschool on the first day. You're both new students and have paired up by the office in a lame program to help you make friends & get use to the school. Will it work or will it suck?
    2. Teacher, teacher - Your character has decided to pursue a rewarding career in education and it's your first day. Unfortunately for you the other person is the student from hell and is out to make your first day the worst day.
    3. College daze - Welcome to college! It's your first day and you have SO much to do. Get your books, move into your dorm....meet your new roommate? Yep, your rp partner is your new dorm mate. Have fun getting to know each, fight over space, all that fun stuff.
    4. Detention - Get to live your breakfast club fantasy by getting stuck in detention with your partner. Will you scheme escape plans? Compare what got you in trouble? Whatever you do, watch out for Ms. Anderson! She's in charge, has eagle eye, and would love to catch you getting into more trouble.
    5. Food fight! - It's wasteful, silly but a school staple. When the cafeteria decides to serve food that's better fit for throwing than eating a classic food fight breaks out. Are you the instigator? The innocent bystander? Or the poor cafeteria staff?
    6. Dance your cares away. - The first school dance, always a source of fun and humiliation. The characters can be dates or randomly happen upon each other at the dance. Maybe it's romantic? Maybe you're being shit disturbers? Or maybe you're in the corner wishing a slow death on the popular students? Either way, have fun!
    7. Off to the library! - It's a big assignment, worth a lot in terms of your final grade and the teacher/professor had to go and make a damn group project. You're off to the library to work on the project with your other classmates and group partners in a mad scramble to get materials. You could be part of the same group trying to work together or part of separate groups, each competing for books & source materials.
    8. Try outs - You can't wait to try out for the team of whatever sport your character loves while the other person is your competition for the final spot available. Will you go toe to toe to get the coveted place? Or come to an understanding about who gets what in exchange for the spot?
    9. Crush or be crushed - Ah, one of the greatest joys and torments of being in school is having a crush on that special someone, like a fellow student, a forbidden teacher, or hell, even that creepy janitor. You've decided to somehow tell your crush about your feelings. Will it work out? Or will you get your heart stomped on?
    10. Wild card - Come up with your own winter scenario that hasn't been described here.

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