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111. dream meme v2

D R E A M S ☁ M E M E

Dreams are difficult enough to understand. They range from embarrassing, to frightening, to thought-provoking, to just plain nonsensical. You may find yourself wondering what that was all about, or trying to forget about it as quickly as you can. It may be close enough to reality to confuse you, or dream logic may prevail. Whatever the case, the world of dreams is a way to delve into your psyche and deal with what happened to you that day, your fears, and whatever's on your mind.

Except... what's that person doing their? This isn't their dream.

How It Works:
☁ Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject.
☁ Others respond to your character.
☁ Roll the RNG 1-8 for your situation, from the list below. That's the type of dream your character is having. Or, just pick the one you like the best.
☁ The replier has found themselves in your character's dream, able to interact freely.
☁ Have fun!

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a do run run

112. Apocalpyse How Meme

  Apocalypse How Meme

It's the end of the world as you know it.  How do you feel?

Somehow the world has ended.  Maybe it was nuclear war.  Maybe a horde of zombies descended on the world.  Maybe some virus just started targeting the population, dwindling the numbers down to nil.  Whatever it is, your character is one of the few that's survived.  And depending on what this new world has in store for them, they might wish they weren't so lucky.

How it works
→ Choose from one of the scenarios below, or randomize your options using RNG 1-8.
→ Post with your character, putting their name, fandom, and scenario number in the subject line.
→ Other characters respond to yours.
→ You respond to others.
→ Have fun!

Remember that the topic is likely to be dark and may contain triggering issues or sexual content.  Please be respectful of other players.

List of Scenarios - May contain triggering contentCollapse )

Kissing meme

The Kissing Meme

( This meme is linked from another journal )  

open meme!

The Absolute Obedience Meme

1. Post with your character.

2. That character is compelled to follow the orders of anyone who replies.

3. Any orders.

4. Any orders.

Meme Strategy:

There's nothing in the rules about whether or not your character knows s/he must obey - as well, the other character might not know that s/he must be obeyed. Play it however you like.

Don't like the orders you got? Not willing to have your character follow them, even if you've had a good time up to this point? Talk to the other player, use OOC notes or PMs, try and work it out.

Got some stuff you'd never want to play out? Consider making a preferences post and linking to it when you reply here.

Wanna give orders that people would love to follow? Give em context. Make it a story. Is this about revenge? Working out some personal issues? Too dumb to realize that the other guy has to do whatever your guy says?

(stolen from lovespheres