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74. you look wonderful tonight!

The Dating Meme!

Post a blank comment with your character's name, canon and any preferences you might have. Other people reply with what they've rolled and bam, you're on a date! Reply to others in the same way. You know the drill. Smut and other adult concepts are allowed- after all, that might be all your character's after.

Roll for a random scenario, or choose one, or choose one and pretend you rolled. We’ve all done it. Feel free to combine scenarios, too!

1 – Anniversary date! Whether it’s a month or fifty years, you’ve managed to stand each other for a significant amount of time and are celebrating it in style. Or not. Depending.

2 – First date! Awkward silences, spilling drinks, forgetting your date’s name- or maybe you’re staring into each other’s eyes, giggling helplessly and finally getting to hold hands over the table?

3 – Pretend date! You need to impress someone, or you’re undercover, or you’re just that lonely. Either way, you’ve enlisted a friend, a stranger, a colleague or anyone else to pretend to be your beloved partner.

4 - Break up date! Whoever’s doing the breaking up with has at least decided to be classy about it. Or maybe it's spontaneous, and what was meant to be a nice night out has all gone to hell because of an off-hand comment. At least you’re getting a night out, right? Throw some wine, have a screaming match in public and let your ex pay.

5 – Proposal date! Oh, how romantic. Get down on one knee, hide the ring somewhere inventive, ask the band to play your lover’s favourite song… Of course, it’ll get embarrassing if you propose in public and they look uncertain- but maybe you do this every time you go out, just for the free champagne?

6 – Blind date! Simple as. You’ve been set up by a friend. Who IS this person? Is it the start of a beautiful thing, or just plain awful?

7 – Cheap date! Seriously- why did you ever think McDonald’s was a good idea? (Alternatively, you both like this far more than a fancy place, and are very relieved).

8 – Expensive date! Are you wowed or intimidated by the glitz and glamour of the place you’ve been taken to?

9 – Crazy date! You’re going to watch some performance art involving raw meat and trippy music, or maybe you think a graveyard is a romantic spot for a moonlit picnic. Perhaps sky-diving is the ultimate first-date idea! Is your date excited or absolutely horrified?

10 - Your choice! Pick one of the above, or come up with something completely your own.

It's going to wind up as 9 anyway, so . . .

Hungry, Lady?

That is so very, very true.

Mmm... For sparkles.


The sparkle that comes out of a dying man's eyes?

More cruncy. Mut maybe we can add little other sparkles to make it all more bouncy~

You can keep the sparkle, if I can have the eyes.

[Considers this deal very seriously]

Only if you don't squirt them.



*And off we go to find a deserving snack.*

[Skips along with him, because heck, this was the best date she never remembered so far]

Can we get snow cones after?


[Hums a bit.]

I don't like portals... except doors. But not when they're closed. Maybe windows.

Closed doors are depressing! *Hey, he likes going along with it.

*And he'll dance with her in the street for a bit, because they're crazy and proud of it.*

Ooh look, a snack! *And he pounces on an unfortunate would-be mugger.*

[She enjoys the dancing, and is still twirling a bit when he drops her to grab the mugger]

Don't eat his tongue first...

I won't, promise.

*He likes it when they beg!*

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