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Because it hasn't happened for a while...
Texts From Last Night Meme

1. Post with your character, fandom and preferences
2. Go to tfln, or make up your own.
3. Reply to others.
4. Profit!

The Doctor | Doctor Who | Open

There is nothing wrong with wanting a slide attached to your staircase

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who | Open

Where would it fit though?

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Walls can move!

:D Strangerrr

But it's only a few steps. No one would know it wasn't just a slippery ramp.


Well I'll make it longer then!


What, you mean add MORE steps? But you already trip on them!

No, I mean make the slide longer, maybe take out a few steps.


Put the slide NEXT to the steps! Brilliant, yeah?

I thought putting it next to the steps was the first plan?

It always HAS been!

whoops, 2 of 2 :3

Which staircase were you thinking of?

Edited at 2012-02-13 07:50 am (UTC)

Re: whoops, 2 of 2 :3

....Which one were you thinking of?

The one without the slide!

[Of course that's practically 80% of the staircases in the TARDIS. Or at least the ones Rose knows of...]

There's one with a slide?

[She isn't enabling him into building a slide with his blasted hyperginger beer.]

Woot, rapidfire texting... XD

Several actually, I just don't know where they are.

And I want one.

By the library. IN the library! AROUND teh library!

Maybe one from the console room straight into the pool!


And one from the observatory to the
[apparently here he gets a more brilliant idea but sends this one anyway.]

Your bedroom needs a slide, Rose!

You should have 1 no 2 into your bathroom, slide in to the the clawfoot tub!

Spiral staircase slide into your bathtub, BRILLIANT!

[Or maybe this batch of hyperginger beer had a hit of caffeine in it?]

Oh dear

[whoa a million texts.

...was there caffeine??]

...Why two slides? Who's gonna slide into the bathtub while I'm already going there?

[Yeah. Single in on that one, Rose.]


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