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72. I love you man!

The Display of Affection Meme!

Suddenly you have this urge to display your affection to that one person you care about, or perhaps a friend....or maybe that random guy on the corner. Either way you just have to let them know how you feel! Well, SHOW them how you feel. Maybe they'll like it or it'll just be that much awkward, but you probably don't mind embarrassing them.

The Rulez:

1) Post with your characters name, fandom and any preferences you might have in the subject line.
2) Roll the rng from numbers 1-16 (or not depending on the preferences of you or the person you're responding to), or just pick your favorite from the list below.
3) Whatever number you get/choose is a display of affection that your character suddenly feels compelled to perform upon the character they're replying too. Maybe your character legitamately wants to perform this action, or maybe they'll be just as horrified as the person they're about to shower affection upon will be. Whatever the case, play out the resulting scene and have fun!
4) Numbers 1-10 are light and fluffy interactions rated G to PG-13.
5) Numbers 11-16 are sexier and sometimes outright smutty scenarios rated PG-13 to NC-17. If these aren't your cup of tea, please make a note of it. Please respect each other's preferences.

Fluffy Affection:

1. Shoulder punch: This person needs to seriously buck up. Maybe a playful punch in the shoulder will help them cheer up. Just make sure you watch your strength... and your aim. You don't want to accidentally punch this person really hard in the face... do you?

2. Tickle: It's time to see this person smile and hear them laugh, whether they want to or not. Grab a feather or use your fingers and go to town on their most sensitive spots. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll forgive you... probably.

3. Hug: Come on now, don't be shy. Everyone needs one of these every so often. Go up to this person and hug them like you've never hugged before!

4. Tackle Glomp: You love this person so much that a normal hug just isn't gonna cut it. You need to launch yourself at this person at full force and just wrap your arms around them until they pop! Don't worry, they can take it! Just... try not to do this around any staircases.

5. Pinch Cheeks: Look at that face! It's so cute you just wanna pinch those cheeks. Please note that we are not responsible for any violent repercussions that may arise from this action.

6. Kiss on the Cheek: Exactly what it says on the kiss. Go right on up to this lucky person and give them a nice peck on the cheek.

7. Kiss on the Lips: Wow. This person must really mean a lot to you. After all, it's not like you would just go around and kiss anyone on the lips right? What's that? You've never met this person before? Oh well, I'm sure they'll understand.

8. Flirty Compliment: Damn this person looks good. Even if you're not the kind to do so, you suddenly feel the need to compliment him or her on their appearance, and maybe even flirt a bit.

9. Just say it: Physical displays are nice, but words from the heart mean everything. From a heartfelt confession, to a casual "I love you man", to those three little words accidentally slipping out, it's time to let this person know how you feel... or not.

10. Holding Hands: Sometimes you don't need to say anything. Sometimes all you need to do is put your hand in theirs for them to know exactly how you feel about them.

Sexy Affection:

11. Grope: This person looks so good you just can't seem to help yourself. Whether it's their crotch, ass, or bust, you suddenly have an urge to grab a naughty place on this person.

12. Strip: What's the best way to show you care about someone. How about dragging them off to nice private place and taking off your clothes for them? ... Okay, that's a terrible way of showing you care, but you're gonna do it anyway! Besides, maybe something else can happen once your clothes are off...

13. Lick: This person looks good enough to eat, and you're feeling particularly naughty today. So? Go ahead and lick them in the spot of your choice. It's not creepy it's... okay, maybe it is a little creepy, but their reactions are guaranteed to be priceless.

14. Sweet Loving: Definitely the most extreme expression of your undying affection for this person. Take them to a bedroom and show them just how much you care about them. Or, maybe you're just kinky. I'm not gonna judge you.

15. Covert Loving: Or, maybe you can't wait to get to a bedroom. In that case, take this person somewhere out of sight and make love to them right then and there. Just make sure they keep quiet. It would be bad if someone heard you.

16. All tied up: Is there any better way of showing how much you care about this person than tying them up before you have sex? Probably, but you're just in one of those dominating moods today. So this person is going to receive your love and adoration whether they want to or not.

13, because the Master gets hungry. Don't worry, he means it in a good way. Ish.

*Here, Doctor, have a tongue on the back of your neck.* Mmm, not bad.

I don't suppose I could have just a little bite?


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