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722: Mind = Blown

The Sensory Overload Meme



Post with your character name/fandom/options for scenarios (ie; het/slash fluff/smut) and your prompt. Use RNG to pick your numbers. 1-5 for regular senses, 6-10 for moral sense, 11-16 for cracky senses.

Tag others.

The Basic Five

1. Sense of Sight
- Colors are actually loud. Maybe you can see for miles and miles, or maybe you can see things up close and personal. Perhaps you can see in the infrared/ultraviolet scope, or possibly even in x-ray vision. Whatever it is, you can see everything...

2. Sense of Smell - Not only do you know what the person you're talking to had for breakfast, you know what they had for dinner, lunch and breakfast the day before. And if they had a quick personal spanky time before deciding to shake your hand. And if they washed theirs. Bloodhounds have nothing on you, baby.

3. Sense of Hearing - Pins dropping? You can hear it. Fly's copulating? You can hear that too. That's just nasty. Whether it's the next room over or the next building over, you can suddenly hear things you couldn't before. Maybe you can even hear in the lower and higher frequencies - like a bat. Are you Batman? Maaaaybe.

4. Sense of Taste - Your palate is almost exploding with the ability to taste each and every thing put in the tasty tidbit you're now consuming. Ooooh.. wait.. isn't there some kind of fact about there being five bug legs in each candy bar? Have fun tasting those, buddy.

5. Sense of Touch - Your body has become extremely sensitive. A breeze can feel like someone's actually touching you. Clothing can feel harsh and painful. But other things can feel ridiculously sensual. If you have a fur fetish, now's the time to go sprawl on that rug. Who says you can't have fun by yourself?

The Guiding Factors

6. Sense of Right and Wrong
- Grey? What's that? You are strictly black and white. There is GOOD and there is EVIL. There is NO middle ground. You're taking justice to a whole new playing field - and not everyone might see things the way you do.

7. Sense of Decency - You are overly sensitive to knowing what's the decent thing to do and what's not. Every move you make, every decision comes down to how it's going to affect other people; what will this do for the community? Won't someone think of the children?

8. Sense of Self - You know more about yourself than you likely should. Everything you do, you know the how's and why's behind it. Your motivation on everything is clear. Your reasoning of your actions is logical and easily seen by you. The thought of questioning your decision or second guessing yourself doesn't even cross your mind. You know what's up. Maybe it's time for everyone else to.

9. Sense of Preservation - Crossing the street while the light's red? Hell no. You want to live! Forever, if possible. Every decision is now factored by how it affects your life and your longevity. No more fatty foods. No more drinking. No smoking. Survival of the fittest means becoming one of them. Time to conform, buddy. Go green.

10. Sense of Empathy - Your sense of empathy has become a tangible thing. You can literally feel the feelings of those around you. A thought of 'how does this affect so-and-so' puts you in their shoes. Now you know. 'Fatty Fatty Bum-Bum' was not a funny nickname...

The Quirky Ones

11. Sense of Humor
- You, my dear, have the hilarity of every comic genius all rolled into one delectible little package. Every passing joke is a zinger. You can see the funny in every situation. And you can make others see it, too. Why did the chicken cross the road? You can come up with the perfect reply... *badum bum CHING*

12. Sense of Direction - If you'd been in the plane that went down on Lost, you would have had everyone gathered and out of there, sipping Mai Tai's on the next inhabited island the next day. You can't get lost. It's impossible. You're a walking compass. You know where you are at all times. At. All. Times.

13. Sense of Modesty - Your eyes are down. Your buttons are done up. Everything is covered. You don't feel the need to flash any extra skin to get attention. Nor do you need to brag about accomplishments. Blushing has become a new constant for you; it wasn't all that special.. they don't need to go on that much. Humble is your new middle name and you're going to live up to it.

14. Sense of Fashion - You put Versace to shame with your smooth sense of style. Every where you go, people are ogling. "Oh. My. Gawd. Did they really just put that ensemble together from something they picked out of Clooney's garbage? It looks divine. I want one. I want three. Now." Everything about your appearance has people staring in envy and awe.

15. Sense of Timing - Every second that ticks by, you are aware of. You're never late. You're never early. You're are always precisely on time. You know how long it takes to eat that microwave burrito, or how long your morning constitutional is going to take. Everything you say and do happens at the precise moment that it needs to for you to get the optimal result.

16. Mix and Match - Oh, wow. You could almost be a superhero with the mix of abilities you have. 2? 3? All of them? They should call you 'The Sensinator'.

Hulk - Bruce Banner | Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes


[ooc: Evil part of me wants Hawkeye to have the overblown sense of sight since I'm cliche like that but if you want Bruce to have the honors? XD]

[ooc: oh no, please, go for it :D I'll torture hulk/bruce later with something else. maybe we could even incorporate it into the last thread, it could be residual from the radiation he got on him...or even a side effect from the antidote that Bruce wasn't expecting.]

[ooc: Yush! I was thinking something similar myself actually. Mwahhaha. Poor Hawk, we can't stop fucking with your vision can we. I can see it being very cool and then get majorly with the suckage as time goes on. But I think I might have to reply in the morning sadly. T_T]

[ooc: it is late. see you then!]

Hey uh....Bruce? [After days of monitoring, poking, prodding and all around annoying bedrest, the medics declared Hawkeye fit and unlikely to have a repeat 'episode'. No traces of the radiation could be found in the human's body so when told he could go, the restless archer had booked it. And headed directly to the scene of the crime, Bruce's lab. This time though, Clint wisely kept outside the door and only poked his head inside. No chance of breaking shit and getting all Hulk infected again!.]

[Bruce turns quickly and breathes a sigh of relief...he'd been expecting a repeat episode for some reason.] Clint, don't sneak up on me like that. I'd rather not set the Hulk loose in the lab.

I wasn't sneaking. See, this is me staying way the fuck outta yer lab too. [Clint protested a tad defensively.] Do you gotta minute? I think somethings kinda...wrong with my vision. [That was an understatement, Hawkeye was wearing a pair of sunglasses because the brightness of even the indoor lighting was too acute and painful for him to handle for very long.]

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Hey Bruce. Don't mind me, I'm just gonna toss this mute ninja-commando at you

((ooc:So, who should be effected? Bruce or Snake Eyes? Or both?))


[I'm not sure how to effect Hulk with any of these, do you want to take a crack at it?]

[Rng says 6, 1 and 10. Any preferences out of those?]

[lol, well if you pick empathy, I should point out most of what you'll get from Hulk is VERY ANGRY :D. No preference though, they all sound good.]

(Lol, 1 it is then.)

[Snake Eyes wasn't sure what was in that gas he was hit with, but he assumes it must be some sort of hallucinogen---because why else would he be seeing a florescent green troll-monster? Snake has no way of knowing if the creature is real or not, aside from stabbing at it to see if his sword actually cuts anything---but it certainly looks real enough. So---taking no chances---Snake Eyes draws his sword, just in case the thing is real and decides to attack.]

[Hulk glares down at the black clad figure and sneers] What're you supposed to be? Ninja man? [As if a sword could do much damage to him. Shield was getting sloppy in sending their agents at him. At least, he assumes this is an agent. He's not going to attack yet, this is way too pitiful an attempt for him to fight back.]

[Okay, so the giant troll-thing can talk. That's one thing he and Snake Eyes don't have in common. He lowers his sword just the slightest inch, cautiously examining the massive creature in front of him. His eyes narrow in confusion behind his visor, as he realizes that he can see the Hulk's pores, and he's over twelve feet away. Either the Hulk doesn't take care of his skin, or something has gone seriously wrong with Snake's eyes.]

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