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Lights out!

a dark room meme

Uh oh! Looks like something weird is happening, here! Did someone forget to pay the electricity bill? Or has that storm outside caused a blackout? Who knows! Reasoning aside, you are now trapped in darkness. You can't see anything, anything at all! And you can't even adjust to this darkness, for some reason! There's only black, black, black. Something about this room is odd, for certain!

How this is going to go down
♦ You will post as your characer as ANON, because you're in the dark!
♦ There is no putting your character's name in the subject line. However, if you like, you can put your character's series/canon. It's no fun if you know who you're interacting with right away!
♦ You're free to set up your character fumbling around in the dark and such, just so you remember which comment is yours in this anon mess, if anything.
♦ Those who reply to you will roll the RNG for the specifics of the situation!
♦ Yay! In the dark shenanigans!!
♦ When you guys are ready, the lights go on, you can log into your character journals, and it's time to admire the awkward in the light.


♦ ONE: WHY IS IT SO SMALL AND CRAMPED IN THIS ROOM? Wait, this isn't a room, this is a closet. It looks like you've been locked inside for Seven Minutes in Heaven, or just for shits and giggles! The door doesn't seem to be opening, and it sounds like some ... Barry Manilow is playing? Oh, talk about awkward.
♦ TWO: BRR, WHY IS IT SO COLD? Looks like your clothes are missing! For some reason, you're only dressed in your underwear, or even commando if you feel like being really mean to your muse. Are you in bed with someone? Just can't find your clothes? Are THEY wearing your clothes? Up to you, because it really doesn't make it any less awkward.
♦ THREE: A LITTLE HANDSY: Did someone just cop a feel? There's a lot of accidental (or... not accidental) groping going on, for whatever reason! Talk about an awkward situation, mmmhmm!
♦ FOUR: OOPS, STUCK! One of you is stuck somewhere in this room, and can't get out! Either in a hole in the floor or tied to a bed or something! Whatever you can think of! Hopefully the other person can help you out in the dark.
♦ FIVE: ON AND OFF! Rather than totally darkness, the lights are flashing on and off, creepily. And it looks like there might be monsters in there with you guys?! Or are those illusions?

If you don't want to roll the RNG, that's fine! Go ahead and create your own situation, if you'd like!

Have fun, everyone!

taken from the brilliant idea of the memebellmods, here. Hope it's okay to re-post!
possible triggers if you're uncomfortable in the dark, and such.

Doctor Who - :3 open!

Why won't this work? [Sound of something small being shaken vigorously and thwapped repeatedly on a palm in frustration. (Come on folks, it's a family show, minds out of the gutter!)] The one setting I need, c'mon!

Re: Doctor Who - :3 open!

How's it not working? Can't you just...get it to light up at all?

Pick a number, darling?

I don't know! It just.... stopped working once the lights went out. [shakeshakeshake clickity-click thwap!] Aaaaugh!

You can't MAKE--3. By overwhelming majority.

Lemme lookit it? [Shuffle shuffle nudge, trying to be helpful!] Maybe you've got it backwards or something.

Orly. RNG likes these two groping! --AND HA I JUST MADE YOU!

Ow! [Someone just got nudged in the face!] I haven't got it backwards!

DID NOT. And RNG...RNG can sit in a corner. It gave 2 almost as much.

[Well they shouldn't put their face where hands go!] Well it should at least light up, yeah? Maybe you're shaking it around too much.

Oh dear...

[Well hands shouldn't go where faces are! :P] Shaking shouldn't effect it that much, unless the dampers aren't working. [a pause] Are the dampers working? [teenyshake]--yes they are! This is ridiculous!


[Sometimes they should! Faces should never go where hands are. Anyway, shuffling more!] Maybe it's a...breaker made out've wood. [Sonic mocking. It's happening.]


[Si-igh.] Oh, very funny. And will you stop that? [Hands grab nudgey ...h-hands? Maybe an elbow? And hold them still.] I'm going to go see if I can find a torch. St-stay here.


[Hear that squeak? Whatever that was...not an elbow.] Wh-what just stand here in the dark?


[Oh. Whoops!] Ooh, sorry. [Hand removal from the ...not an elbow... happens.] You'll be fine as long as you don't move, yeah? --If it makes you more comfortable, you could sit? Seat's right over here~. [ :| Oh THAT'S why there were hands in faces earlier! Also, it would be great if hand gestures could be seen in the dark, wouldn't it? Yeah, so there's an audible tapping sound, presumably where one could rest their bum if they wanted to sit.]

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[Accidently elbowing you.]

Ouw! [A pause.] Who's there?

Spin-off | 4

Oh, great. Yeah. Of course. The one time I don't have a torch on me because it'd ruin the look of my leather jacket, is the one day I need it... And what is that I feel around my wrist? [properly panicking now] Let go of me! Let go!


C'mon! [Another series of frustrated thwaps, then a pause.] Really? You left a torch behind because you were worried about your image? Oh, for--[sigh] Let's see if I can get you out of ...whatever that is.


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