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Mind Fuckery ho!
A different kind of Mind Fuck meme~

title or description

(Can also be found on DreamWidth and InsaneJournal )

Not enough angst in your life all ready? Could use a little more? Or how about exploring the mind of a really mentally broken person? Maybe your life's just a little too dull and you could use a good delusion or two?

Whatever it is maybe you're just looking for a good way to mess your character up, a good old fashion MIND FUCK.

Standard shipping rules, regulations and rates apply.... Wait. Yea, you get the drift.

How to handle it!
~ Post with your character (Name, fandom, who the line is open to and any preferences you may have in subject line.)
~ Others can reply deciding which character in the line they want to be.
~ Tag around!
~ Use to randomly select a scenario or just pick one you like off the list!
~ Enjoy the madness~!

(1) Dream a little dream: It's perfect. It's all perfect. It's everything you've ever wanted and could ever ask for... Expect there's one catch. It's all in your head and the other person needs to help figure out a way to snap you out of it before you waste away into nothingness.. But... Do you really wanna be woken up anyway?

(2) Waste land: Every thing's been destroyed. Your friends, your family, your hopes, your dreams, your civilization even and that complete and utter ruin is all your fault. You didn't mean for it to end like this, you thought you were doing what was right but... Well, it seems none of it worked out and the guilt is all yours to bare. Is anyone else alive? If there is, do they blame you? Want to commend you? Maybe... Maybe they know how to fix it? Wouldn't that be nice...

(3) Deception: You put everything you had in them and they promised it'd be all right, that they'd help, that they knew what to do, they'd lead you away from all this pain. Too bad they only made it worse. And by the looks of things? That was their intention from the start.

(4) Lies and Deceit: You remember that movie where everything in that one's guys life was all some big act for an audience to watch? Now that's you. Every thing in your life has been one big lie. Every relationship you thought you had, ever lover you ever missed, every job you ever took, all set, scripted and rehearsed... Well, except for your part. Now you know your world is all fake and maybe there was one person in there that really did care or maybe they were the one orchestrating the whole thing... Time to find out.

(5) Please, can you make them stop?: Voices... Suddenly your character is hearing voices, all the people they've ever wronged, all the things they've ever failed and these voices they just won't stop... Well, not until you're dead it seems unless the other character knows some way to help you out.

(6) You gotta believe me!: First it was small. A fast moving black blob out of the corner of your eye. Then things started sinking in, changing and getting bigger. They grew teeth and claws and began threatening those you cared for most.... They started seeping into your reality. Monsters, ghosts, threats you can't even begin to understand how or why they're there. They haven't done anything yet but you know they're going to. However.... It doesn't seem like anyone else can see them. What can you do to stop these things before they become real threats? Other person, how can you save the one seeing all of this from the danger they're going to start posing to others and possibly, themselves?

(7) Now you see me, now you don't: You're fading from reality, no, you're not dying, something is happening to you. You don't know where you're going but you keep seeing glimpses... Is it another place? Another time? Maybe you come back with gashes that people are mistaking for accidents or other injuries even. Funny thing about this, people don't seem to believe you. Well, that is until it starts happening before their very eyes.

(8) You don't understand: You thought they did, you thought they got your deepest darkest secrets. You told them the truth, you explained everything, laid out your heart and soul to the best of your ability and told them all the things you've ever done wrong... It turns out as long as you thought they got it, they didn't. In fact, they've been judging your every move. Or do you just think they've been due to some neurotic little thing you somehow misunderstood?

(9) You're a monster: It never seemed like a big thing. So what if their eyes were a different color than normal? That can happen, right? But then things slowly seemed to start changing... Over time you started noticing other things. Maybe their skin got rougher, maybe their hair has changed color, maybe their finger nails started growing longer and sharper... Whatever your seeing, this person now looks less like that person you knew (and possibly loved) and far more like a demon you've never wanted to meet... Problem is? You're the only one that's seeing it that way.

(10) All the best people are: You finally got it. All this time you were trying, fighting, working so hard but... No. You were wrong, they were all wrong. Something's happened, it opened your eyes to the true nature of everything that's going on. Perhaps you've gone mad. They do say all the best people are... But at the same time, nothing's ever felt so right in that now cracked head of yours. Too bad the other person either had to watch it (without being able to help in that time) or they're the ones that now have to try to set your brain right once again.

(11) Pay the price: You've done something and everyone knows it. It's unforgivable and you wish you could turn back time to rectify this wrong but the fact of the matter is you can't. Maybe you've been running from your punishment, maybe someone's been trying to take the blame off of you, maybe someone's been trying to hide you. However, it's been too long, your guilt is eating away at your soul. Now it's time to pay the price for what you've done, or, is it just what you think you've done? Does the other person knows the real perpetrator?

(12) What's your sin?: You've done something, something you know you'll never be forgiven for. You thought you were the only one who knew though. It appears you've been wrong all along. They've been dropping hints, things you've found here and there but have managed to cover those hints up before anyone else saw them, before anyone else could catch on. There's a problem though, the clues are getting bigger and bigger as time goes on, they're not as easy to cover up now as they once where. Is the other character the one whose been dropping the clues? Or are they perhaps the person who's going to find the first one...

(13) To die for: Perhaps it was a normal day to start off with, or maybe you knew you were going to run into problems today. Either way, you've landed yourself in a world of trouble and now someone else is paying for it. It should be you coughing up blood and struggling to breath right now but no, it's not. The other person is in front of you, dying to save you from your own mess.

(14) Lie to me: Its.... Not that you want to lie. Because you don't. These are big serious relationship changing questions (if it's family matters, friends or lovers) and you... You just can't be honest. It's not because your honesty will hurt the other person, but because you simply can't tell the truth no matter how hard you try. The more you want to tell the truth, the more you try to be honest, the bigger the lies start coming out. Hurtful, horrible things that you'd just about never say are all you can seem to manage and it's tearing you, and possibly your relationship, apart.

(15) Business of Misery: You have two options. They're quite simple really, it's an easy game to play... In theory. Torture the person before you or an even worse fate shall befall you and the ones you love. Maybe the person before you is someone you know personally, a friend, a lover or maybe it's someone else, a person you've passed on the street, a complete stranger. Either way, you have two options, which will you choose?

(16) Only if for a night: One night. That's it. Maybe you've know them your whole life. Maybe you're meeting for just the first time but it doesn't matter. They're gone as soon as the sun rises, vanished from existence never to return. There's nothing you can do. Nothing they can do. All you have is this moment. Right now. What will you do with only one night?

(17) Set fire to the rain: You've vowed to do the impossible. You don't know how or why but god damn it, you're going to do this if it kills you. Even if that involves taking out anyone who gets in your way. Why?... Because if you don't, it's not gonna happen. Though... Could anyone else bare such a burden? Even if you hate yourself for it, even if you hate everyone else for it. You've gotta. Why? Because no one else will.

(18) When all is said and done: It's great to think you're the good guy and all. It's nice to believe you were doing what's right, that you were fighting for the greater good all along. It's just... you were wrong. All this time, with all these trials and tribulations, you've been the bad guy. Maybe you fought until the end, beating the 'final boss' and now, as things are 'settling' you realize, hey, that last thing wasn't actually evil but what you've been doing... All along. Was. Too bad about that, yea? Maybe both of you thought you were doing right, maybe the other person was trying to get it through your thick skull all along while going with you or maybe, the other person is the one to reveal the truth to you after you finished that last deed. Either way, you've been the bad guy all along and you never realized it until now.

(19) Phantoms: You went to sleep with someone nearby last night. A friend, a lover, a family member, however, when you wake they're no where to be found. It doesn't matter who you ask, where you look, what you do... No one seems to have ever heard of the person you're looking for. It's almost like... That person never existed, except maybe in your mind... Or did they? Is the other character a figment of your imagination? Are you talking to someone in the desperate hope that they know who you're looking for? Or maybe the other person is real and desperately trying to talk to you right now leaving everyone else you're talking to looking at you like you've lost your mind because, well... Isn't that your friend right there? Why aren't you seeing them?

(20) If only a ghost town: Maybe you went to sleep here. Maybe you were coming from another town to visit friends who lived here but when you arrive no one's there. Either way the town/village/city has been completely abandoned but if you stick around long enough, even if it's only for a little bit, you'll start to come to some chilling realizations. This place is full of horrible nightmare like monsters and... Well, by the looks of their clothes, a ring on that one's hand, a locket this other one wears... These were the people of the town... Is that friend of yours safe somewhere? Are they one of these horrible creatures? Is the other person someone else looking for a loved one? Or are they the one who caused it all to happen? Guess it's time to figure it all out.

Clint Barton || Hawkeye || Avengers

[ooc: aahhh, too many choices, I'm split between 1, 9, and 5...though 9, it would probably be Clint changing into a monster. Any preferences?]

[ooc: RNG gave me a 12. Which could be horribly angstful. o.O Heh, though gamma!Monster Hawkeye could be interesting. [Snort.]

[ooc: we could do that if you like! Hawkeye turning into a monster like in Gamma World episodes. He did kind of miss out on going ugly :3]

[ooc: Ayup, I recall that somewhat. >.> Don't recall how they reversed it on the others though. [Snort] That'll teach you for messing around in Bruce's lab, Clint!]

[ooc: genius Bruce came up with an antidote]

[Bruce turns at the sound of breaking glass, alarmed to see Clint doused in his latest concoction near the gamma emmitter.] What are you doing?? Get that stuff off of you now!

[He goes to hurry Clint towards the chemical showers, hoping it wasn't too late]

Umn....oops? That wasn't too important was it? [The blond asked with a wince. He'd accidentally snagged his finger on a bit of broken glass and quickly clapped a hand around it to stem the small trace of blood.]

Woah, calm down, Bruce, I said I was sorry. [The man's hasty rushing him to the decontamination shower had a worried look entering Hawkeye's eyes.] What's wrong? [Aw, crap, he was in for it now.]

[Bruce doesn't answer him right away, possibly too worried to thinly of anything other than GET HAWKEYE IN SHOWER NOW! He pushes the archer into the plastic shower and yanks the cord rousing him in lukewarm water]

[Over the noise of the water running] That was concentrated radiated stem cell cocktail that I hadn't tested yet. [Bruce looks upset, jury is out whether its himself or Clint]

[Hawkeye squawked when he found himself taking a shower in his freaking uniform. Aw man, he was never going to get his mask dry. And then Bruce explained WHY he was looking so panicked.]

[The look of surprise on Clint's face would have been comical in any other circumstances. Frantically, he started to scrub and pull off bits of his uniform at what had to be a record pace. Modesty be damned he had some untested concentrated gunk on him!]
Why are you testing that kinda crap in your lab!? [Because it was his lab of course. Silly, Clint.]

[Bruce is handing him a scrub brush and soap, putting the bits of uniform in a bag to the side for washing later.]

I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to dump it on themselves. [He shouldn't snap at him, but Bruce is worried about side effects.]

You're getting quarantined overnight, mister.

[He finally stops being sarcastic and asks seriously] You feel ok?

I don't recall what gamma radiation poisoning looks like...>.> <.<

[Clint started to rub himself red with the brush and soap. Who needed that top layer of epidermis anyway?]

I didn't know it was poisonous! Aren't you supposed to put some kinda sign up or something? I was just lookin' at it, jeeze. [He'd been bored and curious. And look at where it got him.]

Oh goodie, sounds like fun. How should I know, Bruce? What am I supposed to feel like? [Because if he was going for anxious and on the verge of throwing up then Hawkeye was there thanks to the nerves!]

technically, it doesnt exist. marvel usually associates it with green and i usually fudge the sympto

Easy, easy. [Hawkeye didn't need to destroy his skin in the process. Bruce is now past panicking and realizing he should be trying to keep Clint calm.]

It's supposed to cancel outlying own it might not do anything. [Bruce trying to be positive, treasure this moment.]

Ok, that should be enough. [Shutting off the shower and pulling out sterile towels from a package.] Any dizziness? Nausea? Blurred vision? Feeling weak or otherwise? [He's going to be getting your vital signs next once Clint is dried off and in a chair. Bruce isn't scared of radiation, he's practically immune.]

Gotcha. In Hulk, I think they said Lee cameo chara died or something from ingesting Bruce's blood?

[If he was trying to keep Clint calm it was too late! The archer's every reachable bit of skin had turned quite pink thanks to the vigorous scrubbing.]

Yeah, might not. I don't wanna turn into Hulk 2.0, Bruce.

[Hawkeye gave him a pained look.] I think I'm gonna blow chunks if that's what ya mean. [With him this excited, who knew what symptoms were real and which were anxiety based.]

yeah but book version, it was a kid and he got really ill but survived

Hey. [Bruce narrows his eyes at Clint, time for some tough love bedside manner.] Calm. Down. Or I will hit you.

If, IF that happens, I will reverse it. [No way is he leaving Clint a monster like himself, he wants to be sure Clint knows he would find a way to undo it any way he could.]

Besides.. you won't fit into my costume.


[At least that shut him up momentarily?]

You better, because green ain't my color. My hair ain't gonna fall out or anything is it?

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