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Massage Meme

Everyone could use a good massage now and again right? Well it's time to let you characters lay back and relax-- or maybe treat someone else to a little skin therapy. ;) Break out the oils and scented candles, it's time for a good rub down.

How to play:
❧ POST with your character (list their name & canon in the subject if you please)
❧ Others can reply giving the massage or recieving it.
❧ Use RNG to pick from the numbers below, or pick your numbers, or make something up!
❧ Have fun!


001. Shoulder and Neck - the basic of the basic. Perhaps a strained shoulder, been sitting too long at their desk. Or maybe something even more strenuous. However, it's time to work out all those accumulated kinks.

002. Foot - It's time to give those yapping dogs a rest and treat them to a little TLC.

003. Hand - Hey don't forget about the hands, overworked constantly they could use a bit of a break.

004. Arm - Time to loosen up a bit and rub out those arm muscles.

005. Leg - Perhaps you're looking for something a bit more specific and intimate. Calve massage? Thigh? It's your choice.

006. Back - Considered a coup de grace of massage, the back massage, when done right, can bring extreme relief to those who receive it.

007. Scalp - Wanna feel those tingles down your spine? Maybe a little oil to help add health to the hair?

008. Full Body - Maybe it’s not just a specific area you want treated, but your entire body.

009. Wild Card - Anyway you want it. Mix and match, maybe I forgot something you want.


001. Friend - getting a massage from a friend can be a wonderful bonding experience. And exacerbate already existing tensions ;D

002. Lover - Whether a show of care or a prelude to something more intimate, a massage from a lover is a very welcome thing.

003. Service - Hey some of us aren't so lucky. We gotta pay for this service.

004. Wild card - Whatever you want. However you want.

Santana Lopez || GLEE

6, 2

[Riley was miserable. This pregnancy has been rough on her and she still has a long way to go. Or at least it feels that way. But right now, to her, a day is a long time away. Though, just because she's pregnant, doesn't mean she doesn't still have plenty of errands to still run. Which is what she's been doing pretty much all day long and now her entire body is aching and all she wants to do is soak in her ridiculously amazing tub and take a nap. But, as she unlocks the door and lays her keys and the bags on the kitchen counter, Riley wonders if laying down might be better. Just to rest for a little while before the bath. Climbing the stairs, slowly, she practically waddles down the hall to their bedroom, pushing the door open...]

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[Santana had taken off work early to go home to Riley. With the pregnancy and all the household things, along with the occasional assignment she'd done, Santana knew she was having a miserable time of it lately. So, being the awesome wife she is, she's come home early with a plan in mind. She's going to spend the rest of the night and the entire weekend pampering Riley, waiting on her hand and foot and treating her like a Queen. So, when Riley steps into the master bedroom, she'll see that the only illumination in the room are the dozens of candles she's placed and lit all over. Their sheets are turned down and Santana us sitting on the end, waiting for her. She gets up to hug and kiss her.] Hi beautiful.

[Eyes going wide as she took in the scene waiting for her as she stepped into the bedroom, Riley gasped and stopped dead in her tracks. She looked around, tears filling her eyes (hey she's hormonal!) as they finally settled back onto her wife as she hugged and kissed her.] Hi. [She smiled softly.] What is all this? all for you, baby. [Santana murmurs, kissing her again. This was exactly the reaction she was hoping for, minus the tears. She chuckles and reaches out to wipe a fallen tear from Riley's cheek.] I'm gonna spend alllll weekend pampering you. Starting with a massage, if you want it.

If I want it? [Riley's going to arch her brow and give that look that says you should definitely know she wants a massage. She's only what, five million weeks pregnant now? Or at least that's what it feels like!] You know I do. I just...I wasn't expecting it. But it's definitely a good surprise. [Have a kiss from your overly hormonal and emotional wife.]

[Santana grins and returns the kiss passionately, stroking Riley's cheek with her thumb, and gently breaking away after a few minutes.] Your back first?

[Pulling back from the kiss, she nods, eyes still glistening from her tears and a smile at her lips. She can't help it, even the small gesture of a massage means the world to her right now.] That sounds perfect.

Lay down, babe. [Santana guides her to the bed and helps her get undressed and into a comfortable position - not the easiest thing to do when she's 7 months pregnant.] Close your eyes, baby, and just relax. Do you want me to put music on?

[Riley does as she's told, and does her best to get as comfortable as someone her size can get. She closes her eyes, settling into the tons of pillows Santana has piled both under and around her for comfort.] Mmmm. You can put something on if you want. Unless you wanna sing to me.

[Santana grins and picks up the massage oil, kissing Riley's neck before getting to work, starting at Riley's shoulders to work her way down.] You know I'll sing for you. What do you want to hear?

Mmmm. That feels so good. [It did too. Riley could feel the tension starting to slip away as Santana's hands worked her muscles.] You know what I want to hear. The same one I always make you sing for me.

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