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The blood in my hands stains me forever
Roderich Edelstein :: Austria herr_edelweiss wrote in memebells
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The Injured/Hurt Meme


This meme contains triggers of violence/possible sexual assault, proceed with caution. Please specify what you would like to RP and what not, so others won't step into your boundaries. And please, please respect each other's space, okay?

- Post your character, name/series/preferences in the subject.
- Others go to random.org and roll numbers 1-8 to choose a scene!
- Play it out!

If you'd like to play on Dreamwidth, click on the image. If you're rather play here, however, click on the LJ cut...

1. Stabbed. You were stabbed, maybe multiple times.

2. Shot. You were shot either once or multiple times.

3. Broken bone(s). You're suffering broken bones.

4 Head injury. Enjoy that concussion...

5. Beaten. You were beaten to a bloody pulp.

6. Used. You were used for some kind of physical labor to the point you can't move anymore... or maybe it was more base than just 'labor'.

7. Abuse. Your injuries stem from a long period of abuse and torture.

8. Other. Is there something else? Want to combine something? Do so here!

Taken from huffpuffblonde's post on Bakerstreet!


Leonard "Bones" McCoy | Star Trek XI | OTA

RNG says 2

Pike is being carried to sickbay after an unsuccessful away mission. He's got crude but effectively made arrows stuck in him from the natives they encountered. One in his shoulder, one in his side, and one right through the leg. Pike grits his teeth as he's moved, trying not to cry out in pain. It had been an ambush from the start.

Then RNG must be obeyed XD

Most away missions result in some sort of injury, Bones has learned that much in his years as CMO onboard the Enterprise. But of all the people to come through the doors of his sickbay, he had never thought he would see Pike. He moves to the door quickly helping to support him as he leads him towards one of the beds.

"Good god, man! What happened out there?"

Pike grinds out an answer before the others can, "Diplomatic dispute. Be careful with those arrows, I saw them dipping them in something while they were shooting them." The wounds were burning like they were on fire, he could only imagine what they had put on them. They were straight tubes, like a reed with a sharpened end and little micro barbs sticking out along the surface. Which was going to make pulling them out another adventure in pain. Pike, however, was determined to not lay still till he got report on everyone else. They were bringing in a half conscious redshirt ensign who had taken one a little closer to the heart. "Better....get to him first..." Pike shoved off Bones' hands that were trying to examine the arrows.

He looks over at the ensign and then back at Pike with one of his stern looks. "Nurse Chapel is taking care of him and she is perfectly capable. Right now, you're my priority. Now. Lay still or this will hurt more than it should." This is his sickbay you're in now Pike, you better do as he says. He starts by giving him a hypo for the pain.

Pike is a stubborn sort, though not nearly as adverse to hypos as Kirk is. He takes it with a barest wince. "I don't have to be a doctor to know that man is hurt worse than me." The pain does subside a bit and it's easier to lay still. The arrows do make laying down flat a problem though.

"And I'm CMO for a reason. I do know what I'm doing. Now just try to relax." There's not much that Bones can do without getting these arrows out...so, sorry Pike but they're coming out. He grips the first near the head and pulls it out quickly. No need to prolong the pain.

/more making stuffs up

Pike clenches his fists as the arrow is removed...and with it a cascade of blood. Seems what they were dipping the arrows in was a compound to keep one's blood from clotting. A delayed death for their enemies if they lived long enough to get medical treatment. Pike is now bleeding out and looking very pale.

Re: /yay for making stuffs up!

Bones swears inwardly as the blood starts pouring out of Pike's wound. He presses a number of bandages to the wound to at least lessen the flow, "Nurse, I need some help over here!" He shouts out to the nearest nurse, telling her to press it against the wond while he tries to find a clotting agent to see if it has any effect.

The combined efforts should work, the native were clever but not technologically advanced. Clotting agent is a really good idea and probably some blood transfusions after that because Pike is going to be on the low side for awhile.

"What, what's wrong?" Pike tries to sit up to see but the world tips dizzily around him and he has to lay down again. No, he's not going to faint, it's almost unbecoming as a Captain, he tells himself.

The clotting agent is injected and he replaces the nurses blood soaked bandages with some new ones. Now to see if it works. When Pike tries to sit up Bones' hand is there instantly pushing him gently back down into the position that he had been in.

"Everything's going to be fine, Captian. Just stay with me. Stay awake." Blood. He needs more blood.

Right, stay awake. Good plan. "Doctors...orders...?" Pike manages, trying to keep his eyes open.

The bad part is, he's got two more stuck in him. Good news? Clotting agent, when it does kick in, should make pulling them out a whole lot easier.

There's a long fuzzy tunnel growing around Pike's vision, Bones looking like he's talking at him from the end of it. He's having a hard time following those orders to stay conscious. He mumbles something as if trying to give an order of his own before he passes out entirely from the blood loss.

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[ooc: this is almost canon for her if Bones is hurt, and she can heal him from pretty much anything. do you want to roll or me?]

[ooc: Sounds perfect to me! How does a 1 sound?]

[ooc: 1 works! should we assume she knows Bones or should this be first meeting?]

Gem isn't sure how she got here. Probably those gray faced aliens that keep moving her about. There's a man here, and he looks to be injured. She stands quietly nearby, watching him.