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Ring Ring!
Someone's Calling...
Who Could it be?
Well, answer.

It's the


Here's how it works:
1.Post Character and Fandom in Subject line.  As Well as any Prefs.

2. Use the  Random Number Generator and roll for a number.  Or pick.

3. TagTagTagTag.

1.)  Drunk Dial:  You've had this person on your mind.  Your drunk.  Liquid Courage a'flowin'.  Decide now is as good a time as any to tell them how you really feel.
2.) Wrong Call: So you meant to leave a dirty message on your girlfriend's voicemail about that awesome new position you guys tried out last night--- but whoops! That was "Mom" you hit, not "Mona".  Yep.  That's awkward. 
3.) Phone Sex: It's late.  Your horny.  But that certain someone is far far away.  Why sit around alone in the dark when you can sit around alone in the dark having phone sex?
4.) Secrets:  Maybe you can't meet them face to face.  Maybe you don't have the courage.  Maybe you're a ghost and can only speak through white noise.  Any way it goes, now it's time to spill.
5.) I'm Calling to Tell you I'm Not Going to Call You Anymore: That's right.  Let them have it.  They should know why you aren't talking to them.  I mean, the silent treatment doesn't work unless they know they're getting it, right?
6.) No, no, don't hang up!!!: They have to answer the phone again eventually, right?  You've said you're sorry 100 times to their voicemail after all.  Beg beg beg forgiveness and maybe they'll stay on the line long enough to hear you out.

The Doctor | Doctor Who | Open


[Either...Post-DD phone connection or 'strangealienturnspeopleintoelectronicallytransferredvoices' or...stuck in different cells and bored?]


[stuck in different cells sounds lovely~!]

Couldn't decide on angst-content

[Usually they're at least...stuck in the same cell so they're not completely bored. Usually their captors just don't bother to separate them or don't have room. Of course these people have to go the extra step, don't they?

She can't remember if the Doctor took the spare mobile with him, but it's worth risking a call because she' crushingly b o r e d.

Ring ring, Doctor.]

baww... Who needs aaaaangst~!

[Conveniently, he did have it with him, it just took him awhile to find the right pocket, and then the right shelf inside that pocket. (They're bigger on the inside somehow, you know~) That extra step these people had gone to certainly frustrated the Doctor.

Ring ring ring ri--answer!]

Rose! Are you all right? [Because who else would have this number and be able to call it inside an impregnable concrete... whatever this was. Don't mind the slight tinge of separation anxiety laced in his words. He was slightly less bored than Rose while trying to find a way to escape captivity.]


[Rose has less separation anxiety and more boredom. Give her a day or two and she'll be crawling the walls with anxiety, but so far? She's not worried. These people don't seem especially dangerous. Still, it's nice to hear his voice.]

Doctor. Yeah, I'm fine. Are you? They just stuck me in a...cramped and drippy cell. If you've got the phone does that mean you've got the sonic?


I've got the sonic, yeah. And my cell's probably equally cramped and drippy as yours--weeell--maybe a little more cramped as I'm taller than you. But anyway. I've been trying to find a way out of here but I think--[There's the sound of the sonic screwdriver working...] Yeah, they've deadlocked the concrete. Who deadlock seals concrete, Rose? We hardly did anything to warrant deadlock sealed cells--

[Whatever their captors did to the Doctor while Rose was locked away in her cell must have done a number on him because the babbling? Might go on forever if she doesn't stop him. Although who can tell, this might be a typical Tuesday dialogue with the Doctor...]

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[Well, to be fair, she's terribly bored, so if he wants to drone on and fill up the boring silence with talking until they get out, that'll be fine, probably.]

Maybe it's accidental? Or...there's something else they're deadlocking?

[Oh all right. Just be sure to let him know when they come to take her away for interrogation, so he can worry properly for her. He doesn't like babbling on without an audience, it's no fun, talking out loud to yourself. Alone.]

I don't know. They could be deadlocking something else, but I'm not certain it's accidental either.

[Oh he ought to hear. They're growly and loud and she does tend to be mouthy about being dragged places.]

What could else could be deadlocked down here, though? Or worth deadlocking all the cells? I mean...what's it do, besides stop the sonic screwdriver?

[Oh, that's a good companion! Always keep the Doctor informed as to what you're up to when you're about to be interrogated!]

Well deadlocks are extremely resistant to sonic devices so... it could be effectively blocking some kind of sound wave?

[Yes, that's exaaaactly why she does it...]

What would they need to keep soundwaves away from?

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1 :D

Hi there . . . Doctor!



...How did you get this number?

Not sure. Too drunk to remember.

Wanna come drink with me? Promise to be good!


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