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694: It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...

The Sensory Deprivation Meme

You know those things you rely on to navigate you properly through life? Senses? Yeah, well, kiss those goodbye.

(TRIGGER WARNING: This meme deals with the loss of senses - blindness, inability to feel. If the concept of blindness, deafness and/or the loss of any of your senses bothers you, please do NOT play this meme)

Post with your character name/fandom/options for scenarios (ie; het/slash fluff/smut) and your prompt. Use RNG to pick your numbers. 1-5 for regular senses, 6-10 for moral sense, 11-16 for cracky senses.

Tag others.

The Basic Five

1. Sense of Sight
- Whether you woke up that way, had an accident, a brain tumor expanded or you had a bad reaction to something, you're now blind. Fully and completely. Watch out for that bu--*wince*

2. Sense of Smell - Did someone step in dog crap? It could be you, but you'd never know. You've lost your sense of smell. I guess there's no stopping by the roses for you, huh?

3. Sense of Hearing - "I'M NOT YELLING!!" Yes, yes you are. And no matter how loud you crank AC/DC, you're never hearing Highway to Hell again. Guess I shouldn't have gotten you the Stones compalition CD's, huh?

4. Sense of Taste - No, it doesn't taste like chicken. In fact, it doesn't taste like anything. Perfect time to get that friend that burns everything to cook for you - at least it'll make them happy and you can smile through the whole ordeal.

5. Sense of Touch - Where'd you get that bruise? Or that gaping knife wound? No clue. You have utterly lost the ability to feel anything, like your body is enveloped in fuzzy packing tape. Punch the wall all you want, you ain't gonna feel anything.

The Guiding Factors

6. Sense of Right and Wrong
- Tripping people that get in your way? Taking candy from babies? Killing someone that hurt you and yours? All sound like pretty good ideas right about now. Your entire moral code has been thrown into the 'grey' area. There is no right or wrong, only what you want.

7. Sense of Decency - Things that just 'aren't done' are in play for you now. Evicting old ladies and orphans because they can't pay? Pff. Good. Lousy Mooching leeches. Hitting on that underage and naive little thing? Puh-leeze, they're an easy mark. Deflower, deport and debauch yourself to your heart's content.

8. Sense of Self - You don't even know who you are anymore. What are you doing with your life? What's it all mean? What the hell's it for? Why even bother to get up in the morning? Are you going to go try and 'find' yourself? Or just give up?

9. Sense of Preservation - Your life? Means about as much as a mouse fart. Why should you step out of the way of that speeding train? You were there first. Mouthing off to that huge, angry, overpumped steroid-faced goon sounds like a good idea too. He took your seat. And he smells.

10. Sense of Empathy - That ability that lets you put yourself in the shoes of others, to relate to them? Gone. No, you don't know what they're feeling, and quite frankly, you don't want to. You have your own things to deal with, and they're much more important. Why? Because they're yours.

The Quirky Ones

11. Sense of Humor
- Wait, am I supposed to laugh now? You have to take your cue from those around you, laughing when they do, usually a little bit late and a little too long. Not even a fart joke will crack a smile.

12. Sense of Direction - You couldn't find your ass with both hands. Literally. You tried. And wound up getting thrown in the clink for inappropriate conduct with a nun. Don't drop the soa-- Too late.

13. Sense of Modesty - So what if you're using a belt as a skirt. It looks good, right? Bending over and showing off too much isn't an issue for you, neither is changing in the middle of the store if you just have to wear that cute little shirt now.

14. Sense of Fashion - Yes, you think a pink polka-dotted bikini top goes just smashingly with the neon green bellbottoms. Bubblewrap tops? Freakin' awesome. Put it on and flaunt it, and watch people's eyes bleed.

15. Sense of Timing - "What do you mean now's a bad time?" Yes, because you think trying to pick up a girl at her husband's funeral is a good thing. What? She's single. You're late to everything. A clock? Wassat? Strange, foreign words...

16. Mix and Match - You poor bastard, you've lost more than one sense. 2? 3? The whole lot? Who knows, that's up to you.

Pietro Maximoff | Quicksilver | Avengers | 6

Edited at 2012-01-23 05:16 am (UTC)

should Pietro have captured Bruce? or just fighting with him?

Hrrmmn...I'm drawing a complete blank. x_x He's not silly enough to take Hulk on headon. *snerk*

[ooc: mun going to work soon, so this is just a villain would he try to capture the Hulk for any purpose? If he can get Bruce without him hulking out, there's a chance. You just have to keep him drugged up or sedate enough that he doesn't want to hulk out but it depends what he's going to use him for.]

Mun sucks

[ooc: I fail so hard. x-x Okay so plot ideas, I suppose, yeah, Pietro could be trying to capture him for some nefarious means or another. Or if we don't want to stray too far from canon, just have him try and take Bruce down hard and fast before Hulk can cause any other drama.

mun does not suck! mun is human (I'm assuming :3)

[ooc: I am good with either of those plans. If you want to just go at it and play by ear, go for it.]

Oh fuck it, swayed to the dark side yet again by Magneto.

[ooc: And since I suck at combat writing, shall we pick up after unhappy!Bruce wakes up and finds himself in some Macguffinwhathaveyoumagichahahayoucan'thulkoutrestraints?]

lol, I think Shield has a patent on those in the cartoon series :3

Bruce cracked his eyes open a sliver before trying to move his head to shake away the cobwebs. This didn't feel like when he usually comes out of hulking out. Something had happened this time...something very fast.

He shifts and finds out his arms are pulled up over his head and restrained, the same with his feet. He was stuck in a standing position uncomfortably. Yes, this was a little too familiar.

Mnnn, Pietro in a Shield uniform would be hot. Nomnomnom

[Bruce would be greeted with the sight of a slim man leaning indolently against the wall watching him with ice-blue eyes.]

Awake, I see. I apologize for the restraints, Dr. Banner but you left us little choice.


[Bruce drops his head to his chest, a sign of resignation] Can't say I'm surprised...

[sigh] Now what? Blood tests, I'm assuming? Wanting your own fleet of green men to do your bidding? [This wasn't exactly his first rodeo.] Would it help if I told you none of it was going to work? [He couldn't be sure if he was hooked up to any sort of drug delivery system, it could be they were banking on him not hulking out so he wouldn't hurt anyone]

I honestly have no idea. Just following orders. [It was the typical callous attitude one expected from military types, right?]

[The pale-haired man pushed off the wall and prowled towards Bruce.] You're probably right though. But good luck explaining that to the lab rats. Go figure, people kind of shy away from getting blasted with gamma radiation most of the time. [An unpleasant smile curled the corners of Pietro's mouth upwards.]

Who's orders? [Please don't say General Ross]

[Bruce may look weak and skinny, but there's a certain intensity, a levelness to his demeanor. As if he knows how destructive he can be if he wanted to.] Not enough people avoid it.

I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss that. [Was the trite, quip. Despite his smile, glaciers were warmer than the man's eyes.]

True, the stupid have a habit of taking themselves out of the gene pool. [Pietro agreed, cocking his head to the side as he studied Bruce closely.] It's hard to believe, you know. That someone as puny as you turns into that ravening beast. [There was definitely an almost clinical, dissecting quality to the man's demeanor. It was as though he was trying to peel apart the various layers to see what made Bruce tick.]

[Rats, it probably was Ross from that reaction. Him and his Hulkbusters. This was not looking good.] You seem at liberty to discuss something or you wouldn't have me conscious.

[Bruce really isn't in the mood to be psychoanalyzed. He's done enough of that on himself. The split personality was a trip already.] Who exactly are you anyway?

Ah, you've caught me, I suppose. [The mutant gave a surprisingly innocuousness shrug.] My employer has a proposition to put towards you. We're aware of your issues with General Ross and would like to offer you protection in exchange for some scientific insight.

[He prudently ignored the question about his identity.]

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