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690. Rabbit Done Died Meme
"The rabbit died" is an old saying meaning one is pregnant, coming from the now no longer practiced rabbit test.


You're pregnant. Knocked up. Eating for two. Have a bun in the oven. Insert your own cliched phrase here. No matter how you say it, you're downright fertilized. Even if you're not typically in possession of a womb, somehow it happened. Are you scared? Happy? Gassy? A combination of everything? And who's the father, anyway?

1. Post with your character with their name and series in the subject line. If you want to avoid any of the options, this would also be a good place to list them.

2. This is one of those RNG memes, so you'll want to go to our good friend Random Number Generator and roll 1-6 for how far along you are. Or just pick what one you'd prefer.

3. If you're replying to someone, roll 1-4 for how you factor into this madness!

So, how far along are you anyway?

1. Two months - Sooooo all this sickness is kind of annoying, isn't it? At least you can still fit in your old clothes, right?

2. Four months - Okay, so things are getting a little tight. Time to break out the flowy stuff!

3. Six months - OH MY GOD IT'S AN ALI-- oh, no. It's just the baby moving. Although it's still kind of creepy, isn't it?

4. Eight months- Please. Please let it be over. Have mercy.

5. Overdue - C'mon kid! I'll buy you a pony! NO! TWO PONIES! My baaaaaack.

6. Wildcard - Your choice!

What's your role in this whole mess, person replying?

1. YOU ARE THE FATHER - Well, now you've gone and done it. Are you going to take responsibility, or head for the hills?

2. Friend - You may not have done the deed, but you're going to be there to help your buddy. No matter HOW weird the circumstances!

3. Enemy - Do you feel a 'HAW HAW' coming on? This is just too funny.

4. Wildcard - Second verse, same as the first.
Not my meme. Shamelessly copied!

Helen Magnus | Sanctuary

5+1 Don't kill him, okay? ;-)

Nikola was looking forward to being a father. However, he wasn;t looking forward to going back into the house. It seemed their daughter was just as stubborn as her mother, and decided she would come when she wanted to. Now Helen was on bed rest and two weeks overdue. He knew she was uncomfortable, which made him uncomfortable, and he was rather sure she was going to shoot him sooner or later.

Finally, he went inside and up to their bedroom with the back of food he'd gotten. Going in, he stopped midway to the bed and held up the bag.

"I have food," he said, not daring to move any closer until she said it was all right to.

Haha! I'm sure she won't! ;-) <3

Helen was about to go mad.

Of course, she wanted what was best for their daughter - she always would - but she hated the fact that she was currently confined to bed, unable to really do much of anything. She never had been good at staying still for long periods of time.

And that combined with the fact that she was overdue was not having the best effect on her mood. Something she had unfortunately taken out on Nikola a few times as a result, most recently just before he had gone out.

So when he peeked in with the food that he had gone out to get for her, she looked over at him with a tired smile. "Oh, thank you, love," she said, motioning him over. "I'm so sorry I snapped at you earlier."

While Nikola would never openly admit to being scared of Helen, he actually was. She had guns, lots of them, and she knew how to use them and had the perfect aim. While a bullet wound wouldn't kill him, it would hurt more than he cared to admit.

When she motioned for him to come closer, he took a small step forward, and stopped. He had to make sure she wasn't hiding anything in her bed. Once he was sure she wasn't, he took the final few steps and shrugged a little before sitting on the edge of the bed.

"It's all right," he said as he placed the bag on the bed and took out the Styrofoam container. "Extra spicy tacos. I figured we could try Ellie's suggestion about spicy foods inducing labor."

When Nikola stopped before coming over to the bed, she shook her head. She truly must have been horrible earlier. And it wasn't his fault. He was trying to help the best way he could. The baby just wasn't ready to come out yet, and neither of them wanted to go the way of a C-section until they really had no other choice.

So when he got out the container with the tacos, she nodded, reaching out to take it from him. "I'm certainly willing to try anything. I love our daughter, but I really don't know how much longer I can take this." And considering everything she had been through in her life, that was certainly saying something. "Especially since I don't want to do or say something I might regret. Not to you."

Opening the container, she picked up one of the tacos and took a bite, feeling her eyes tear up at how spicy they were. "Bloody hell. If this doesn't do it, we might well have to go with a cesarean."

"I hope it does," Nikola said. They were quickly going through all the old wives' tales when it came to inducing labor. If they didn't find something soon, Nikola was afraid both of them would go mad.

When Helen took the taco out, the scent of the spices burnt his nose. Reaching into the other bag, he pulled out a carton of milk for her. "This should help," he said.

Helen nodded, truly hoping that this did work. When Nikola then pulled out some milk, she gave him a grateful look before taking a drink, it soothing the spiciness. She continued to eat the tacos and drink the milk, and once she was finished, she reached over to take Nikola's hand.

"Is it bad that earlier I was actually wondering if you giving me a slight shock would actually jump start me into labor?" she asked, shaking her head. Just then she felt some movement, and she rested his hand on her abdomen. "She's definitely active."

That was a good sign at least. But she was still bloody uncomfortable.

When Helen made her comment about him shocking her into labor, he raised his eyebrows and ran his fingers over her pregnant stomach. It was an interesting thought, and he wondered if it would work. Of course, he wasn't quite brave enough to say that out loud, especially with the way Helen had snapped at him earlier.

Once she was finished eating, he took the container from her before throwing it into the trash bin. He then shifted closer and stretched out beside her, his hand going to lay over their unborn child.

"Maybe I can bore her to being born? Talk about all the stupid things Edison said over the years," he suggested.

Helen really was wondering if that might not be a good idea. Nikola had shocked her before, and it had had never hurt her. It just felt like something in her body needed to be kicked into working so she could deliver their child.

When Nikola then suggested boring her into wanting to be born as he lay down next to her, Helen laughed as she rested her hand over his. "Talking about Edison is definitely a possibility although that might put me to sleep too."

She looked at him. "Maybe you really should try shocking me."

Nikola knew Helen was right and that talking about Edison would probably bore their daughter to sleep. He knew he had fallen asleep a fell times during Edison's lengthy lectures where he talked about nothing interesting...which was most of them.

When Helen mentioned he should try shocking her, he paused for a moment. WHile he had done it before, he wasn't sure if the baby would be affected. However, it was worth a shot to give her a small one.

"All right. Hold still," he said as he lightly shocked her hand. "Did that help?"

RNG says 1. >,<

[Well..........] ...Do I touch the stomach?

*Considering she's never had anything like this happen before...* I suppose you can, if you'd like.

[She puts a hand gently on the belly, trying to feel.]


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