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673. The return of the return of the captivity meme - now with more scenarios!
[Also on DreamWidth]

You've been captured - or maybe you've been held captive for a while now. Whatever the case, you've lost your freedom, and there's a specific person responsible for that. You might be a prisoner, a mental patient, a kidnap victim, or someone's pet. Maybe you're there willingly, or maybe the choice has been taken away from you completely.

Both smut and non-smut scenarios are possible. If you don't want to play smut, please indicate so in the title line of your tag.

1. Leave a tag with your character. Be sure to include any limits on what you are willing to play, as this meme has the potential to be triggering.

2. Someone else tags in and uses RNG to generate a number between 1 and 12. The second character is holding the first character captive now.

3. ??

4. Profit!


1. For their own good.
Does this person really think they could make it on their own? It's a big, scary world out there, and you need to protect them from it, whether they like it or not.

2. For the good of society.
Forget protecting this person - it's your duty to protect the world from them! Maybe they committed a terrible crime, or maybe they were falsely condemned, but it's your job to keep them locked up where they can't do any more harm.

3. Because they're not well.
How's your bedside manner? Whether you're Florence Nightingale or Mildred Ratched, you're in the position of ministering to the mentally ill. Maybe this person genuinely needs your help, or maybe you're just turning a blind eye to their true sanity.

4. For the money.
Higher aims? What higher aims? This person is your meal ticket, and they're staying put until their loved ones pay up.

5. For their love.
It might be a case of yandere, or it might be a consenting BDSM relationship. Whether it's by mutual agreement or by force, you're keeping them simply because you love them.

6. Because they're cute and fluffy.
Who's a cutesy wutesy? They are! Yes, they are!
This person is your pet now. Maybe they're a different species from you, or maybe you just don't care that you're both people. Maybe you're even an alien zookeeper looking after a new acquisition.

7. Because they're your property.
Slave? Livestock? Who cares what they think - they're your property, and you decide their fate.

8. For the lulz.
Hey, what's a little bondage between friends? You'll let them go, once you're done laughing and snapping photos...maybe.

9. By accident.
...Wait, what? You didn't intend this! You must have seriously bungled something, because now you've got a captive you didn't intend to take...but you can't just let them go, can you?

10. Because they know too much.
This person knows something you can't afford to have floating around. Maybe they know too much about you or someone you work for - or maybe you think it would be better if the potential inventor of the next super weapon was kept safely under lock and key.

11. Because you want something from them.
It's not ransom - ransom would involve someone else paying to have this person back. No, your captive has some ability or possession that you want - no, that you need - and you're not letting them go until they cough up the goods.

12. Choose a scenario, combine several, or make up your own.

9 and going for lulz instead of horror show

[This was so not right on so many levels. When the Dalek attacked the Doctor, he didn't think the timelord would actually jab his hand inside his casing. It had worked to stop him, that much was certain but now they were joined at the literal and figurative hip. There's a screeching noise whenever the Doctor tries to remove his hand because its wrapped up in the Dalek's life support and biochemical lab wiring.

If the Dalek tries to pull back, same result in reverse, the Doctor gets a jolt of electricity through his arm.

One panel of the casing creeps open carefully, the eye glaring balefully out at the Doctor] Release me! Nooooowwww!


I'm trying to! You let go of me! [He tugs again, but his hand is stuck fast.]

Re: hahahaaa

[There's sparks and smoke this time coming out of the casing as the Dalek screams against being electricuted. Not fatally but MAN did it hurt!] GNNAAAHHHHH!!!! STOP! STOP!

[Handy stops, startled by the twinge of - is that just the tiniest bit of pity?? It's a Dalek! He should just yank his hand out, and let it be electrocuted.

But he doesn't.

Right. Right, that's not going to work - what've you even got in there; what's my hand in??

[The Dalek waits a beat before answering, probably trying to figure that out himself]

Sensors damaged. Uncertain of affected areas.

[He really needs to open up and have someone take a look, but not with the Doctor there. The Oncoming Storm would rip out his insides the moment he exposes himself...or so he believes]

Oh, helpful. Does that mean you don't know what's wrapped around it, either?

It's not you, is it?? [It doesn't feel slimy and completely horrible....]

Noooooo... [to both questions. To prove it, the Dalek moves the nearest tentacles to make sure they were all intact. Of course, he accidentally brushes up against the hand in the way, now the Doctor is slimed]

Gah! [He flinches, trying to pull away - but only for a second. Then he squeezes his eyes shut, takes a deep breath, and forces himself to hold still.]

Don't touch me!

[the tentacles retract quickly, tense that he might set off another electrical reaction but thankfully it doesn't]

We cannot remain like THIS! [his tone ramping up at the end as if this was the WORST thing ever in the history of time and it had to be fixed right now]

Well, duh!

[Handy huffs in annoyance, resisting the urge to just try to yank his hand out.]

But if you can't even tell me what I'm tangled up in, how am I supposed to know how to get my hand out?

[There's a metallic tone from high to low. One would think it sad if it hadn't come from a Dalek.]

...You will destroy me if I let you seeeeee.

Says the Dalek who was trying to shoot me - just who do you think is the aggressor here?

[Note that he doesn't deny the charge, though.]

You are a tiiimelord. You should be ex-ter-minated! [Dalek logic at work]

Yeah? And just look where that attitude got you!

[Of course, the easy solution from the Dalek's standpoint would be to shoot the Doctor off. But the moment he turns the gun section towards him, it pulls on something inside, causing the sparks and pain like before] AAAHHHHHH...

[nope, that wasn't going to work]

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