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668. SNOW!

Winter Wonderland Meme

❄ it's quiet
and the snow's beautiful tonight → a winter open meme

‧ post with whatever character you want
‧ responders roll for weather + scenario and get to threading
‧ ???
‧ profit


stage i; none, streets are already blanketed in white.
stage ii; very light and intermittent.
stage iii; light - moderate. lasts longer periods.
stage iv; continuous, heavy snowfall.
stage v; the hardest of cores - blizzards, snowstorms, you name it.


① fuck the police, this is the best time for a walk. hope you've got a nice thick coat on.

② stranded in the buttcrack of nowheresville? weren't you watching the time? now you've gone and missed that last bus out of there. or maybe you're lost, somehow. what do?

③ literally chilling, in this weather, is quite easy to do. sitting around relaxing in it is a wee more difficult, but sometimes much more enjoyable, especially if shelter can be found. the snow is beautiful to watch, after all.

④ the weather's not going to stop you. your snow fort's packed full of ammo and ready to go. those aren't snow angels over there; they mark where the poor souls you've downed have fallen. be careful with that snowman's head!!

⑤ you're about fifty miles from civilization but there's a roof over your head, so never mind the chilly draught, right? right. you mightn't be the only one lucky enough to stumble upon this little shelter, though. remember to share the blanket.

⑥ everyone stuck outside should be jelly. you've got a fireplace and hot cocoa and damn if it isn't awesome. a heater's not quite so romantic, but it'd do. there'd better be a backup generator in case the power trips.

⑦ mix and match, or make up your own ‧:❉:‧

The Doctor || Doctor Who || Open!

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[SNOW. Snow everywhere. And they're walking through it, because who cares about snow, right? Why let it interfere with exploring, right?

Also they're kind of stuck walking through the snow given there's no shelter anywhere nearby.]


[It's only on one of the coldest planets in the universe, and even the Doctor brought along an extra layer of thermals under his suit and coat, along with a scarf and gloves, despite his ability to regulate his own body temperature. He'd insisted Rose double up on her layers, too. Or. Well. Quadruple. Could one quadruple up on thermals?]

D'you see it, Rose, just over that hill? [He points, presumably in the direction of a hill off in the distance--but who can really tell with such heavy snowfall in ?] That's where we're headed. It's the perfect spot for a winter sunset.

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[Is it? She hadn't noticed. After awhile you go numb and the difference doesn't matter all that much. Even with qradruples. Frankly, she's a little concerned about the concept of sunset. Won't it get even colder? At this rate she might just pass out before making it back. Or freeze over.]

Are we gonna see anything in this snow?

Let's add in a little 3... :3

[Oh yes, it'll get colder, but not for a while after the sunset. One wall of the shelter they're headed to fades into its brown, planklike existence as they get closer, but it's still just over the hill yet. Have faith in the Doctor's whims, Rose!]

If I'm right and we landed in the correct year in the storm cycle, there should be a strong gust of wind that lasts the duration of the sunset. It'll be clear of snowfall for ohhh, thirty six hours?

Wooo 3

[Ohey shelter! Less chance of sunset induced frostbit, that's great! She picks up her pace a bit when she spots it, but then glances over at him, still dubious of his whim.]

The sunset takes thirty-six hours? Blimey, how long is it until sunset starts?

3 is greaaaaaat!

Any minute now, really. Although, I'm starting to think that maybe the TARDIS landed us in the wrong cycle. [He sounds a bit concerned as they reach the top of the hill. And sure enough, the shelter they were headed for? Appears to have quite a familiar logo painted on the side.] Nooo... Last I checked they weren't supposed to have an automated Starbucks here for at least another two hundred years! Huh, I thought the air felt a little wibbly.

Oh well, at least we can warm up a tic. [He winks and heads for the front of the building, not even losing his stride.]

Fantaaaaaaaaastic 3

[On the bright side, they're probably not going to freeze and die (read: she won't) inside a Starbucks, as compared to an abandoned hut. That's good. It's just not the greatest sign for whatever else he had planned, if they're at least two hundred years off target.

She frowns up at the logo a moment, before following after him. Inside is warm. Warm is good.]
Will that matter?


Not really, no. This planet's inhabitants have hardly had any effect on any time streams, so a coffee shop coming in a few hundred years early won't make much of a difference.

[He opens the heavy wooden door for Rose and inside the shelter is a room set up like any typical 21st century coffee shop. A large fireplace in one corner, tables and chairs throughout the room, comfy oversized couches, and everything was situated for guests to look outside through a tall window: twenty feet tall at a guess, and forty wide.

The counter at the back of the room was obviously for the business of selling coffee and the foods that went with it. Everything was fresh and laid out nicely and awaiting customers.

All two of them.

And there was nobody behind the counters. Rose and the Doctor were the only ones in the building.]

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[Well, that's always a perfect lead up to something having gone horribly wrong. In this care that something hopefully doesn't involve freezing to death. That'd be great.

But it's definitely something, if the coffee shop doesn't even have employees in it.] it automated?

[Freezing to death would definitely be bad. And that's why the fireplace suddenly kicks on, a soft crackle beginning to emit from the hearth.]

That's what the "automated" in automated Starbucks means, Rose! [he grins as he strides up to the counter, then looks over his shoulder at her.] Did you want anything?

[Ohey warmth!

I must've missed that bit in the blizzard out there. [She squints at the window a moment, before following after him.] Whatever they've got for that.


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