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574. The Marriage Meme (now with RNG options) + (DW version)

marriage meme
[also at Dreamwidth]

originally from here
• Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom in the subject header.
• When replying to a thread, RNG for a number between 1 and 8. The number you get corresponds to the list below.
• Go from there! Whatever happens, well, happens.

the list
01] traditional wedding |
It's like a dream come true! Everything is perfect and follows everything that it should... or does it?
02] arranged marriage | ... Well. You do not have a say in this because your parents told you to be with this person! Enjoy?
03] eloping | Forget about the bouquets and people! All that matters is that you are with the one you love at the end of the day.
04] shotgun wedding | Congratulations, one of you is... pregnant...?
05] before the war | You don't know if they'll make it back home alive, but still you want to be with them 'til death do you part.
06] honeymoon night | After a long day, it's just the two of you... and no one else matters.
07] years later | Time to fast-forward! How's the relationship? Are there kids involved? Are you still together at all?
08] other | Is there something that I forgot that you wanted that I forgot to include? This is the option for that!

Santana Lopez | Glee

I rolled a 4... and no, it isn't Sam that's pregnant!'re really sure you want to do this, right? *Sam was kind of worried that Santana was only saying yes to doing this, about to go through with the whole thing just because of his 'traditional' beliefs. He thought a marriage for a baby was a good, solid foundation and he'd said that almost absently when they'd first discovered everything. Then it kind of tumbled from here - at least, that's how Sam saw it.*

LOL! :P I'm just gonna go with it, no verse attachment, quasi-canon. Cool?

[If Santana had a choice in the matter, no, she probably wouldn't be going through with this. She was eighteen and in high school, for fuck's sake, and she and Sam had made a mistake. But once she told her parents the news, they insisted that she get married. They were good Catholics, and while the rules were bendable, this was something they wouldn't budge on. It didn't matter that this whole situation was a result of too much to drink at a post-Regionals win party or that she was still into girls. She was pregnant, Sam was the father, end of story. She had hoped Sam would be on her side and say that they didn't have to get married, but apparently, he and his family were very 'traditional'. And now she was stuck.

But Sam was a good guy, and he was trying to do the right thing and she respected that. Even if she knew she was going into this without her heart in it. She wouldn't hurt him - tease him about his big mouth, absolutely, but she was trying to be a better person. And of course, this was what she got for being a better person. She should have stayed a bitch.]

I'm sure. We're here now. [She was already in the back of the Church, a garment bag with a modest wedding dress - something she had picked, instead of letting her mother get some big, frilly thing - over her arm. She just had to go get ready and she'd be walking down that aisle within the hour.] We can't go back, even if we wanted to.

works for me!

*Sam fidgeted uncomfortably as he stood near her, his hands stuck in his pockets. He knew that Santana didn't really want to do this and truthfully, neither did he. He liked Santana, a lot, but the fact was that he knew Santana wasn't interested in him like that and, as much as he wanted to do the right thing, he wanted marriage to be for life. Which meant he was pretty sure for the rest of his life he'd have to get used to them being more like siblings than a married couple. They wouldn't have that romantic honeymoon phase. They wouldn't spend hours just lazing together, wrapped up in each other. He knew that quite obviously, they'd gotten somewhere once under the influence of alcohol but that didn't mean they would again.

From a guy perspective, it kind of sucked.

He frowned at her response, giving the smallest of nods in response.*
I'm sorry. *And he was. He'd never meant for them to end up like this and he felt so terribly guilty for it.*

[She wished there was a way out of this. She knew this wasn't something wanted either, just by looking at him. They were awkward and fidgety and clearly both wanted to be elsewhere. She had no desire to be with him like this - alcohol had caused it once, but she had been serious when she had come out of the closet. She'd thought her parents supported that and her, but then with how much they'd pushed this... 'The dumb girl got pregnant, stick her with the father for the rest of her life and she won't be a lesbian anymore!' But that wasn't how it was going to work out.]

Don't apologize. [She sighed. Apologies were pointless.] We have to do it. ...Right? [She looked up at him, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. They didn't have to go through with it, did they? This was their decision, not their parents'. It wasn't too late to take a stand and turn around.]

You know how everybody is gonna react if we don't. *Even his own belief that the best thing for a baby was a stable family was wavering. Mostly because he knew they wouldn't be a stable family. He couldn't cheat and stray - he wasn't that kind of guy - so chances were he was going to end up miserable. He cared about Santana, very much so, but he knew love wasn't on the agenda for them. But now things had gotten to this stage it felt like there was nothing but pressure weighing them both down.*

I know, but... this should be about us. [She made sure to put extra emphasis on the word 'us' and locked eyes with Sam.] You're a great guy, Sammy. You're my friend, and you know I like you. But...we're not in love. And don't you think that you should be in love, to get married?

Well, yeah. But... I guess they all have a point, you know? We're having a baby together. *Though he completely understood of course how that didn't make for a good marriage. It was like park of him actually wanted Santana to talk him out of this, and that was why his argument back was so weak. He wanted to be a good father, to stand by her and do everything he could to support them both. But he wanted his own life, too.*

So? I mean, yeah, but that doesn't mean we have to get married. [She was getting very into her argument now and was hoping her reasoning would talk him out of it. She would feel much better about turning around if he did too.] There are plenty of people out there who've been in this kind of situation and have made it work. Do you really think I would keep your kid from you? I'm a bitch, but even I would pull that. [She widened her eyes slightly, practically pleading with him now. She had gone along with most things to this point, not without bitching, but it hadn't seemed real. Now, it was very real and it was her last chance to make things right. She didn't want to be miserable or make Sam miserable for the rest of their lives.] Think about it. We can work it that way, you know?

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Are you sure? I mean, I thought girls like, wanted big weddings and stuff. [Finn wasn't against doing it this way, but usually girls were all into the whole big wedding thing. All the dresses and flowers and bridesmaids and planning and stuff. But here they were, outside of some justice dude's place, on a school night, getting ready to get married. Finn's head was spinning, everything was happening so fast. ]

For the fifth time, Finnocence, I'm sure. I just want to marry you. Right now. [She reached up to fix the collar of his shirt. She was not going to let his constant double checking annoy her. He was just trying to look out for her, and she loved him for it. A part of her did want a big wedding, but she wasn't sure their parents would be quite as into it as they were. Yes, they'd reluctantly accepted the two being engaged, but actually going through with the getting married in a big wedding part? Before they graduated high school? She couldn't see it going over as well. That was why she wanted to elope, now (along with the fact that she actually loved Finn, of course).]

[Finn pressed his lips together firmly, nodding his head at his girlfriend. One side of his mouth twitched into one of his usual lopsided grins. She was right, he was totally freaking out. Which, he didn't know why, he wanted this too, he'd been the one to propose in the first place. He just didn't know it was gonna happen before they graduated and stuff. But, it was gonna be awesome. He as gonna marry the girl he loved and she was gonna go from his smokin' hot girlfriend to his smokin' hot wife. He was the luckiest guy on the whole planet!] Yeah, I know, I wanna marry you too, Santana. I'm sorry, I'm just like, freaking out I guess. I'm kinda nervous and I think I'm even sweating in strange places, like the backs of my knees, which is totally weird. But I wanna do this, too.

[Santana raised an eyebrow at Finn's strange example of where he was sweating but said nothing. That was her boy - definitely on the weird side and the damn King of Over Share.] You can be nervous, babe. It's okay. I'm nervous too. Not, like, sweating nervous, but... it's a big deal.

Yeah, okay. I guess you're right. [Finn chuckled a little, reaching down and wrapping his arms around Santana's waist and pulled her close.] It's totally a big deal, but it's gonna be super awesome. And I'm gonna have a totally smokin' hot wife. [Pressing his lips to Santana's softly, Finn pulled back and looked at her seriously.] I love you, Santana and this is gonna be amazing.

I love you too, Gigantor. [She's teasing, of course, and wraps her arms around his waist, her head on his chest. She's scared, more than she'll let on, but she wants this, wants Finn, and she's going to have it.]


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