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66. Destiny
Destiny Meme

Everyone's destined for something. What are you destined for?


1. Reply to this post with your character's name and fandom in the subject line.
2. Tag other people with a number from the RNG, 1 through 8. The list of scenarios is below!
3. Have fun with your destiny!
3a. Shonen heroes are totally allowed to screw destiny.

1. Destined for Love -- You and the other person are destined to be together. You just don't know it yet.

2. Destined for Death -- Both of you are doomed to die together. Better than dying alone, at least.

3. Destined for Betrayal -- Best friends, lovers, whatever. All that matters is that one of you is going to betray the other, regardless of any personal feelings on the matter.

4. Destined for Heroics -- You're going to save the world! And neither of you get a choice in the matter.

5. Destined for Villainy -- You're going to end the world!...even if you don't want to. You can try to get talked out of it or avoid it, but the call knows where the two of you live.

6. Destined for Murder -- The ultimate betrayal. One of you is doomed to kill the other, by accident or by design.

7. Destined for Helplessness -- The ultimate heartache. One of you is dying, and all the other can do is watch you die in their arms.

8. Destined for Mystery -- Grab bag! Pick one of the above, or make up your own!

Warning! This meme may contain triggers such as dying, death, and murder. It may also contain sexy things.

Emma Frost | X-Men

7...oh boy

Charles had been prepared for the battle, the war between his and Erik's side of the mutant coin had been coming for a long time. He and his friends fought well, defending the humans to the best of their abilities.

What he wasn't prepared for was the anti-mutant assassin that snuck in under the radar, shooting him right through to the back of his wheelchair as he was squaring off against Emma Frost. A projectile through the chest destroyed any concentration he had at the moment and he stared at the metal prong sticking out, not sure if he was really seeing it or if it was a projection of Emma's. sure felt real....

Oh god... the uber angst of it all!

Emma had never meant for it to end like this. Facing off against Charles herself had been one thing. She had even expected Erik to take over, to want to finish his friend himself, but this?

Something cold twisted deep inside her gut when the shock started to wear off and all she could do was stare at his chest. At the thing sticking out from it. She took a couple of steps toward him before dropping to her knees as she felt tears well up. "Charles... No..."

so much angst

He put a hand to it as if to pull it out but grimaced in pain, unable to move. It was literally pinning him to his chair. "Got me..." was the first thing he managed to say, still not sure who shot him in all this chaos. He had only to look at Emma to see it wasn't her as he tried to take in breaths against his wound.

Not like this...can't end like this... It went around in his head, unwilling to accept his fate.

Emma raised a hand to cover his, trembling as she still tried to battle the shock. Around them was still chaos, no one else having clicked to the fact that anything was wrong. She wanted to yell out for help, but her voice caught in her throat and she just continued to stare at Charles helplessly.

I can't fix it... I can't... I'm so sorry, Charles. I never wanted it to end like this. Never. Tell me what to do.

Shock is settling in for Charles too, only his is the literal kind, blood starting to run down from the wound in his chest. He instinctively guides her hand to put pressure on it, but the pressure on his chest doesn't feel any better. He blinks away a few tears of his own, a glassy eyed stare back at Emma in front of him. I don't know...don't know what to do....

Off to the side, another mutant goes down with a similar projectile through his side and Charles grips Emma's sleeve. There! Up there, stop him... He's located the assassin that is picking off people, one by one. They are laying on the top of a building nearby, using a sniper scope.

The warm blood trickled down her fingers and Emma tried not to pull away. It only seemed to remind her of the reality of the situation. She kept her hand pressed up against Charles' wound even as she whipped her head around to focus on the assassin and seek out his mind, taking him out before he could fire off another projectile. She also sent out a telepathic message for one of Erik's followers to make sure he was dead.

She looked back at Charles, eyes flicking over his face as she swallowed back a lump in her throat. As much as they'd argued and never quite seen eye to eye over the years, she never did want him to die. Her head dropped to his lap, trying to hide the tears that suddenly seemed to want to come.

You can't die. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?

He was slumping forward in the chair at that point, as much as the projectile was letting him, breaths coming shallowly against her hands. The fighting had slowed around them, though whether it was due to everyone noticing what was going on or if it was in Charles' imagination due to his injuries, he could not say. Right now, they seemed to be the only two people there.

He can't help a smile, his eyes closed. Not that...kind of mutant...I'm afraid. Charles tries to gets his eyes back open again, to look at her. He has to say something but he can't get it out aloud. I can't ask...the children, I....don't want to leave them. How could he ask her such a thing? She's the only one right now that would listen. Someone has to protect them.

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8 a million times in a row; opinions?

[What wasn't he destined to do with Emma? It was a question that sometimes kept him up at night. There was something inexorable in his life about Jean--and equally inexorable about Emma. In the end, he couldn't escape. It was absolutely fate.

What part of fate had him pouring another cup of coffee at this hour of the night while struggling with the impulse to go see her was unclear.

Ah crap... so many options. 3-ish? She was working for Shaw, Scott found out. Still love each other?

[No matter how many different ways she had apologised to Scott she was sure she'd lost him. She was sure the X-Men wouldn't take her back this time, even if they were supposed to be big on forgiveness.

And no matter how many different ways she'd tried to justify it to herself, there really was no way to excuse her betraying them for the Hellfire Club. All this time she'd been working as a spy for Shaw. She just hadn't counted on falling for Scott Summers so completely.

He was the reason she was still awake, still unable to sleep. Still feeling that sick twist in her gut she knew to be guilt. Something she had never let herself feel before.]

Sounds good. Silly them, not being able to have a functional relationship.

[Five cups. At this point, it was pushing actually causing damage to some internal organ. He couldn't remember what had originally compelled him to start drinking the coffee in the first place beyond a desire not to go to bed, not to go upstairs, not to walk past...

He poured out the rest of the cup. Maybe he could go for a walk. The night air would be refreshing, the darkness would be comforting, the exercise would do his body good.

It took a good minute to realize that his feet hadn't taken him outside at all. A good minute of standing at exactly the door he didn't want to stand at, hand half-way to the knob to let himself in.

Even if he could speak to her, what would he say?

It's what makes them tick... And makes it so much twisted fun.

[The thing about being a telepath was that rarely did anyone successfully sneak up on you. Emma was up and out of bed in seconds the moment she sensed Scott.

Her hand brushed over the door as she took a moment to savour his presence, and because she was actually scared to open the door. It was so silly. The White Queen afraid of a man. Afraid of rejection.

She finally opened the door, swallowing back a lump in her throat as she stared at oh so familiar ruby lenses.]

True that!

[Not being telepathic, not being fully cogent from the hour and the caffeine and the haze of emotions that had prompted his late-night vigil made the sudden movement of the door a little startling. Scott didn't so much jerk back as retract his hand, shifting his weight away from her.

His mind was racing with the things he wanted to say. Hurt, anger, need, confused piles of rage and happiness at seeing her face. His lips opened briefly, then pressed shut again.

He still didn't know what to say.

[Emma stood there watching him, her eyebrows drawing together in concern before she stepped to the side so that he could come in if he wanted. She wanted to reach out to him, to touch him... hug him, kiss him. Drop to his feet and grovel.

She would never admit to that last one, but for Scott she really would do anything to get him back. To have him trust her again.

Tears welled up in her eyes before she could stop them, and she ducked her head to try and hide them.]

[He wasn't used to her being fragile--not like this. As much as there was rage, pain, raw angry emotions bubbling like unchecked energy behind ruby, she was still Emma.

Still part of his life that couldn't get chopped out even if he tried.

So he took the step forward. It was an admission to move into her room, true, but also the only way to proceed. She shouldn't have to cry where others might walk by. He shouldn't attempt to say what he needed to say where others might easily hear.

The door was pulled softly shut behind him, hand staying on the knob, unable to reach to smooth her cheek.

I don't understand. [It bubbled out before he could stop the words.]

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