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The Bad Translator Meme! (On LJ and IJ)
The Bad Translator Meme

1) Post your character!
2) Find someone else to converse with
3) Enter your reply here, crank it up to the full 35 bad translations, and hit random.
4) Post your real reply [like this]
5) Post the badly translated reply underneath
6) Other characters can only hear the bad translation. Whether yours is aware it didn't come out right is up to you.

(Swiped from...places)

Over on IJ

This is the version that you want to add.

[I think the TARDIS translation circuit is broken.]

[She glances up from what she's reading with a frown.] Miniatures.

[What version? Of what?]

[He strokes the console, concern in his voice]

This is very cool.

[That was close to what he said but. The circuits might still be broken! When Rose speaks up, he speaks slowly (as if that would make any difference)] Don't tell the Epitome. [Well shit.]

[I wonder if she's got a cold.

You just said miniatures, I don't think that's what you meant.]

[This is not the first time he's gotten distracted complimenting and stroking the TARDIS. That isn't particularly odd. It's the part where he sounds worried that seems weird.]

Some people may be, what is it? [And...yeah. That's no help. What is the 'Epitome'?] ...You want to create the picture, which is what to do? When The TARDIS.

[What, like, too cool? Is she alright?

...Epitome? What's that? Is that something where we're going? How's it affect the TARDIS?]

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[He doesn't get distracted, he... Well fine, he loses himself in her sometimes. She's an amazing ship!

But this is urgent! So now he'll be popping one of the grates by the console open to look at her guts!]

(D) and I said: "o". [Welp. Yeah he sounds frustrated!]

[The TARDIS' translation circuits aren't working! That's what I'm saying!]

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[...Okay. What? He's obviously worked up about something, but that made no sense. Not in a Doctor-language way, or a 'I'm missing context' way, she's pretty sure at least one of those words was a noise she can't even replicate...and it sounds nothing like the language she occasionally hears from him that the TARDIS won't translate.

She frowns and stands, wandering over to where he's digging under a grate.]

In addition, he stated:

[What? What's wrong? What did you just say?]

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[He's burrowing somewhat deep into the inner workings of the console, he's got the Sonic out and is whizzing it at parts, checking settings, maybe pulling at a wire or two, then sonicing again.]

R T (A), (d) (I) American fun is a lot of work. We do not try to solve this problem.

[As soon as those words (and apparently sounds) come out his mouth he lets out an exasperated sigh. Maybe Rose can see him deflating while he's down there in the TARDIS' guts?]

Être Lord moves.

[He whizzes the Sonic at some more wiring then backs out of the hole in the floor and sits on the edge.]

Warriors try to. [That sentence? Gets a facepalm.]

[TARDIS Circuits. Not working. I'm trying to fix them.

Let me try that again.

I'm trying to fix the translator.]

[Again. Complete gibberish. Not even 'I don't understand that' but...random noises and words strung together with increasing agitation. Which means...]

Doctor? Fit? [She frowns and kneels down next to him, watching as if looking harder will get her to see what he's trying to say instead.] If you are using a different language? Can you solve this problem?

[The TARDIS translator broke down, hasn't it? That's what you're trying to say, isn't it? Can you understand me, though?

What about trying a different language? Maybe it'll fix it that way?]


[How is the TARDIS translating things slightly better for Rose than she is for him? This isn't fair, old girl! What's he done to deserve this?

He nods. At least that action doesn't need translating.]
It is the mountain.

[He grins at her suggestion]I tried to count. Process the Bill? [Manic smile along with nonsense words, what?

And here he shall try: French.]

Kombrinis, my Office?

[Or not. Sigh.]

[That's just it. She's having a fit.

That might work to try something different. French maybe?

Pouvez-vous me comprenez maintenant?

{Can you understand me now?}]

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[Spoiler: The TARDIS makes it look like they're saying whatever she wants you to hear. Otherwise it would be confusing and creepy and useless to lipread. So that's one plan down.

And she has no idea if he tried, but judging from his body language one of those must have been a different language. She frowns.]

This is a good idea, to buy some slack time in the New York Times. [She chews her lip a moment in thought, and then glances around the console room. Where's that note book of hers?] John, letter to the Federal job? "If all the work and then you can implement it? Do more, say the translation?

[Well you're still not making any sense, but at least you're using words now and...sort of...sentences, so maybe it's getting better?

I wonder if writing works? If we're still in control of our hands that might work, right? And it's harder for the TARDIS to translate writing, yeah?]

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[He's really hoping what she's actually saying has a similar connotation to the words he's hearing. He heard her say "letter" and "translation" clearly enough. And mentioning the New York Times helped? Maybe if--]

Looks great! [Bahaha, close enough!

With that, he pulls a pen and notepad from an inside jacket pocket.]

Video from Stieg type tent. [He grins, scribbles something down and shows it to her.]

Making contact with us,

[Ooh, good idea!

Rose, I'm going to try writing things down!

Tell me you can read this!]

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[Okay! 'Looks great' might have been an almost perfect translation! Video might...mean...record which is what writing down is, so...but she's fairly certain he didn't mean to write that.]

It seems that it is better to Macedonia. [She frowns and glances over at him.] This is the problem? Here is the translation?

[It looks like it might be a little better, cos 'making contact' sort of applies, right?

What's wrong with her? What's causing the translation circuits to go wrong?]

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Re: X3

It will be. [He's excited, really, that most of what he said got through! He scribbles down something else]

I don't know why but your data is important, Desai.


I'm not sure why, but I think the TARDIS is being temperamental today.]

[Okay, it looks like they're doing better! Maybe the TARDIS is righting herself?

But she's not quite sure she follows what he wrote.]

It is important that? Can you say? What is not? I read every day.

[How am I important? Did you mean to say that? What did I do? I've just been reading all day!]

What is important to them. Yes, I know, every day, I saw the comments. And it's really good?

[He's frustrated again but nods as he writes something else down then shows it to her.]

I want to go to Macedonia.

[He wrinkles his nose, and headtilts at Rose] If you want Macedonia? At the moment. When it was stolen. The Republic of Macedonia and fat. [He reconsiders what he's saying and adds what can only be considered a Doctorish tangent to the conversation. Or. His "weeell" face.] The ability of this human and in Greece.

[Of course it's important, I'm trying to say why. And I know, you've been reading all day. Isn't that boring?

Would you like to go to Macedonia?

Do you really want to go to Macedonia? There's no time period where they speak gibberish. Only Macedonian and Greek.

A few other languages, but mostly Macedonian and Greek.

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