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626. the SURVIVAL meme
the SURVIVAL meme

Somehow you and someone else got yourself into a BAD situation.  Whether you two are lost somewhere, stuck in something or stuck TOGETHER, you have to work things out and figure out how to survive in the crazy situation you've found yourself in.


1. Post with your character! Name and series and all that jazz

2. Reply to others!
Make up your own scenario or RNG one of the options below~

3. Have fun!

1. Deserted Island - The classic survival scenario.  Your airplane crashed or your ship sunk... either way you and someone else are now stranded on an island with no civilization.  It's not all bad though... there's blue skies and blue sea, white beaches and plenty of bananas.  Of course there's also no running water, no shelter aside from that ramshackle shack you may have built and the bugs are HUGE AND TERRIFYING.

2. Elevator - The power went out, or maybe there was a mechanical error.  Either way your cell phone isn't working and it looks like you won't be going anywhere for a while.  You know how long those mechanics can take sometimes.

3. Broke the Law - Maybe you were being drunk and disorderly, or maybe it was all just a misunderstanding.  Whatever the reason was you are now in a police holding cell, and you'll be there at least the entire night.  But hey, at least you have company? Though some of your cellmates look kind of... really shady.  There has to be someone SLIGHTLY normal there right?

4. Zombies! - The horde is pretty much at your door right now.  You don't have much in the way of weapons but the fortress is solid enough that they probably won't be getting in.  You just have to wait things out and hope they either wander away... or the calvery arrives.

5. Lost at Sea - Kind of like being on a Deserted Island... but without the island.  Pretty much you have a raft (or some planks of wood if you're REALLY unlucky) and you're just... bobbing along in the ocean. At least things can't get any worse?

6. Foreign Country -  You have no idea where you are.  No one seems to be able to speak your language, you have no money, no phone, pretty much nothing save the clothes on your back.  But hey, at least there's that ONE person who understands you! Too bad they have no money either.

7.  Stuck on you -  Whether someone thought it was funny to handcuff the two of you together and lose the key, or maybe there was a terrible superglue accident... you are now stuck to someone else... whether you like it or not you will be spending every second of your day with them until you figure out how to get unstuck.

8. Wildcard - Any other scenario you can think of that's not up there? Use this option.

I would honestly prefer this meme not be crossposted elsewhere, thanks ♥


[Kurt found himself somewhere in South America, still trying to survive on his own away from the circus. But it was difficult when you didn't want anyone to see you're appearance.

He kept to the shadows on a roof overlooking a marketplace. A cloak covering his features just in case, despite the heat. His yellow eyes looked out of the hood hungrily at the fruit stands below, trying to gauge when he might be able to teleport and grab something...]

a nightcrawler! :D this is a nice surprise.

[ bolivia wasn't exactly a place cougar was overly fond of, but a dead man couldn't complain about his situation. so he kept his mouth shut. still, it'd been a long shift at the doll factory he and jensen had managed to land jobs in, and the techie had gone 'home' ahead of him, leaving cougar to wind through the city streets alone - tired, hungry and a fair bit irritated. no paycheck as of yet meant he was going to be filching something on the way back; he wasn't in the mood for sleeping on an empty stomach. and the marketplace was decently active when he found it, even at this time of night. a glance around deemed the crowd enough of a cover to keep him from getting caught.

still, there was a sense of someone watching. against his stomach's wishes he didn't move to action just yet, instead leaning against a wall and acting casual as he tried to locate the source. ]

I was just thinking the same of Cougar :D

[Kurt hated to steal...but it was that or go without. And he had been going without for awhile. He was hoping to take from those who would not miss much.

When he sees an opening, he disappears from his hiding spot and reappears for a brief moment behind a fruit cart. His three fingered blue hands grab an apple in each before disappearing again, leaving nothing but wisps of smoke and the faint scent of sulfur behind.

The cart owner, not sure if what he saw was real, starts crossing himself and moves his cart away quickly.

Kurt reappears on the ledge of an adobe house and starts munching on his apple, putting the other into a pocket for later.]

unexpected comic characters unite? i like this plan.

[ cougar's seen some strange things in his life, but this probably tops it. he starts when the cloaked figure appears without warning and disappears just as fast, leaving him questioning his sight just as much as the merchant, now fleeing the area under the questioning gazes of the people who hadn't caught the act. ]

Madre de Dios. [ it's not long before he shakes off his surprise in order to try and spot where the unusual culprit went, if they even existed at all. but the sulfur smell hadn't been there before. he almost crosses himself as well, resists the urge when he reasons that it's not likely a devil would come to bolivia just to mess around in market places.

he edges along the fringes of the crowd, keeping his eyes up - if they're still around here, they'll want to keep out of sight, and nobody looks up. when movement on the edge of a roof catches his attention he slips into an alleyway nearby, clambering his way up the outside of another house with practiced skill, quietly making his way toward the figure. ]

me too! I love it when the plan comes together :3

[Being out of sight from the street, Kurt feels safe enough to put his hood down, revealing his blue features and pointed ears. He thanks God for his food and asks forgiveness, all in German, for stealing it. He's seated causally near the edge, watching the people milling around down below.

And he doesn't notice that he's been snuck up on.]

[ he halts when the hood comes down and reveals the other's unusual features, unable to help staring a bit. cougar isn't sure what he was expecting to see when he caught up with the figure - the man - if he ever did, but it isn't this. there's a moment where he wonders over the next course of action before he slinks out of the shadows, standing straight and adjusting his hat. it's a rare day when he's the one initiating interaction, especially with a stranger, but these are unusual enough circumstances to drive him to speak. ]


ahhhh I have to run to work :( be back later

[Kurt whirls around at the other man's voice, dropping his half eaten apple as he cover his head with his hood again and backs away. The yellow eyes are frightening looking out at Cougar as he moves quickly away, his tail visible behind him. The next split second, he teleports with a BAMF! sound, leaving the same wisps behind and the same scent, reappearing in the shadows on the next roof over and hoping he's not spotted. For all he knows, Cougar could be coming up to find out who had stolen the apples.]

ah, all right, see you then and hope it goes well!

[ somehow he's not overly surprised at the reaction. he coughs a bit at the scent left behind, waving a hand and glancing around, trying to spot where the man went to; the shadows of the settling night make it difficult to spot him on the rooftops though. he takes a different approach instead - if the stranger's still in the area, he'll be able to spot cougar raising his hands in a placating gesture, hear his raised voice speak. ]

Don't mean harm. [ and he sets himself to wait for a minute or two. if the man doesn't reappear by then, cougar will leave him in peace. he can respect a want for privacy and a wariness of strangers, after all, though an appearance like that speaks of better reasons than cougar's own. ]

tagging during lunch break... /iz hopeless

[Kurt stays where he is, keeping quiet in the shadows. Usually at this point people would either be running away or chasing him after seeing him. This one wasn't. He also was speaking English, which even if it was Kurt's second language, he knew it much better than the Spanish spoken here. He hadn't been able to understand anyone since coming here.

It's these combined reasons that he finally does come out of his hiding place in the shadows, still hooded against his appearance. He does a short hop on all "fours" to come back to the other roof. He keeps his eyes on the other man, ready to run at a moments notice as he bends to retrieve his half eaten apple. His tail flicks back and forth behind him, the end of it pointed like an arrow head, completely blue like the rest of him.]

but what are lunch breaks for if not taking advantage? |D /late anyway

[ cougar is kind of surprised this time; he had only half-expected it to work. still, he's back, so he lowers his hands (slowly and in full view) and moves to sit on the roof, legs crossed and hands on his knees. now, the question is, where to go from here. cougar's not exactly practiced in the way of small talk. ]

What's your name? [ that's a good way to start off a conversation, right? even if his empty stomach is starting to protest, but he can ignore that for now. not as if he hasn't before. ]

my sentimemts exactly

[It's Kurt's turn to be surprised. Sitting down near him would indicate not only was the man not afraid of him but that he trusted Kurt would not attack him, as most assumed from his appearance.

He leans back a bit on his legs, his large three toed blue feet visible under the cloak. His expression more confused and curious instead of scared. When he finally speaks, his voice is heavily accented in German]

...Kurt...Kurt Wagner. [Sounding more like Vagner] speak English? [Not the typical local Spanish dialect of which he knew none of]

[ that's an improvement, either way, and it's good to see he's not having the reverse effect than he wants. the question gets a small nod. ] Not from here either.

[ although english is his second language as well, and he's been speaking his first a lot more ever since he and the rest of the losers had wound up stranded in this country, with the different dialects even he found himself lost sometimes. there was a certain disparity between the spanish he was used to and the version spoken here. he raises a brow, head tilting slightly with his next question. ] What brings you here?

/cracking up at jensen's thread above


[Kurt watches him before sitting himself on a nearby radiator portion of the roof, his tail curving around to dangle off of it. He ducks his hooded head almost ashamed to say.] ...hiding. I scare others easily....vhen I do not mean to. [He lifts his eyes up again and slowly takes off the hood, revealing his face again] Dhey tink I am a devil or vorse.

i don't know how the losers handle that kid half the time, but it's amazing.

[ cougar doesn't speak immediately, taking in kurt's appearance for a moment now that he has a better chance to, expression kept neutral as he does. after a moment he nods, mouth curling in a contemplative frown. ]

Think the - [ a gesture here replaces his words; he clenches his hands, bringing them together before splaying his fingers abruptly in an imitation of kurt's teleportation. ] - does it.

[ his expression softens though, something more understanding. even without that it's easy to figure people would be disturbed by kurt's initial appearance, because that's how people are, a reflex built in to them to be scared of what they don't understand, what looks different. even if, in the sniper's honest opinion, their own imaginations have already come up with much worse than the man sitting before him. ]

[Kurt ducks his head with a small smile at that...which his smile is a little bit on the scary side too with his fanged teeth being seen] Ah, dhat...dhe bettar to get avay from people...

[His tail flicks again idly, a little more at ease since the other man had not tried to attack him. Or run away screaming.] Und you? Vhat is your name, freund? (friend)

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