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Help! I need somebody.

The Rescue Me Meme

Sometimes, you just can’t save yourself.

  • Post with your character’s name, canon, and any preferences in the subject line
  • Those tagging, go to RNG and roll for a number between one and ten.
  • Alternatively, just pick the choice you’re interested in most.

  1. A Bad Date - You get a text, a phone call, or maybe you can just see the other person floundering on what clearly must be the worst date of their life. Time to step in and save the day.
  2. Prison - Maybe they've been wrongly convicted, or maybe you're an accomplice. Either way, it's jailbreak. Maybe the guards will fall for the old 'wounded prisoner' technique.
  3. Taken Hostage - They're being held at gunpoint, either for money or for fun. Maybe you can talk down their captors, or maybe you are a captor, secretly working to help them.
  4. Abuse/Neglect - Your body is damaged, your suffering taken it's toll. You can't save yourself anymore. You're wounded, you're starving, maybe even dying. Someone, help.
  5. Addiction - Just one more. Nothing bad will happen if you just get one more.  Either way, you can't save yourself from this downward spiral. Someone else is going to have to help.
  6. Yourself - One bad choice after another, your self-destructive tendencies are going to get the best of you unless someone steps in, quick, to save the day.
  7. Climactic Situation - You're hovering over an active volcano, a pit of sharks, about to fall off a cliff. Whatever it is, you've only got precious seconds of life left.
  8. Loneliness - You've been secluded, locked away, and the emptiness is overwhelming. You need company, or you might just drown.
  9. Unwanted Social Function - A family reunion, your three o'clock board meeting, whatever it is, you desperately don't want to go. Hopefully your good buddy can come up with a distraction.
  10. A Bad Romance - You're trapped in a relationship that's headed south, and you can't seem to get away from the other person. Looks like you need a helping hand, maybe a prince charming.

Helen Magnus | Sanctuary | OTA

3 because we need some angst, y/y?

Raylan was pissed. While he had never met Will Zimmerman, he had heard enough about him to make him want to shot something. Anyone who turned their backs on their friends and family deserved everything coming to them. And when he found out it had been Will, and his buddy Addison that had taken Helen, he was livid.

He didn't have patience to deal with their crap. They claimed they had arrested Helen for illegal activities, but everyone at the Sanctuary knew better. Helen hadn't broken any laws, and with help from Nikola and Henry, Raylan was able to track down where they were holding her at.

After knocking out, and shooting a few guards, he crept up to Helen's cell.

"Shh. Henry's workin' on somethin' to get this open," he said as he he looked at her. "Are ya alrigh'?"

Yes, most definitely! <3

Helen sat in the corner of her cell, facing the door, her legs drawn up in front of her in a defensive position. She's already been surprised a couple of times by her jailers because she wasn't being vigilant, and she wasn't going to allow that to happen again.

Of course, they were holding her as a suspected terrorist, which meant they didn't have to follow the normal laws. Which meant that there had been no charges filed against her. Because there weren't anything they could. She hadn't done anything wrong. They knew she hadn't. But she was standing in the way of their want to obliterate as many abnormals as possible.

And all of this was happening because Will had turned against them. Someone she had once considered a friend. If she ever got the bloody hell out of them...

Suddenly, she heard something outside her cell and shifted, her eyes widening when she saw Raylan there. When he told her stay quiet, she nodded and quickly moved over to the door, slipping her fingers through the bars, just needing to touch him and know that he was real.

"I'm okay mostly," she whispered. "Somewhat bruised and battered. Oh god, love, I'm so glad you're here. How did you find me?"

When he saw Helen, Raylan felt his anger rise. He was going to tear apart whoever touched her. When her fingers slipped through the bars, he softly touched them with his own.

"Addison came by to tell us you'd been arrested. While he was there, Ellie went invisible and lifted his phone long enough fer Henry to put a tracker in it. He comes here a lot, so we figured you were here," he said as he lifted her hand a little and softly kissed her fingers.

Just then, his phone beeped so he pulled it out. The message had the code for the door so he quickly punched it in, and opened the door. "Can you hold a gun?" he asked as he stepped in to help her up.

Helen shivered a bit when Raylan touched her. He really was there. And she could see the anger in his eyes, the same anger than had been getting her through the last few days.

"Well done, Henry and Ellie," she said with a tired smile. Somehow, she wasn't surprised that Addison had decided to try to rub it in their faces that they had arrested him. But thankfully, his ego was also his greatest downfall.

After he kissed her fingers, she gently caressed his cheek before he received the code for the door. Moving back, she watched as he punched it in, and when the door opened, she nodded, standing up with his assistance.

"Yes," she told him. They had left her hands alone, likely because they wanted her to be able to sign whatever they put in front of her when the time came.

When Helen confirmed she could hold a gun, Raylan pulled out the one he kept in the back of his jeans, and handed it over. He knew he didn't have to tell her how to use it so he waved for her to follow him.

"I took care of the guards, but I ain't sure if there are more," he said as he opened the door.

There was a long hallway and he paused when he saw movement in front of them. Just then, a man and a blonde woman came out, their guns drawn.

"SHe's not going anywhere," the man said.

Raylan snorted. "Can you even handle that gun? Yer holdin' it wrong for starters," he said as he pulled his own.

Taking the gun, Helen made sure it was loaded and then nodded when he motioned for her to follow him out of the cell, staying close to him. "I'm not sure how many are in this prison," she whispered. "I know I've seen at at least six different ones, but it's been at different times too."

Just then two people that Helen recognized from one of her "interrogation" sessions came out into the hallway. She raised her weapon, seeing that he was right. The man wasn't definitely not used to holding a gun. But he was good with his fists. She remembered that quite well.

"Don't let him get close to you," she told him. "He's got one bloody hell of a mean right hook."

"Doesn't matter how I hold this gun, long as I can hit you when I fire," he said.

Just as he was about to cock the gun, Helen squeezed off a shot, hitting him in the hand and causing him to drop it as he yelped. As he jumped around in pain, Helen pointed her gun at the woman.

"Won't be hitting anyone again anytime soon," she told him.

Raylan had only encountered four so there was a chance there were two more for them to contend with. However, his main concern was getting pass the two in front of them. When Helen spoke, Raylan nodded his bead. He was pretty good in a fight but he knew he needed to be careful.

When Helen shot the man, Raylan pointed his gun at the woman, almost daring her to make a move.

"Tell Zimmerman to secure the other prisoner!" the man said.

As the woman was turning to leave, Raylan rushed forward to grab her. He wasn't sure who this other prisoner was, but they were going to find out.

"Helen, there's a pair of cuff in the back of my jeans. Cuff him to that pipe over there, then this one is going to take us to the other prisoner," Raylan said.

"I won't!" the woman exclaimed.

"Yes you will," Raylan growled.

When the man mentioned Will's name, Helen's fingers tightened around the gun. He was there? If he was there, then he knew what they had been doing to her. In fact, thinking about it, he had probably been on the other side of the mirror in the interrogation room, feeding information to the ones who had been "talking" to her. So much made sense now.

But even more important was the fact that there was another prisoner. After Raylan grabbed the woman to keep her from leaving to find Will, Helen hurried forward and grabbed the handcuffs. After securing the man to the pipe, she looked at the woman.

"You heard him. Show us. Now," she said.

The woman seemed to be considering her options, but finally, she decided to do as they said and led them down the hall and around the corner. Past several cells, they came to another that was occupied, and when Helen saw who was in there, she gasped.

"Father!" she said, hurrying over. "Father?"

Gregory, looking haggard and drawn, started a bit and opened his eyes. "Helen? Sweetheart, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me. We're going to get out. Just hold on a moment." Turning, she raised her gun at the woman. "What's the code?"

Raylan was glad the woman cooperated because she wouldn't like what he would do if she didn't. While he didn't believe in violence against women, she deserved it for kidnapping innocent people, and hurting them.

When they got to the cell, he watched as Helen called out her father's name and went over. He kept his grip on her, shaking her a bit when Helen told her to give them the code. The woman finally did and he nodded at Helen to unlock the door.

"I'm not sure if I can walk very well," Helen's father said.

"I'll help you. Helen, why don't you take her and we'll keep ehr with us until we get to the van," he said before he went over to help her father up and started walking with him.

As they did, Raylan pulled out his walkie and told his backup they were coming out and to cover them as they made their way to the van.

"Should we take her with us and get more information out of her?" he asked.

After the woman finally gave them the code, Helen quickly punched it in and opened the door. Rushing over to her father, she hugged him tightly, trying not to cry. He was alive. Dear god, she was still alive.

But as much as she wanted to know what had happened, she knew that would have to wait. They had to get out of there first and back to the Sanctuary.

So letting her father go, she went over took hold of the woman, keeping her gun trained on her while Raylan went over to help her father. As they made their way down the hall, it was obvious that the woman was trying to find a way to escape, so she tightened her fingers around her arm in warning not to try anything.

At Raylan's question, she looked at her for a moment before shaking her head. "No. I'm sure she won't talk."

"How do you know that?" the woman asked in surprise.

"Because I didn't despite what you did to me. And we're not like you," Helen told her as they hurried down stairs to the exit where they'd meet the van.

Raylan made sure Helen's father was okay as they moved down the hallway. WHen Helen said they weren't going to take the woman with, he nodded in understanding. While she would have been valuable, he wasn't going to argue the point with her. Instead, he got the door open and stepped outside before steering them toward the van.

Once there, Raylan opened the door and helped Helen's father inside before he turned around and knocked the woman out. "She woulda went back and told, an' we need a head start," he told Helen.

WHen he had her father secure, he opened the passenger side for Helen, and helped her in. Once all of them were settled, Raylan started the van and started to move toward the gate, where the others were waiting. But before they could get there, a man stepped in front of it, and held up his hand.

"Magnus. You can't leave," he said.

"Who the hell is that?" Raylan asked as he slowed the van.

While Helen knew the other woman might have been helpful, she wanted to make a statement and not do to someone else what they had done to her. And she loved Raylan for understanding, giving him a grateful look as they stepped outside.

When they reached the van, she watched as Raylan helped her father in, and when he then knocked the woman out, she nodded, knowing that it was the only thing they could have done. They couldn't have allowed her to go running back inside.

After getting into the van with his help, she strapped herself in, looking back at her father and reaching her hand to him. Without a word, he reached up and took it, causing tears to come to her eyes.

"I thought you were dead," she whispered.

He chuckled a bit in that way of his that she had always loved so much. "That seems to happen quite a bit, doesn't it?"

Before she could say anything in response, she heard a voice as Raylan slowed the van and turning back around to see who was standing in front of them. Her brow furrowed as her hand tightened around the handle of her gun.

"It's Will," she told him before raising her voice. "Let us go, Will. You know that this is wrong."

"No, I know that what you're doing is wrong. You're going to lead all these people to their deaths, just like you always do, and you don't even care."

"If you think that, then you never knew me."

So that was Will. The motherfucker who had done all this crap to Helen. Raylan gripped the steering wheel with one hand as his other moved down to grip the butt of his gun. When Will spoke, Raylan rolled his eyes. It was obvious he was grandstanding; trying to get them to stay while his cohorts showed up.

"If ya don't move, I'll run ya over," Raylan said as he stuck his head out the side window.

Will looked at him and laughed. "You wouldn't because you work for the government," he pointed out.

"I ain't a marshal anymore so I reckon that means I can run ya over, an' no one would care. Plus, see that van pulling up right now? It's full of your former friends, y'know, the ones that have super abilities, an' are good with guns. They don't much like ya anymore, so I'm guessin' they won't hesitate to take you down to get us out," Raylan told him.

Will shook his head. "I'm not moving," he said.

"Suit yerself," Raylan said as he pulled his head back in and looked at Helen. "If you don't shoot him in the kneecap, I will."

Helen raised her gun as Raylan told Will to move, staring at him. She couldn't believe it had come to this. That the boy she had saved from being killed had turned into this man standing in front of the car, who had helped keep her father and her prisoners of people who wanted to wipe out all abnormals. Who wanted to commit genocide.

When Will refused to move even when Raylan told him about the van with the others in it, Helen shook her head. She then leaned out the window and aimed her gun at him.

"You wouldn't, Magnus," Will said. "Get out of the car, and I'll let the others go. Including your father. I'm sure you don't want him back in there."

"I'm not going back in there either," she said before shooting Will in the leg.

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