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572. hit me
Injured by your own hand or someone else's, you still need help to get you through it. Let's hope someone finds you before it's too late!
**This meme does contain triggers of violence/possible sexual assault, proceed with caution.**

- Post your character, name/series/preferences in the subject.
- Others go to random.org and roll numbers 1-8 to choose a scene!
- Play it out!

1. Stabbed. You were stabbed, maybe multiple times.
2. Shot. You were shot either once or multiple times.
3. Broken bone(s). You're suffering broken bones.
4. Head injury. Enjoy that concussion...
5. Beaten. You were beaten to a bloody pulp.
6. Used. You were used for some kind of physical labor to the point you can't move anymore... or maybe it was more base than just 'labor'.
7. Abuse. Your injuries stem from a long period of abuse and torture.
8. Other. Is there something else? Want to combine something? Do so here!

if it's h/c these two are there...

[Emma perched on the edge of Charles' bed as she picked up his cast as gently as possible and let his arm rest across her lap as she started to doodle on it with a pen. Not many realised she had a creative side buried deep down. Or at least a creative side that wasn't just preoccupied with ways to make people suffer.]

I leave you be for a few weeks and this is what happens. Honestly, Charles, what did you ever do before me?

its true :)

[...well he WAS trying to take a nap but it would seem he has company. Charles opens one eye, then the other to see Emma drawing on his cast. He gives her a tired smile.] I got terribly drunk usually.

Re: its true :)

Hm. [Emma's lips curved with a smile of her own though she didn't turn her head to meet his gaze. She was very much focused on the task of decorating the plaster.] I really do like the blue pyjamas. Bring out your eyes.

[He lets out a sigh, shaking his head in a what will I do with you Miss Frost gesture. Figures you would have snuck in while he was still pjyama'd up just to rib him about it.]

[And there she was thinking it was a compliment. She really did like him in the blue pyjamas. As far as she was concerned it was a very fetching look. She turned her head to catch his expression though and her smile grew.] Don't act as if you don't appreciate my company, dear.

[That earns a smirk, even if he was feeling a little thick from the pain meds the doctors insisted he have after breaking an arm] Sorry, I'm ever so happy you decided to visit and draw on my arm.

So you should be. Not everyone gets an Emma Frost original to wear. [She gave him another playful smile before returning to her drawing, and stopping occasionally as she tilted her head to admire its progression.] Though I am starting to feel as if I should be wearing pyjamas too.

[He's got his eyes closed again, ignoring the urge to scratch inside that cast because it was awfully itchy. Another smirk without opening his eyes] ...let me guess, they're white?

[She doesn't mind that he's got his eyes closed, content to sit with him regardless. It's not as if it's new territory. One way or another they keep finding themselves at each other's bedside.] So I'm a little predictable. I bet you can't guess the style though.

[Amused breath through his nose] I would rather not guess that...not fitting while I'm recuperating. [Probably something see-through or non-existent in other words]

[The hand not holding the pen shifted to rest on his thigh lightly with for a moment as she looked down at him.] But it would be more fitting when you have your energy back? Interesting. [And he would naturally be right there.]

[Charles looks back up at her, his expression unreadable...he can't feel that. Her hand on his thigh. He tries to be nonchalant about it] Not exactly what I meant. But I think you knew that already.

[changing the subject so it won't be awkward for her] What have you drawn me?

[Emma's touch had been subconscious, his disability not something she often takes into account. It's not as if she can miss him being in the chair, but she doesn't consider him any less of a man. While he might not have been able to feel it, she doesn't know that she'd have consciously stopped herself and changed her mind. Her hand does shift to his chest, fingernail tapping lightly on one of his pyjama top buttons.] You can't blame a girl for trying, darling. After all, you've now shown me yours. Only fair I eventually show you mine.

[Emma raised an eyebrow, not so ignorant to his attempt at a subject change before she returned his arm to his lap so that he could see for himself.] An escape. [On his cast was a landscape filled with trees and mountains, the line drawing having enough detail to convey it without needing colour and shade.]

[He carefully brings the heavy cast over to his chest, setting it on it so he can see. A smile lights up his face] Wow...that's lovely. Thank you. I feel sorry that they're going to cut it off in a month.

You're very welcome, darling. If you behave I might even draw you something that you can keep rather than see destroyed. [His smile makes her own grow and she shifts to toe off her heels as she brings her legs up onto the bed and stretches out next to him.]

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