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572. hit me
Injured by your own hand or someone else's, you still need help to get you through it. Let's hope someone finds you before it's too late!
**This meme does contain triggers of violence/possible sexual assault, proceed with caution.**

- Post your character, name/series/preferences in the subject.
- Others go to random.org and roll numbers 1-8 to choose a scene!
- Play it out!

1. Stabbed. You were stabbed, maybe multiple times.
2. Shot. You were shot either once or multiple times.
3. Broken bone(s). You're suffering broken bones.
4. Head injury. Enjoy that concussion...
5. Beaten. You were beaten to a bloody pulp.
6. Used. You were used for some kind of physical labor to the point you can't move anymore... or maybe it was more base than just 'labor'.
7. Abuse. Your injuries stem from a long period of abuse and torture.
8. Other. Is there something else? Want to combine something? Do so here!

Tifa Lockheart/Final Fantasy VII


[Okay, that was a bad sound. Yuffie dispatches the minor monster she's facing with a quick slash of her warfan, then twists to look over her shoulder.]

Hey, y--Tifa?

[Oh, geez. That doesn't look good. She sprints toward her friend, heart in her throat.]

let's do this thing!

{It was that tail. That monster's stupid tail. She'd dodged or blocked the other attacks but she'd been in the middle of a spinning kick when the tail had caught her and sent her flying.

She was usually better at taking hits but - not this time. Her body hit the rock outcropping before she could twist and she heard things making sounds inside her that they shouldn't.

Her body hit the ground, new fire in her ribs and one arm useless.

monster... still there... had to get back up.}


[Darting across the battlefield, Yuffie's eyes take in the situation in an instant. Tifa, down. Monster, oncoming. No sweat - she'd totally got this.]


[She drew back her arm and flung her fan with all her might. It whirled through the air in a blur of green, humming softly. The monster, distracted with its predator-turned-prey, never noticed it coming.

Tifa must have softened it up pretty good already, because the blow from the fan finished it off. Yuffie reached up to catch her weapon as it came spinning back, then dropped to her knees at her fallen friend's side, worry all over her face.]

Tifa? Hey, Teef, you okay?

{she hadn't hurt like this in a long time. Adrenaline warred with pain and she kept fighting to push herself upright again, mind missing the fact that the monster was already dead until a good few minutes after Yuffie was already next to her. Reflexively, she curled her arm around her side, trying to focus past the pain.}

Yuffie? No more monsters?

[She shakes her head, and grabs Tifa's shoulder to try and hold her still. That arm totally isn't bending the right way, and it's making Yuffie a little nauseous to look at it.]

Nah, Spike's got 'em covered.

[Somewhere, she can still hear the crashing noises of Cloud pulverizing monsters, but she's got more important things to worry about. Fumbling a Heal materia out of her pocket, she pries loose one of the materia in her fan and jams the new one in its place.]

How's your arm? Can you move it, or what?

{Tifa's eyes, already darkening with pain, dart in the direction of the noise, a little jolt of guilt through them. At least she didn't make a lot of noise when she got hurt. Cloud will never have to know. The pain's already starting to match her heartbeat though, pulsing in time with it, drawing the skin around her eyes tight as she looks back at Yuffie, trying to keep her breathing level and steady. Trying to keep her voice from shaking. For both of them.}

I can move it. {it's a sad excuse for a joke but she gives it her best try anyway, complete with grimace smile.} Just not the way it's supposed to move.

Okay. That's...better than nothing? [Yuffie nods, hesitates, licks her lips nervously.

She's seen the rest of them do this before, in battle, and had a broken leg set once herself; she knows how it works. Get the bones more or less lined up and the materia will take care of the rest. It's hard to do it wrong if you're not a complete idiot, but still, she's not looking forward to this. At least Tifa's probably had it done plenty of times, right?]

So, um, ready? [She eyeballs the strange, loose bend in Tifa's arm, working out in her head how she can realign it in a single movement.]

so very, very sorry about the delay

{Tifa has unfortunately set her own bones as well as friend's bones often enough that she knows the pattern to it. It doesn't mean it gets any easier though. She still gives Yuffie a weak smile, determined to make this as traumaless as possible. Sometimes it's easy to forget Yuffie's so young - until her eyes do what they're doing now and Tifa feels her heart break for her a little. So she reaches out with her good hand and sets her own broken arm as straight as she can, locking her jaw to keep from making noise. Her face still tightens.}

Okay. {it comes out a little shaky and she inhales through her nose. Gives Yuffie another small smile.} Be brave.

No worries! ^^

Oh! [She claps a hand over her mouth, shocked and a little horrified. Oh, gawd. Is Yuffie gonna be able to do that someday? Just...grab her own arm or leg and...?

Alright, now her stomach's starting to do the airship-ride thing. Yuffie feels a flare of anger at herself. This is so not the way a ninja princess of Wutai ought to be acting. She gives her head a shake, short dark hair flying, and sets her jaw stubbornly.]

I'm always brave. Well...most of the time, anyway. [Grabbing her fan, she holds it in both hands.] Here goes nothing.

[Eyes closed, Yuffie takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly. Her lips move silently, and Cure rises up around the two women in rings of jagged green light, throwing weird shadows on their faces.]

{Tifa's busy breathing through her locked teeth. While she'd impossibly grateful for materia, especially after not having it for so much of her life when it would have come in handy, there's no way around the fact that there's always that time before it kicks in that the pain is just as strong as ever and you still have to endure until the magic starts to work. She supposes it's a good thing because if they were all invincible, they'd be even more reckless than they already are but still -

The green light springs up and she's already exhaling in relief even before the magic takes hold of her, knowing that the pain and the black spots in front of her vision will be gone soon. The sparks dance over her skin and she feels the disturbing way the bone in her arm and the ones in her ribs minutely realign, little jolts of electric running over them. The soothing heat of the materia's healing kicks in then though and she shuts her eyes in relief, trying to ignore the odd crinkles like someone's crumpling tinfoil inside her. A surge of energy shivers through her and she can breath easier. It only takes a few seconds but it always feels longer. The light fades and she gives a full inhale, smiling easier now. A curl and her arm, just as solid and strong as before responds. On impulse, she gives Yuffie a hug, momentarily forgetting sticky fingers.}

Thanks, Yuffie. {a grin.} You think Cloud's left us any monsters?


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