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-- Post with your games and characters
-- Comment around to others
-- Leave constructive criticism, no flaming
-- Try and keep things civil, thanks!
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Doctor Who
The Tenth Doctor | rude_not_ginger
The Ninth Doctor | but_worth_it

Dr. John Watson | so_loyal

Okay, so hi! I've been reading your threads with Ten here and there and I really do think that your portrayal of him is spot on. That, and whenever I feel shaky with my own Ten muse, I always know who to go to in order to see what I'm possibly doing wrong and how I can fix it. So, I wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to those who might not have the same confidence in their Doctor Who muses like you do.

That, and I would really, really, really love to do a thread with you someday!

Oh, thank you so much! That's such a great and wonderful start to my day! *blushyblushblush*

I'd love to thread with you. This semester's ending has been a wee bit insane for me, but please feel free to PM me, and we'll set something up! =D!!!

I don't think I've threaded with you, but rude_not_ginger really is an awesome Ten. Probably my favorite that I've seen around SWS, so rock on. :D

Oh, thank you so much! You're welcome to tag in any time I post, or if I see you around, maybe I'll drop you a tag!

Too lazy to switch logins, but thank you. Please do! Dean thinks the Doctors are awesome. :D

I really love the way you don't go for the predictability factor. As someone who's threaded with you a bit, you tend to make me think outside the box and it's fun and exciting!


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