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The anonymous questions meme
1. Post with your character.
2. Muns, go anon.
3. Start asking characters the most awkward, embarrassing, or annoying questions. Do this either oocly (meaning as yourself) or as an anonymous character. Whichever is funnier!
4. Questions can be totally random or very specific, asking about relationships with other characters or just their favorite ice cream. Canon, musebox/dr/game-related, meta... go crazy.
5. Characters then get to have conversations with anonymous muns!
6. Profit!

Rose Tyler | Doctor Who

Re: Rose Tyler | Doctor Who

Nine or Ten?

Nine or ten what?

Cookies, ten.

Splinters, nine.

Re: Rose Tyler | Doctor Who

Where did you get those amazing SHOES?

The TARDIS wardrobe room

Harrods? They're brilliant, aren't they?


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