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Bad Ending Meme
bad ending meme
Expanded meme

You've chosen your path and it's led you to one of the worst possible ends. A bad ending you've averted in the past could be coming true after all, a possibility you've always feared could be happening now. It's game over.

** TRIGGER WARNING. This meme contains references to death and addiction. Read at your own risk. **

bring it
▻ post with your character, make sure to note their name and series in the subject.
▻ taggers RNG it up (1-11 prompts, 12th is optional). refer to the list below for situations.
▻ tag other people with the number you rolled and play on. or skip the rolling and do what you have in mind!
▻ have fun.

one。 SURVIVORS -- you two are the only ones left, whether it be the result of the apocalypse, a fight with the final boss gone horribly wrong, or something equally tragic. now you're left to contemplate friends and loved ones lost, as well as which one of you may be next.

two。 SICKNESS -- you are seriously ill. poisoning, virus, perhaps it's even mental; whatever the reason, you doubt time is on your side this time.

three。 FORGOTTEN -- you're not sure how, but your memories are crumbling and the things you do recall are hazy and make you dizzy. can you even recognize the person in front of you anymore?

four。 SEPARATED -- you can see them, hear them, but something's keeping you from being with them. perhaps you're placed in a room with impenetrable glass dividing you, or you're hiding in a phone booth downtown, calling them secretly.

five。 MELLOWED -- you've been through things, you've loved and you've lost, and all of that's changed you. you're hopeless or at least you've simply lost the optimism you had as a youth.

six。 ANTAGONIST -- you've flipped the coin. you had to do it; they might not be able to understand it, but you just can't forgive the things that have happened. the darkness has consumed you.

seven。 HATED -- you've tried to make the right choices, every single time, but it seems you've made a mistake along the way, disappointed too many people. Now everyone hates you.

eight。 SPLIT -- you've always loved this person and you thought they would be with you forever, but they cheated on you, abused you, or maybe just used you for their own means. Maybe you had to leave them to keep them safe.

nine。 DEAD -- you've died or you're dying. Maybe you're nothing more than a ghost who has to live off of what you can see of your friends and family, making attempts to contact them.

ten。 DRUGGED -- you've resisted the temptation for so long, but finally you've caved. Drugs or alcohol rule your life and it's destroying you, but you can't step away from them now. it doesn't matter what anyone says.

eleven。 SLAVE -- you've finally been broken down so completely by who you're with, you feel like a slave to them. you have no desires of your own anymore and live just to please them. maybe you're a slave in the literal sense even.

twelve。 FREE CHOICE -- combine any of the others, reroll, or make up your own bad ending. the choice is yours!

Rose Tyler | Doctor Who | Open

9. Not canon obviously. Cause she'd be dead. That'd be gross.

He had watched as the life left her eyes. He thought that this human life was supposed to be better. It had all the makings of being incredibly. A woman who made his head spin. A new life. Why did any of it have to change? Why did it get worse? What had he done to deserve this? Was it a cruel joke being played on the former angel?

The funeral had been quiet and it took multiple attempts before Jackie Tyler let the man leave on his own. She didn't believe the lie he was selling, but eventually it got much too difficult to fight him on any of it. He was never very good at hiding his emotions these days. It was hard.

Her apartment was the only place he could return to. It was her home. He felt a little like an outsider, but it was nice. It reminded him of her. It was her in every way from the takeout containers right down to the basket of laundry by the couch.

He collapsed onto and easy chair and blew out a sigh. Crying? Wasn't even sure he could. He did rub the heels of his hands into his forehead.

So, so gross

She was, on estimate, about ninety percent sure she wasn't dead. That is, she saw her own body, and she definitely probably died, but she was also fairly certain that dead spirits didn't wander around earth yelling at people, trying to get their attention. Seeing her own funeral was insane. She spent the entire time screaming, grabbing people, shaking them- not that they could feel it- trying to get anyone, anyone at all to see her.

Nobody did.

She wanted to stop them from lowering her body into the ground- she still needed that, thank you very much, just as soon as she figured out how to get back into it. She'd sobbed against her mum, shoved Mickey, but she may as well have been the wind. For a second, she thought Tony might've seen her. She was probably just a bit nutters.

Finally, she gave up. This wasn't supposed to happen. Wasn't it supposed to be heaven? Or... possibly hell, admittedly, she wasn't sure which area she'd qualify for, but it was definitely somewhere other than where she was, right?

She didn't have anywhere else to go.

She went home.

She wasn't really expecting Castiel to be there. She's... she's not even sure where she expected him to go, but she was so, so glad to see him. If only he could fucking hear her. She opened the door, then slammed it closed again to vent her frustration. She'd done it at the funeral home, but nobody had noticed. It was like she hadn't even opened it in the first place. "Help me."

The angel is oblivious. None of it is visible to him. If he had a connection to Heaven he probably could have seen her. He had been able to see Reapers. He could have seen her if he had a connection to Heaven. He wished he had a connection to Heaven. Then he could visit her Heaven. He could just sit and watch her. He could share like she had offered. Why was he stuck here on his own?

He got up from the recliner and stalked out of the living room and into the kitchen. He was about to take a page of Dean Winchester's Guide to Living. Drinking could cure just about any problem. He dug around in her cabinets till he found a bottle of what he assumed to be Scotch. He took a small glass and filled it halfway. He scooped it up and knocked it back like Dean had taught him. Without his angel stamina it burned and made his jaw tighten.

She followed him. What choice did she have? There was nothing else. She could go home, but watching her mum cry... it hurt. It hurt so badly, she couldn't stand to do it anymore. And she had Pete, and Tony, and Mickey. Who did Castiel have? He had nobody. He came to this universe alone, there hadn't been enough time to meet anyone. She felt an overwhelming rush of guilt, leaving him like this.

He was going for the Scotch. That wasn't good. That was the emergency Scotch... then again... She rounded the counters, watching. There was still a smudge of cookie dough they must've missed on one corner, the tree still lit up in the corner. Five days ago, they were taking a shower together, and now...

"Castiel," She murmured quietly, moving to wrap her hand around the bottle of scotch. It didn't move. She jerked harder. Nothing. With a frustrated cry, she moved to sweep it off the counter.

It nudged. Just a bit. Just a tiny little precarious, almost imperceptible nudge. The slightest tremor. Maybe she was going insane?

His next moves were so Dean that it hurt. After his second shot he lifted a hand and drug it down the front of his face. Once his hand dropped he let out a soft sigh. It was difficult dealing with being alone right now. He was not sure how to go back to that.

He went to reach for the bottle a third time, but his hand stopped when it moved. It wobbled. He wasn't drunk yet and he wasn't so hysterical that he was confused by who moved a bottle. It was weird and it made the angel tilt his head. What was that?

He shook it off and reached for it again. He picked it up and poured him another.

No! She definitely wasn't going insane- despite evidence to the contrary. He definitely froze. He definitely saw it. She just had to do it again. Focus, Rose. She gripped it tightly in one hand, tugging, jerking, throwing her entire back into it, and it didn't budge even the slightest.

This was stupid. This was hopeless. She was going to have to spend eternity, walking around like a ghost, alone, with nobody. Nobody could see her. Nobody could help her. It wasn't fair. She should've had so much time, she should have had time with him, she was finally happy, and now he was alone-

The sudden rush of emotion came with another swipe, this time aimed at his glass, and it was far more effective than a nudge. It was sent flying, shattering against the wall into a hundred tiny pieces.

He had down another and set his glass down on the counter. He had turned away from the alcohol completely and pressed his back into the counter. He folded his arms over his chest and bowed his head. He couldn't carry on living here. It wasn't his place. It was hers. He'd have to find some place else to go.

There was a small part of him that wished he had taken her back to her Doctor. Maybe he could have protected her better. Maybe she'd be alive and Castiel could be happy on his own knowing she was still breathing. This was worse. She was dead and he was alone.

The impact of her hand with the glass is what made him jump. When it hit the wall that made him flinch. What was going on? He took a few steps away from the bottle and where the glass had been. He knew enough to know this was a little more undead than normal. "Who's there?"

She squealed in triumph throwing her arms up in the air. "Ah! It worked! Did you see that? That was brilliant!"

Just a shame it took a good three minutes to produce any sort of result at all, and it was questionably stable at best, but still, that couldn't dampen her spirits. She did an invisible little dance, and then stepped forward, waving her hand in front of his face. "Oi. Hey. You. You with the face. Hey, pretty."

She snapped her fingers. Nothing. Not a bloody thing. She reached out, tentatively, and poked him on the forehead.

The talking wasn't registering. He heard nothing, but he felt a heavy presence in the air. It was not comforting. It felt strange. It was like when he could feel a Reaper hanging around. He didn't like it one bit. He was still in hopes of seeing something else go flying, but nothing was happening. Nothing until the poking started.

He reached a hand up and swatted into the air. He connected with nothing and stepped back wildly looking around the kitchen. Something had touched his forehead. It was starting to get really strange in here.

"HA!" Yes, yes yes yes. He felt that. She'd grabbed Jackie, Mickey, Pete, Tony, they hadn't responded. They hadn't reacted, but he definitely felt that. She lurched forward, reached out to grab his hand but couldn't quite catch it in time.

Maybe if she could just... he could help her. Get his friend Dean. That's it. That's it. If that Dean bloke knew how to exorcise demons, he must be able to put her right, he absolutely had to know. Or at least make her visible. Tangible? Any of it would be good.

But first, she had to get his attention.

"Hey, hey listen. Shh- hey- listen- it's me- come on, I know you can feel that-" She poked him again, this time on the shoulder. "Just... use your nutters angel ears for a bit. Just a tiny little bit left, that's all I need, just a teensy bit of not-human, love, come on." She grabbed him by the hand.

Third of a way human, but not all the way. It was very apparent at times. He wished he could finally shed that side to carry on with his new life, but now he wasn't sure. Starting over now without her just seemed hard. Hard and like a mountain he wasn't ready to climb solo. Grief was a funny thing when it was your first time dealing with it.

It came it a bit rusty. Everything before the poke was nothing. He didn't catch a bit. The poke and her calling his ears nutters was there. It was like listening to someone talk in the next room. Your ear was pressed to the wall, but it was still muffled and low.

Not-human. Yeah he caught that. His gaze shifted down to his hand and then around the kitchen. He didn't pull away. "Rose?" He didn't think she'd wind up like this. He thought for sure she would have crossed over.

She squeaked again, and threw her arms around his neck. She had no idea, at this point, whether or not he can even feel it, but she didn't care. She needed a hug at the moment. He heard her. He knew it was her. That was just... that was the best news she'd had in three days.

"Oh my god. Yes! That's me. I'm here! Look, see, still here!" She tugged back, poking him on the forehead. She had to take a second, press her hands to her eyes and swipe away a few tears of relief. Nothing scarier in the universe than thinking you'd have to spend an eternity like... like this. "Castiel- I need help- I'm not..."

Not dead? Clearly she was. Maybe.

He couldn't quite feel her arms, but there was a weird pressure. It was like a sort of constricted feeling. He wasn't sure what it was, but he probably should have guessed it was Rose hugging him. Rose Tyler did like to do a lot of hugging.

Again with the poking. He felt the poking. The poking was not his favorite move. It was effective, but he did not like it at all. He didn't quite hear everything, but he did catch the word help. She needed help from him. That meant she was trapped. Stuck. He knew what that meant. "Rose--Rose you can't stay here." He was being honest.

She couldn't help but feel maybe a tiny bit offended. Most people were typically pleased to talk to somebody after they'd apparently died. She huffed indignantly, bracing her hands on her hips.

"Well, it isn't as though I had much of a choice," She retorted, frowning a bit. "I just... woke up like this. I dunno what to do. You've gotta call your mate Dean, or something."

If he could even pick up half of what she was saying.

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