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527. The Dear Anne Meme

We'reall familiar with those advice columns and we all know the routine.You're stuck, you need help, you write in, you get advice on whateveryour problem happens to be! It doesn't matter how little or how small it is, Annie is here to help!

- Comment with your character as if it's anonymous.

i.e. "Dear Annie,
My room mate keeps leaving his dirty socks on the floor and refuses to help clean! How can I show him how much this bothers me?
Signed, Grossed Out in the Apartment"

or "Dear Annie,
I've been having wild threesomes and think I might be pregnant! How do I tell my partners I'm not sure who the baby daddy is?
Signed, Always in the Middle!

- Questions and advice can be as serious or as silly as you want!
- Other characters will respond to ads as 'Dear Abby' and offer advice or encouragement.
- Careful now, someone might just recognize you!
- Write in as many times as you want!

~Stolen from [info]hooohaw

Dear Jam,

It sounds like you're a bit fixated on what's wrong with your mate when what you really need to be asking yourself is why you're so worried about what he does with his own fingers.

Dear Annie,

I'm less worried about what he does with his fingers than I am what he does with my jam. Also, the places his fingers have been before sticking them in aforementioned jam.

Ew Germs

Dear Fusspot,

I'm sure his fingers are perfectly clean.

Dear Suspiciously Enabling,

You're probably right. No big deal.

I'm secretly filling random ones with the pear-flavored jam.

Dear Pear Person,

What you are proposing is a crime against jamanity, and I must demand that you cease and desist at once.

Dear Painfully Obvious,

I'm sure the Jam Police are already on their way. Use a spoon.

Totally Won


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