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51. Dreams Meme

D R E A M S ~ M E M E

Dreams are difficult enough to understand. They range from embarrassing, to frightening, to thought-provoking, to just plain nonsensical. You may find yourself wondering what that was all about, or trying to forget about it as quickly as you can. It may be close enough to reality to confuse you, or dream logic may prevail. Whatever the case, the world of dreams is a way to delve into your psyche and deal with what happened to you that day, your fears, and whatever's on your mind.

Except... what's that person doing their? This isn't their dream.

How It Works:
~ Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject.
~ Others respond to your character.
~ Roll the RNG 1-6 for your situation, from the list below. That's the type of dream your character is having. Or, just pick the one you like the best.
~ The replier has found themselves in your character's dream, able to interact freely.
~ Have fun!

1. sweet dreams
Something like this might not happen too often in your waking life, if ever. You've found the world's largest supply of grape ice cream, you've won the lottery... or, perhaps, you're just having a really good day. Will this person share in your joy or ruin it for you?

2. nightmares
Your worst fears are being visited upon you tonight. Whether it's falling, losing those closest to you, insects, or something particular to you, there's no doubt you'd wake up in a cold sweat if everything went normally. Having this person there isn't 'normal', though. Maybe they can make things better.

3. sexy dreams
Isn't it so awkward when the person you're in bed with suddenly asks why you're dreaming about them in a schoolgirl costume?

4. bizarre dreams
It's hard to categorize this, but it probably seems perfectly natural to you that you need to find the smallest grain of sand in the world to stop an alien invasion up until someone points out how weird that is. And maybe it still seems normal to you even after that. They might be the ones being silly!

5. memories
The mind often revisits important events in one's life. For good or bad, you're back in time, reliving something that stuck in your head. But... that guy wasn't here before, was he? Or maybe he was, but hasn't seen it from your point of view yet.

6. combination/other
Dreams are many and varied. Mix up the flavors, or try something completely different. Wherever your mind will take you is game.

Liam Lunettes | Pandora Hearts | canon, PHDR

5, because we said so

Break is never quite sure what's a dream and what's not, since coming to the mansion.

He's pretty sure this isn't real, though. He feels fuzzy, not quite present; there was no transition between where he was and the stone hallway he finds himself in now. Whatever this place is -- and whether he's really here or not -- something is making him nervous. He fidgets a moment, wondering where to go.

There are voices from down the way, an agonized scream in a familiar voice. Footsteps from either side of him, one going toward the voices and scream, one coming.

Another Break appears, coming toward him, following the footsteps and voices and scream, his mouth a tight line. He clearly doesn't see Break, pausing for a moment and listening before continuing at a run.

Break goes utterly, horrifyingly still at the sound of that scream, and in the next instant his insides are twisted in all directions. He needs to run to the scream, he needs to run from it; he needs to go and get help, he needs to handle this himself right now. He needs to get somewhere where he can have something warm to drink and something solid to eat, because all of a sudden he's got chills and he's dizzy, and he needs his Liam to be with him.

Then that other Break runs by, and Break just stands there and watches his back as he runs past. The dream makes his decision for him, then; and in the next instant he's no longer in the hallway, but hovering in a door. At least it's definitely just a dream, then...?

He appears there in time to hear Fang pronounce Liam dead, Lily hovering with Bandersnatch nearby, the stone floor around him spattered in blood. The other Break runs past him a moment later.

That Break calls his name, begging him to say something, until Fang repeats that Liam is dead. Then he sags against the wall a bit.

He claps his hands over his ears the very instant Fang makes his first pronouncement. He knows exactly what this is now. It's the night his cell phone had gone off with Liam's ringtone and Fang's voice had been on the other end of the line. It's clinically dead for three minutes before the paramedics managed to resuscitate; it's the photo of the twisted wreckage of the car that some idiot had shown him later, because they thought he'd want to see where Liam had been pulled from. That boneless, defeated feeling that has the other Break against the wall -- he knows that, too, and he knows that in a few moments, that other Break will turn in on himself as though trying to make a shield of his own back.

But he also knows how this story ends -- with Liam hilariously high on painkillers and nurses quietly discussing whether Break himself should be sedated; a promise, and, later on, a pair of tattoos and a ring -- and that gives him the ability to be angry about this, if nothing else. This night is something he holds so close to his own heart that he still won't admit aloud that half of it happened even at home; he shouldn't have to see this on top of his own memories.

"Stop it," he mutters. "Fuckin' -- turn it off."

The dream pays no heed to his demand. Break, indeed, does turn in on himself, but it's brief. In the next moment, tendrils of Hatter are behind him, and he's telling Lily he'll play with her, his face and sightless eye devoid of reason.

Then Fang grabs Lily and rushes from the room, and Break follows, leaving this Break alone with Liam's still form.

Now completely certain it's a dream -- if it wasn't, Hatter's presence would be affecting him, and it isn't -- Break doesn't bother to move out of the doorway when the others come towards him. Sure enough, the images of the people involved run right through him. They're nothing more than visions, and nothing to be concerned about.

But it's too quiet after they go, far too quiet; he knows full well this Liam isn't dead, but being left alone with a body that isn't breathing makes his skin crawl in precisely the wrong way.

"I know he gets up," he says, leaning against the doorframe. Still too quiet, so he yells, "I know he gets up! Bloody well get on wiv it!"

It still takes a bit longer before Liam suddenly takes a breath, then another, and his eyes open. There's panic there for a moment until he realizes that he's alone. From a distance, there's the sound of battle, yelling, and the rumbling hiss of Hatter.

"Xerxes," he whispers.

It's painstaking, but he forces himself to sit and fumbles his broken glasses on with his one good hand. The left arm hangs limp. It's even more difficult for him to get to his feet, but there's determination behind the pain in his expression.

Break isn't watching. By then he's slid down to sit curled up in the floor, forehead against his knees and hair shielding his view. He waits until he hears Liam breathing, clothing rustling, and one or two pained grunts before he presses his hands to his ears again.

It's a dream; he'll be waking up sooner or later. He just has to ride this out until then.

Liam stumbles to the wall, quite close to Break, and nearly falls, his leg not easily supporting his weight. But, once steadied, he forces himself to walk out the door. Once he's out, he leans heavily against the thick stone doorway.

"Which way, Hare?"

He's evidently answered, because he turns into the hallway, forcing himself to go on.

Break tugs his legs even closer when Liam approaches, not wanting to get stepped on despite the fact that Liam would just slide through him like the others did. He doesn't follow, electing instead to wait there in the underground hallway, seething quietly.

Except that then there's a breeze through his hair. When he looks up, startled, his back is against a tree, and there's a clearing in front of him.

There's a battle being waged. He's arrived in time to see Gilbert protect Break's back, shooting Bandersnatch. A bloody hand touches the tree Break is against, Liam panting exhaustedly. Then Break is advancing on Lily, Hatter-imbued sword flashing. And then he coughs, faltering, and in that moment Lily points the gun at him.

Liam screams, "LILY!"

The girl turns and smiles joyfully when she sees he's alive, and then she's shoved aside as Fang takes the blow meant for her.

Once Break is watching, he can't look away; he's never actually seen any of his counterparts fight for real, only slow and simple maneuvers to teach him. He cringes at the cough -- he knows what that feels like -- and even further when the sword hits Fang, goes through him, and the man begins to crumble away.

He hadn't known that. That his other self had killed Fang. It seemed wrong, somehow, so very wrong. Break had punched his own right in the face, an unfair bit of revenge for scaring him the way he had, and it had pissed Lottie off enough that they were no longer speaking, but...they'd been friends, before. There was still a chance they could be again. After all, his own Lily and her stupid, stupid dog had never meant to hurt Liam, and Fang had forgiven him the instant the blow landed. Fang had always been so, so reasonable.

He's still watching the aftermath when Liam topples to the ground at his side. His first impulse is to scuttle away, but then he hears his own voice, quiet at first and then rising.

"...you idiot. You idiot! What happened? They told me you were dead, they --"

And they're not coming from the other Break; they're coming from his own throat, because they're his own words, and he's staring down at Liam in a hospital bed. He's bruised and he's bloody, but he's awake and looking at him, hooked up to all manner of machines and IVs and oxygen.


Liam's mid-thought, thinking thank goodness he got there in time, when he remembers that he's not actually there, that this has already happened, when his injuries disappear into scars, and he finds himself in a place that's all bright lights and low hums and beeps.

He stands, gasping as he sees... another version of himself in a bed, surrounded by odd devices, with injuries that mirror his own. And Break, the odd one from the Mansion, yelling at him, looking half-crazed and more upset than he's ever seen any Xerxes Break look.

Given what he just came from, he knows what he's seeing. It's what happened on that day for this Break.

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