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That's what makes you That Guy.
The Action Film Quiet Drama Scene Meme

Don't know what this is? Click here! Or, if you don't want to risk getting lost in TV Tropes, here.

1. Comment to this post, with the character's name/character's series/your preferences in the subject line.
2. Pick another character to respond to.
3. Using the RNG, roll twice -- one to determine the scenario and one to determine your characters' relationship.
4. Comment.
5. Play it out to your heart's content!

1. Hostages. There's a hostage situation, and you're involved somehow. You might be two hostages, or you might be working together against the people holding the hostages. Maybe you are holding the hostages and dealing with a renegade element.

2. War. There's a war going on, and the two of you are on the same side -- and have a reprieve. Maybe you found a temporary shelter, or perhaps you're on a transport getting ready for a mission.

3. Natural Disaster. Mother Nature is responsible for this one! Are you trying to survive a hurricane, or perhaps a series of tornadoes? Or maybe it's an earthquake?

4. Pursuit. Either the two of you are being pursued by someone, or you're doing the pursuing. You could be in a car, or perhaps in the belly of a cargo airplane. Whatever the situation is, there's someone or something out there that you need to avoid or to catch, and you've gotta be on the move.

5. Lost. Wherever you are, it's not any place you recognize. Somehow you've gotta get back to familiar territory -- or survive until you can be found. Either way, you're taking a breather now. Why not talk to that other person?

6. Wild Card. Roll again, pick one of the previous options, or make one up!

1. Friends. The two of you are already pretty close, and you can count on each other to watch your backs without question. This is the time to solidify those bonds as much as you can.

2. Love. At some point, the two of you have fallen in love -- or maybe you're falling in love now. Either way, this is raising the stakes, because you realize that more than anything you want to get out alive. Both of you.

3. Strangers. You never even knew this guy existed until you got caught up in this situation! Why not get to know them, learn about them? After all, there's nothing like fire-forged friends.

4. Rivals. For whatever reason, the two of you don't like each other, or are just fiercely competitive. Whatever the case may be, it's time to set aside your differences for now.

5. Enemies. They say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but is that really the case? Normally, the two of you want each other neutralized or dead, but circumstance has forced you to team up. Maybe you should try to air things out while you have the chance.

6. Wild Card. Roll again, pick one of the previous options, or make one up!

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