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life as a video game meme
1. Post! The second person should go  here and set the numbers between 1-15
2. Whatever number you get is the Game format you are! Try to limit powers to what the video games would have for maximum fun! Or keep them to see if you can break the game.
3. Post around!
4. ???
5. Profit! Have fun!
1. MARIO-- Suddenly you have a fondness of overalls and going down pipes-- okay so maybe you don't, but that's the only way to get through this game! Hop over the mushrooms, jump on the shells, hit the blocks. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY! You'll get the good mushroom at the end and find the castle with the Princess waiting for you.

2. TEKKEN -- Don't like fighting? Well, that's too bad! The only way to advance in this game is to beat your opponents in a fight. Don't want to do just one on one? It's multi-player for a reason! Team up and take down your foes and if you make it to the last round you win.

3. TETRIS-- Suddenly a brick is falling towards you. Look to your left there's no escape. Look to your right? Buddy, you're just screwed. But wait! It seems you have an enhanced jumping ability, not that it seems to help much. These blocks just keep getting closer and closer to the top---
4.POKEMON-- GONNA BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS TO CATCH THEM IS-- Yeah, you've probably heard that one a billion times. Whatever you wanted to be before? Completely replaced with the desire to catch all the Pokemon you can and obtain gym badges! Oh, and you also seem to have a knack for wanting to play in dark caves with just a rope...
5. PAC-MAN-- Feeling like a rat, yet? Suddenly, you're trapped in a maze being chased by ghosts. The only way to move on is to obtain all the floating orbs before you and hope the Ghosts that-- OH GOD ARE THEY MULTIPLYING??-- are coming for you won't get you. You've got a bit of a trick, though, the larger orbs? Totally allow you the ability to knock out those ghosts. Yet, they seem to come back if you beat the first maze...
6. ZOMBIES-- Have you ever smelled a rotting body? You are now. Dropped off and surrounded by these savage, carnivorous former humans you have to run or die. Do you push your friend at them and hope that holds them off? Charge up the building to the highest floor and take refuge? Or do you be a bad ass and take a gun and start going crazy? Either way, you don't have much time to think about it as they're beginning to surround you.

7. ZELDA-- You're on a quest to save Hyrule. The Princess Zelda has said only you can do it and thus that is your mission as you travel across the plains on your horse (with your fairy, of course). You're an accomplished swordsman and stop at nearby towns and villages when the need arises. But your ultimate goal is to save Hyrule! Not to succeed at fishing, silly.
8. KINGDOM HEARTS (I)-- Welcome, dear friend, to the world of the Keyblade Master. Oh, wait? You mean you didn't have fins before? Wings? It seems you do now! Now's your time to save the world from Heartless and get back to the Gummiship on time. Except, you're at a slight disadvantage since your body seems to have changed to fit the world. At least you have your Keyblade and friends to help you through it.
9. SHOOTER-- You're armed with a gun and a never-ending limit on bullets (as long as you reload that is). Either you're a hunter taking down deer or a CSI man taking out the robbers/terrorists/whatever and trying to protect the citizens they hold hostage. Whatever the case may be it's your duty to take down your target with your stead-fast aim. Don't know how to shoot a gun? That might be a bit problematic.  We're sure you'll figure it out... Hopefully before the people your trying to save or killed or you yourself... Or even the deer hears you and runs off.
10. FROGGER-- There's cars, tons of them, speeding across the street. You have the impulsive need to try and make it across before getting hit. Do you make it past the first car? Dash across and cheer in victory? Or do you try and beat the impulse and think it's stupid? But why is it stupid-- you really want to go across! For whatever reason you need to get across.
11.  RACING-- Choose your ride and get on the track why don't you! Street Racing? Racecar? It doesn't matter, suddenly you like the high-speed of cars and leaving your opponents in the dust. Thankfully for you the cars don't ever seem to take damage, huh? Go as fast as you want, do as much crazy things as you want, it's time to win. You won't take anyone else beating you, will you?
12.  GALACTIC-- What's this? You're in a giant space ship at the controls! In front of you the alien invaders are making their way towards you and the more you shoot at the them the more of them appear. Pay attention because they have tricks up their sleeves and it's only you and your crew on board. Wanna just turn tail? Sorry, doesn't seem to work! The only thin you can do is charge forward and hope you can get through...
13. OREGON TRAIL-- You're moving west! At least, that's the hope. First you got to get the supplies, the wagon, and hope you survive the next several months to get there... People in your crew may die, you may not make it past the river, or you may just make it to your destination. Whatever your situation is, whenever it is along the journey, it's now high time you make your way across and find some new land just for you.
14. DONKEY KONG-- Your goal is to get to the top of the room, but there's traps along the way. Barrels will come rolling down on you and you're screwed if they hit you. There's ladders, at least, to make it easier, but what's that waiting for you on the other side? Better hope to get past the giant ape trying to get at you and make it to the next room!
15. FREE FOR ALL-- Have a game you want to play that's not listed? Go for it here and have fun.

Cloud Strife :: Final Fantasy VII

[let's mosey]

I got Oregon Trail! That should

[Get in the wagon, Cloud. We're going moseying.

Supplies have been taken care of, the oxen bought, and Aerith got a new bonnet because why not? Might as well blend in with the natives and all.

Her occupation is Farmer, not that it's going to help her in a wagon really, but she can grow some eggplant if they get desperate.

Hopefully nobody gets that dastardly dysentery on the trip west.

I think we have everything! Can I drive the wagon?

[She's not sure if that's the proper way to say it, and she probably doesn't have a license to drive any vehicle but she wants to at least try it. They're in for a long ride, anyway.]


[Holy Gaia, it's an Aerith! Get in the wagon!

He's a.... carpenter.

He's not sure how that's supposed to work. He doesn't remember being very good about drawing straight lines, much less laying them out in neat squares, but somehow... he seems to have a set of tools and Expectations of Usefulness when they get to... wherever it is they're going. He's kind of not sure about that either but it seems to have to do with moving in a straight line. He... figures? he can do that. Someone did mention hunting and he's pretty sure he can handle shooting a gun...]


[Aerith... driving... wagon... Each word dropping into his mind like pebbles in the mud makes his eyes narrow down more. Aerith... driving... He seems to remember Aerith driving before and -

She looks so excited and happy.]

Yeah. [he pulls himself up onto the other side of the wagon and settles down on the wooden bench. A nod. Move out?]

Let's mosey.

[Aerith is excited, there's no denying it. She manages to get on the wagon, settling down on the bench and gives Cloud one of her brightest smiles. How hard could it be to drive a wagon?]

Yes sir, moseying it is!

[At first, it is a little thrilling. New place, new things, wide open spaces and new people to talk to. They joined a wagon train with several other people, and they would occasionally stop by and chat.

After a few hours, however, she realizes that it isn't too hard to steer the oxen. But it's boring. At one point she's tempted to coax Cloud into playing eye spy, but then one of the women from the train came over to talk to her at length about...eggplants.

Why are eggplants on her mind?

After a while, she rolls her neck. Her shoulders were stiff since she'd tried to sit up straight the whole time. So she starts talking at Cloud, keeping her mind off the monotony that is wagon driving.

You know, I've named the oxen.

[She points out each of them - there are four, and they are identical, but she swears she can tell the difference.]

That's Wesley, on the right is Bill. Back left is Bessie and the last one is Brutus.

[Cloud has, as only Cloud is able, managed to stoically ignore everyone that's tried to be friendly. In fact, he's managed it so well that no one bothers come up on his side of the wagon to talk anymore. They just aim for Aerith. Which is fine with Cloud but do they have to talk about things that are so... boring? Eggplants? Really? What even ARE eggplants because he was pretty sure eggs came from birds not plants...

The monotony of the trip sets in fast and unfortunately so does Cloud's motion sickness.


He feels like he's a Shinra grunt again. Sick and bored. His memories of that time are still a little fuzzy but he's pretty sure that's how it went for the majority of his service. He's about to start hoping for a buffalo stampede when Aerith perks up with her chosen topic of conversation.

Which... isn't eggplants. His glazed over mind blearily shakes itself back into focus. Intelligence flares to life again and brilliance flows.

Or... not.]

Why Wesley?

Because I promised a little boy from one of the families I would name an ox after him!

[Aerith points to one of the wagons, which currently had a boy around seven leaning out the back, waving wildly in their direction. She waves back, smiling at the boy.]

Otherwise I would have kept up with the naming theme I had. 'B' names fit farm animals, right? Except maybe Barret.

[Barret's name just fit...Barret to her, and nobody else really. She loops the reins around her hands a bit, taking a tighter hold so they wouldn't fall. It was a strange experience, to be directing animals, but they seemed to follow the wagons in front of them.]

So, I've been talking to everyone, trying to find out just where we're going. I know Oregon...not that I know where that is. Doesn't seem anyone really knows a lot about this trail, just that it can be dangerous.

[By talking, she of course means grilling. Gentle grilling, but she was still digging for info. Most of the stories were about sickness, starvation and getting lost. Doesn't sound too fun.]

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11... i approve this choice ♥... /stalks

[ Alright, Mosey we'll go... Or... speeding, as the case may be. Not that she's a little scared out of her wits at the thought of going a hundred or so miles per hour in a small little quarter mile stretch. She's always scared. Anyone is, if they're truthful about it. But it's all about the rush. All about the threat of dying horribly in a last second crash. But hey. Tifa's not the sort to shy away from anything. Or to let anything take her away from the only home she had left. Not even money problems and the bar taking a bad month or two from making it a viable livelihood. So it's with a quick shift in gear - a lightning fast pull at the rod between them that's a little bit more jerky and unsure than she'd like it to be - that the car goes faster along the concrete road.

And in glancing over her shoulder would put her opponent in clear view of just how close they were gonna lose this race.

Let me know when they get to the side mirror.

[ And then her eyes are forward again. Towards the horizon. Towards victory. ]

leaves trail of bread crumbs (or cupcakes!) to make the stalking easier ;D

[he doesn't know why she gets to drive.

He's not pouting. Just... having a hard time relaxing, that's all. And he can't tell if it's his motion sickness or just the fact that - those turns are awfully sharp ahead... Point is, she's finally cleared her way into the lead. Now they just have to keep it. Her request gets a grunt. He's not really up to talking as the car lurches, and so he squints in the sideview mirror instead. The guy's starting to try to edge up on that side. Don't they know anything about blind spots and safety hazards on the road. The rest of the pack isn't far behind him either. Seriously. Sunday drivers. Cloud's going to root around in the footwell near his boots. Find a can of car oil.

Aaaaaand toss it out the window.

The resulting noise is satisfying enough to have him rummaging around down there for something else. His voice will calmly answer:]

You've got some space.

will accept either one! ^___~

[ Because she knows how hard it is to drive when you get motion sickness.

All the same, it's the clattering sound of plastic that draws her attention rather than his voice. Because as far as sounds of the road were concerned, any sort of clattering was worrisome. Still, when she sees and when she realizes his contribution, Tifa can't help but flash him a smile before turning the corner. And while her face scrunches in apology to possibly triggering his motion sickness, losing can't be an option.

Back seat. There's a box.

[ Shifting into the next gear, she runs straight through a traffic cone for an extra Ten Points the the game. And swerves around a trash truck backing out of a side alley. ]

i have been dying for this theme to win some month XD

[How about a platform side-scroller?

Two-player? Come on, Cloud. Trash some monsters with her. Win items. Pixel Mercury awaits.]

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they were made for this!

[aw yeah. It's time to kick some vaguely shaped monster butt and leap some suspiciously square holes in the floor. Pixel Cloud is a GO!

Now if only he could figure out how to stop walking into the wall at the back of the screen...

No! No, there! He's got it! Alright, facing the right way and ready to whack some monsters with the white line in his - okay, sure, it's a hand. Let's do this, Mercury!]


[Things can get kind of weird in video game land, but Mercury... yeah, that uniform is pretty clearly her... is ready with some square-shaped ice projectiles.

Oh! She can jump- and barely avoid the monster heading their way. She'll take it out if you can
get away from the wall, Cloud - oh there you are.]

[there! he's in the action! Judo sword chopping his way forward because button mashing is boss! that's the way he rolls. Take that vaguely threatening looking monster! There's a fizzle of pixels to denote the kill. But what's this? It looks like it's either a very angry turtle or a rock with very angry eyebrows! Either way it's attacking with -


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4 with a character from a canon you've probably never heard of :D

[Okay so maybe wandering around in this cave was a bad idea, especially since he's now out of Repels, but he'll make this work. Somehow.]

nope. But I looked it up! Hooray for google-fu!

[why is he sitting in a cave?

why is he sitting in a cave and why does he have a tail?

why is he sitting in a cave with a tail and feeling like he's waiting for something?

why is he sitting in a cave with a tail, waiting for something and getting a bad feeling of pre-claustrophobia?

what's that? Footsteps?]

suddenly a wild Cloud appears!

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