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49. i'm watching you sleep... breathes heavily...
i watch you...
fast asleep

maybe this happened completely by chance, or maybe you're just a creepy stalker like that guy from twilight. but however it happened, you've come across someone, and they're fast asleep. maybe they're in a cozy bed, or maybe they went to sleep in the woods. but either way, you've found them here - now what will you do?

(possible triggers for sexual assault)


post with your character (note their name and canon in the subject). this is the person who's fallen asleep.
taggers, you're the ones who find them. feel free to use your existing CR to decide what they do upon discovering them. alternately, you can use RNG to pick one of the below options.
sleepers, there are options for you too! either roll for one, or just choose what to do yourself. you can do this at the beginning of your thread or any time during.
roll whenever you want to, as many times as you want to. have fun!


01 face doodling: you're not one to let sleeping dogs lie. you're going to milk this for all it's worth! you've got plenty of markers on hand, or maybe you have access to a bowl of warm water. you're out to prank the person who's sleeping, and there may or may not be blackmail photos involved.
02 sleep with one eye open: what luck that you've happened to find this person in such a state of vulnerability. now it's easier than ever to completely make them your bitch, whether it's by smothering them with a pillow, or jabbing something sharp into their torso. just watch out for when they wake up...
03 beautiful dreamer: maybe it's just the lighting, but they look so... cute, so innocent. you'd be content to just quietly sit and watch them sleep, or you may feel compelled to tuck them in, make them comfortable. a goodnight kiss might be in order, or you might just have the urge to pet their hair.
04 heavy sleeper: they're just completely out of it, aren't they? well, they're not going anywhere, and they're not listening - now would be the perfect time to do some venting. if you have some kind of confession, or if you just want to unload without the fear of being judged for it, now would be the time to do so.
05 dude, she's like, in a coma: it's rather hot out tonight, and they're dressed accordingly. or maybe they've kicked the covers off? either way, they're fast asleep, completely oblivious... surely a little touching wouldn't hurt, would it? be careful about it though, you wouldn't want them to catch you. or maybe you would...
06 sleep cute: watching them sleep is starting to make you sleepy, too. maybe if you just curl up next to them and rest for a while, yourself...
07 good morning, crono: they are asleep. this is not acceptable. wake them up! maybe there's something you want to discuss, or maybe you're bored and just want someone to entertain you. sleep be damned, you're more important right now.
08 an odd place to sleep: what are they doing up in that tree? what if they fall out and break their neck? they've fallen asleep in a really weird place, and you've taken it upon yourself to relocate them, either for safety or comfort reasons.


01 talking in your sleep: you must be somewhat distressed, because you're talking in your sleep. it could be unintelligible mumbles, or you might be having a full-on conversation.
02 never wake up a sleepwalker: did anyone ever tell you you thrash around in your sleep? because you do. you just can't seem to sit still, and you might find yourself out of bed entirely. not like you're actually awake for it.
03 catapult nightmare: you've broken out into a cold sweat, you're groaning occasionally, and your body is twitching. it seems like you're having a terrible nightmare; surely, if you happen to wake up, it won't be silently.
04 waking non-sequitur: "no, uncle bobby! not the bowling ball! it won't fit in the fishbowl!" that must've been one weird-ass dream you've been having, because you're suddenly waking up while blurting out something completely nonsensical.
05 never sleep again: you're either severely paranoid or something scary's going on, because you haven't been able to fall asleep at all. thankfully someone else is there to help you take your mind off of it.
06 sleeping dummy: this isn't even you sleeping - you've left a cleverly disguised pillow in your place. maybe you've snuck out to have some fun on your own, or maybe you've just left a decoy to see what the watcher will do.
07 rude awakening: someone is there and watching you. you're either awake or you can tell in your subconscious, but whoever it is, they're gonna get a fist to the jaw.
08 snot bubble: you look so incredibly graceful and beautiful there, all scratching yourself and drooling. is that a snot bubble sticking out of your nose? what's that smell?

Emma Frost || X-Men


[Oh look, it's boss lady sleeping. Sleeping in the middle of the briefing room in her underwear....or was that one of her OTHER X-Men costumes. He could never keep up but what he did know was that she needed to be in bed or a hammock.

Upsiedaisy, Emmma. One fabulously insane merc is now carrying over his shoulder towards your quarters.

And no he's not thinking of anything perverted or crazy...well maybe he is but with how random his mind is those trains of thought change tracks every fifteen seconds.]

YAY Deadpool - and a 7. Oops

[It was not underwear, thank you! Her underwear were silk, not leather, which was the only real difference sometimes. Sadly Emma had no idea what was going on or what had changed, except she wasn't entirely as comfortable as she'd been and now moving.

She came to suddenly, swinging wildly as she shifted to diamond.]

Yes. And to continue the 'Yay-train' on others with different chracter journals.

[That really hurt, Emma. Both physically and emotionally. Wade was only trying to be helpful and the thanks he gets is a hard as diamonds beatdown? Fine he can play that game too.

Thus you've been dropped like a bad habit and all those other equatable phrases.]


[Landing on her ass, Emma stared up at Wade with all the glare she could muster in that position.]

What was the point of that?!

7... Poor, Poor Emma. Well least it wasn't 5...

[And despite how sweet you look in your sleep Lockheed is going to just flap in, land akwardly in front of your bosum - your chest size is really inconsiderate for use as a landing platform for a one-foot dragon - and poke you constantly with his stubby hands on your soft cheeks.]


I lol'd at work... Can't resist this: 4

[Waking Emma is never a good thing. Waking Emma while sitting on her chest and calling her that name... That was a a whole new world. Bolting up right, her hand flinging out as she cried out, not quite awake.]

The neutrons are coming for the soap dish!

LOL, thanks! :)


[That will be Lockheed totally unprepared for your sudden rise and flopping onto the bed, his equally stubby legs frailing in the air as he tries to right himself, an angry look read upon his snout.]

Hey! Lockheed not stuffed bear, Frostie! An- wah? Neutrons for soap dish? Does that mean.... Meh, Lockheed don't know what. Kinda no'sense!

[He can't tell as yet if you've awoken up properly or not, but attractive as you are he's not keen to scale the bosum again after what's just happened if he needs to wake you up.]

[For a moment Emma had no idea where she was or what was going on. Blinking, staring about as if trying to remember where she even was. Slowly it came to her. The room. Sleep. Someone rudely trying to wake her and...]

Bloody well stop calling me Frostie, you pair of stilettos waiting to happen. What was so important you risked your life?

[The Dragon gets the sort of glare which says 'You just try and turn me into a flashy item for wear and I'll burn your face off faster than it can crystalise.']

Fine, fine, Emma then. Hessh, Kitty so right about ya... Anyhoo, we got some fightin' problems with students and yeh supposed to be in charge when Scottie boy ain't 'bout so... Lockheed thought I'd get yeh. Didn't mean to shock yeh... much.

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[Nightcrawler drops almost silently from the ceiling to perch on the end of her bed. She seems so peaceful there, with her golden hair catching the light. Like an angel. Kurt feels the contrast between her and himself quite keenly but he cannot help moving her covers up over her shoulder in a caring gesture]


[The blanket over her shoulders made Emma sigh, snuggling down under the blanket. For a moment her lashes fluttered and then she stilled. Except for softly murmuring in her sleep.]</small. It wasn't like I wanted to hurt him. Really. Stop blaming me for it.

[a smile crosses Kurt's face and he smoothes a lock of hair away from her eyes carefully so as not to wake her further] Of course not... [he agrees with her]

Miss him sometimes. [Maybe it was a dream. Maybe it was any of a dozen men she'd killed in her lifetime. Whatever it was, she shifted once more, almost opening her eyes and then closing them once more.]

Are you actually watching me? [Not quite awake, still mostly in a dream.]

[even if she's not awake, he still answers in that gentle voice of his] It is difficult to not watch...you are very beautiful...

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