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46. all you ever wanted
bad ending meme
alternatively, the meme with angst and stuff

You've chosen your path and it's led you to one of the worst possible ends. A bad ending you've averted in the past could be coming true after all, a possibility you've always feared could be happening now. It's game over.

** TRIGGER WARNING. This meme contains references to death and addiction. Read at your own risk. **

      bring it
      ▻ post with your character, make sure to note their name and series in the subject.
      ▻ taggers RNG it up (1-6 prompts, 7th is optional). refer to the list below for situations.
      ▻ tag other people with the number you rolled and play on. or skip the rolling and do what you have in mind!
      ▻ have fun.

      one。 SURVIVORS -- you two are the only ones left, whether it be the result of the apocalypse, a fight with the final boss gone horribly wrong, or something equally tragic. now you're left to contemplate friends and loved ones lost, as well as which one of you may be next.

      two。 SICKNESS -- you are seriously ill. poisoning, virus, perhaps it's even mental; whatever the reason, you doubt time is on your side this time.

      three。 FORGOTTEN -- you're not sure how, but your memories are crumbling and the things you do recall are hazy and make you dizzy. can you even recognize the person in front of you anymore?

      four。 SEPARATED -- you can see them, hear them, but something's keeping you from being with them. perhaps you're placed in a room with impenetrable glass dividing you, or you're hiding in a phone booth downtown, calling them secretly.

      five。 MELLOWED -- you've been through things, you've loved and you've lost, and all of that's changed you. maybe you finally decided to give in to temptation, you could be addicted to a substance you know is destroying you, or you've simply lost the optimism you had as a youth.

      six。 ANTAGONIST -- you've flipped the coin. you had to do it; they might not be able to understand it, but you just can't forgive the things that have happened. the darkness has consumed you.

      seven。 FREE CHOICE -- combine any of the others, reroll, or make up your own bad ending. the choice is yours!

Zack || Kingdom Hearts

1 okay with you?

[he's not even sure how he ended up here - or where here is. He just knows he got dumped into the middle of a battle with monsters he didn't recognized surrounded by people he assumed were allies he didn't know.

There's only one of those allies left now though - and the monsters are massing for a final attack just as the edge of the blood soaked plain. Panting, bleeding, already hurt in ways he figures are probably fatal, he can still stand. And he can still reach down with a hand to rest it on top of a spiky black head that's so familiar it breaks his heart.]

Hey. [his voice is soft for all it's rough around the edges now]

You okay?

Completely cool! 8D /t-totally wasn't excited to see this.

[ Middle of a battle, alright. A battle he had never anticipated happening. Sure, he was all about being hero material. It was everything for him to one day achieve that title. But never did he imagine it would end up like this. Where were his friends when he needed them? Even Hercules and Phil had vanished and he hadn't seen Terra, Ven, or Aqua since their last visits to the coliseum.

Now, he found himself side to side with a stranger who had quickly become friend on this devastating ground. He didn't have to look to know the condition of that said partner either. It was bad. But then so was he, his armor cracked, his clothing all blood stained- some of the stains becoming wider, darker, moister as time passed. His breath was ragged, then hitching as he felt the hand drop onto his black hair.

He looked up with a smile, his left eye shut tight.

Yeah, I'm alright, no sweat. All part of the hero business, you know?

[ Definitely. Definitely not using his sword as leverage to keep on his feet here, nope. ]

How you holdin' up?

t-totally wasn't excited to find a chance to finally tag you ;)

[He didn't mind the dying. He didn't want to. He had a family to live for, a life that, rocky as it was, he'd thought he was finally getting the hang of - but he'd always known that he'd die one day and he'd always thought it would be in a fight instead of old age. It was just...

The kid looked like Zack. Even more devastating, he looked like a young Zack. It would have been hard to find more heart triggers to hit on the blond and this kid hit just about all of them, right down to the attitude he was showing.

Cloud would do just about anything to have the kid be elsewhere right now, somewhere safe and boring and far, far from a bloody battlefield. The scruff to the dark hair was surprisingly gentle, almost tender and Cloud couldn't help it if he was trying to memorize everything about that upturned, battered face in the short time he had left. The Lifestream might claim him after this but he'd give it a hell of a fight when it tried to take his memories from him.]

I'm good enough.

[and then... because it wasn't Zack but it might as well have been - ]

That's right. Heroes don't give up. When we finish them here, they won't be able to hurt anyone past this point ever again.

8D;; R-Really? /t-totally no pressure and eee~ Looking forward to continuing this tomorrow *A*

[ On the other side of the coin, this young man- well. It was one thing to know that one day you would die. Another to face it. And facing it so soon... It hadn't been in his plans. But all the same... Something about it just didn't scare him as much as he thought it might have.

Not to say he wasn't terrified on the inside. Without doubt. But on the outside? He held the smile. He had to. Heroes saw things to the end, didn't break even over the most dire of circumstances, pushed themselves beyond their limit, and more. And he would do that. And so he grinned despite things, looking up at those mako eyes and wild hair that really gave Ven a run for his money.

Heh, exactly what I had in mind. We'll take them out faster than you can say 'chocobo'! [ Such bravado even when he ached as he did. Still, as he tried to ready his blade, he found himself nearly losing his balance instead. Catching himself, he laughed weakly. ] Just give me another minute.

no pressure - and don't worry, as long as you tag, I'll make sure I tag back

[Cloud's hand found the kid's back automatically, steady and reassuring, providing support. As heroes went, Cloud considered the kid already having earned the title simply for still going. A title that had always meant so much more to Zack than it had to Cloud. He didn't take his hand away, lending his steady support without offering or acting as if he knew the kid needed it.]

They're shifting rank. See? Putting their heavy bruisers in the front to try to absorb most of the damage before they send in the faster, weaker ones to finish us off. And they're scared. Of us. We've got another minute or two before they come. Save your energy. When they do - I'll take out the meat shields. Your job is to make sure the quick, slick ones don't get behind me and take me out that way.

[he looked down into those blue eyes that didn't glow with mako but rather with the spirit inside the body and there was nothing patronizing in his tone at all as he murmured:]

We'll stop them here. Because that's what heroes do. Right?

o7 Awesome! I'll be a little slow this weekend due to summer camp, but I'll be around.

[ He took the way Cloud steadied him gratefully despite the slight awkwardness of it at first. He wanted to tough it out to the end, but he wasn't a fool all the same. Zack knew he was straining himself. As did he, the young man was certain. So, he took the time as he listened in, taking calming breaths- a little on the shallower side admittedly. Breathing any deeper hurt. But whether it showed- well, he at least attempted to hide it.

Glancing back up at Cloud, he managed a nod and a thumbs up.
] They won't know what hit 'em. [ He breathed a slight laugh and shook his head as he watched on once more. Quiet a moment. Maybe a little too quiet for him. But then. ] Hey- I never did catch your name.

sounds good - have fun

[Cloud was never one to break someone else's silence and so he simply kept his hand where it was for support and looked out at the gang of massing monsters across the plain. Maybe he should be silently, inwardly raging against the unfairness of it all. He was finally getting his life back together back home - now wasn't the time to get himself killed. And the kid at his side was just a kid, possibly even younger than Cloud himself had been when he'd run off to join the army. He certainly deserved to live a long, full life, not to end up here, dead on a forgotten stretch of sand without parent or friend nearby.

Cloud had just never been good at dwelling over the unfairness of life. It simply was and you dealt with it and moved on.

Or in their case, didn't. Move on that was. Not after this. But they would - had to - be enough to keep any of their enemies from moving on either. It wouldn't be for nothing even if the people that lived beyond this point and would continue to do so unmolested might never even know. Cloud didn't care about being remembered. He cared about protecting people that needed it.

The kid's question had him looking down and for a minute his blue eyes were caught off guard. He blinked. And then his face relaxed and the very edges of his lips cracked upward the smallest bit.]

I'm Cloud.


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