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44. The Kidnap Meme

The Kidnap Meme

Has your character ever been spirited away against their will? Either dragged out for a night on the town by a friend, or forcibly tied up and stuffed into a dufflebag by a masked stanger and whisked away to a dark abandoned warehouse? No? Well now's your chance. Whether you want to play out something silly, fluffy, sexy, or even a little on the dark side, this is the meme for you!

The rules:

1) Post with your characters and put their names and fandoms in the subject line.
2) Reply to other characters and either roll with the RNG to pick a number, or if you'd prefer, just pick one that you really want to play out.
3) The person replying is now kidnapping the person who originally posted. Play out the scenario and have fun.
4) If there are any scenarios you don't want to do, make a note of it. If someone doesn't want to do a scenario that you really want to do, please respect their wishes.
5) Don't be shy! Try tagging with someone new!

The Scenarios:

1) Friendly Kidnap: Your friend has come around to take you out, and they're not taking no for an answer. Whether it's for a movie, drinks, or shopping you really don't seem to have much of a choice...

2) Romantic Kidnap: Similar to the above, but replace friend with lover. You've noticed your lover seems a bit down, or maybe you just want some time with them. In any case, go out and get them! It's not like they have anything better to do right?

3) Tough Love Kidnap: Your student/friend/lover/charge/random acquaintence has been ignoring their training/studies/duties and spending too much time monkeying about. Normally you can tolerate it, but today is the last straw. It's time to go out, haul them to where they actually need to be, and watch them like a hawk until they do what they need to. You may need to... restrain them to make sure they don't get away...

4) Kinky Kidnap: It's time to spice up your love life. You read somewhere that some couples enjoy kidnap fantasies with their lovers, especially those that enjoy bondage. So grab your fuzzy cuffs, silk blindfolds and riding crops, it's time for a sexy kidnapping. Either tell your lover, or leave it a surprise. OR, maybe this person isn't your lover at all, but someone you've admired from a distance and want to finally make yours whether they want it or not? Either way, have fun. NOTE: This scenario has a very high liklihood of going into NC-17 smut territory. If you don't want smut for your character, or if you'd rather not do this scenario altogether, please make a note of it.

5) Srs Bsns Kidnap: Time to put your ski mask and black leather gloves on, you're kidnapping this person for srs. Maybe they're from a rich family and you want the ransom money. Maybe you're kidnapping them for political reasons. Maybe they're your enemy and you're trying to get them out of the way. Maybe you're a psycho and want to kidnap them just cause. Or hell, maybe this is a college prank? Either way, get your burlap sack out and clean out the trunk of your car, you have some live merchandise to transport. NOTE: This scenario could potentially contain triggers for violence or mindfuck (or it could just as possibly be cracky and fun). If this is not your cup of tea, please make a note of it.

6) DIY Kidnap: Don't like any of these scenarios? Make your own!

Erik Lehnsherr | X-Men: First Class

1, yeah?

It is high time you left the Mansion.

Re: 1, yeah?

And I assume I have no choice in the matter?

Absolutely none at all.

[He seems rather cheerful about this.]

6? They're both kidnapped! if you want someone different than charles, i do have nightcrawler

[Erik and Charles will be waking up soon, trapped in their own personal cages in this mutant catching facility, Charles with a metal band around his head as he lays on the floor of his cell, his hands tied behind his back]

[Erik's cell is deviod of anything metal and insulated so that he's not able to reach out for anything outside of it, despite it having windows he can looking of There are many more mutants here too in similar cages]

Ooh, nightcrawler is fun too if you'd like to send him in. Also, during or post movie?

[Erik comes to with a gasp and is on his feet within seconds, still in combat mode, searching for their attacker, or any metal nearby to be used as a weapon. That's when he realizes that he must have been out for much longer than he'd thought.

And there was no metal nearby that he could feel. Nothing. It was like being blind.

He approaches the window and looks around with dawning horror. Mutants in cages. And one other in particular... He bangs on the glass that divides them.]


I'm gonna say during the movie

[...that was Erik's voice. He sounded a bit muffled but it was definitely him. They'd drugged him up pretty good to get him here so he was having to crawl out of a fog to get his eyes open and look at the white ceiling. His head felt heavier than the rest of him though he didn't know why yet]

[he manages to roll to his back, moving his head to try and clear the cobwebs]
...Erik? Where are you?

[ooc: nightcrawler and erik probably couldn't kidnap each other very well though...any ideas?]

Re: I'm gonna say during the movie

I'm in the next room. [The next cage, he thinks, desperately. Never again, that's what he'd told himself. He would never let anyone cage him again. And here he was. He has to fight to keep the edge of panic out of his voice.]

Are you hurt?

((ooc: Yeah, Kurt would have no real reason to kidnap him and well. Kidnapping him Nightcrawler would prove difficult.))

[This whole situation didn't feel right. Charles works himself up to a sitting position, finding his hands bound in front of him. His face is grim as he looks over at Erik in the next cage over] Just groggy, I think. Where...

[he doesn't get much farther than that, as he tries to reach out with his mind, the metal band around his head gives him a painful shock] OW!

[he tries again with the same result, stopping after the third try, it was just getting too painful to continue as he rests his head forward onto his lap] owwww....where are we?


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