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44. The Kidnap Meme

The Kidnap Meme

Has your character ever been spirited away against their will? Either dragged out for a night on the town by a friend, or forcibly tied up and stuffed into a dufflebag by a masked stanger and whisked away to a dark abandoned warehouse? No? Well now's your chance. Whether you want to play out something silly, fluffy, sexy, or even a little on the dark side, this is the meme for you!

The rules:

1) Post with your characters and put their names and fandoms in the subject line.
2) Reply to other characters and either roll with the RNG to pick a number, or if you'd prefer, just pick one that you really want to play out.
3) The person replying is now kidnapping the person who originally posted. Play out the scenario and have fun.
4) If there are any scenarios you don't want to do, make a note of it. If someone doesn't want to do a scenario that you really want to do, please respect their wishes.
5) Don't be shy! Try tagging with someone new!

The Scenarios:

1) Friendly Kidnap: Your friend has come around to take you out, and they're not taking no for an answer. Whether it's for a movie, drinks, or shopping you really don't seem to have much of a choice...

2) Romantic Kidnap: Similar to the above, but replace friend with lover. You've noticed your lover seems a bit down, or maybe you just want some time with them. In any case, go out and get them! It's not like they have anything better to do right?

3) Tough Love Kidnap: Your student/friend/lover/charge/random acquaintence has been ignoring their training/studies/duties and spending too much time monkeying about. Normally you can tolerate it, but today is the last straw. It's time to go out, haul them to where they actually need to be, and watch them like a hawk until they do what they need to. You may need to... restrain them to make sure they don't get away...

4) Kinky Kidnap: It's time to spice up your love life. You read somewhere that some couples enjoy kidnap fantasies with their lovers, especially those that enjoy bondage. So grab your fuzzy cuffs, silk blindfolds and riding crops, it's time for a sexy kidnapping. Either tell your lover, or leave it a surprise. OR, maybe this person isn't your lover at all, but someone you've admired from a distance and want to finally make yours whether they want it or not? Either way, have fun. NOTE: This scenario has a very high liklihood of going into NC-17 smut territory. If you don't want smut for your character, or if you'd rather not do this scenario altogether, please make a note of it.

5) Srs Bsns Kidnap: Time to put your ski mask and black leather gloves on, you're kidnapping this person for srs. Maybe they're from a rich family and you want the ransom money. Maybe you're kidnapping them for political reasons. Maybe they're your enemy and you're trying to get them out of the way. Maybe you're a psycho and want to kidnap them just cause. Or hell, maybe this is a college prank? Either way, get your burlap sack out and clean out the trunk of your car, you have some live merchandise to transport. NOTE: This scenario could potentially contain triggers for violence or mindfuck (or it could just as possibly be cracky and fun). If this is not your cup of tea, please make a note of it.

6) DIY Kidnap: Don't like any of these scenarios? Make your own!

Charles Xavier | Xmen: First Class (1-3, 5)

5 (College Prank)

[Is it even a good idea to pull a prank on the professor? Probably not, but Sean is going to try.

Donned head to toe in black, with a ski mask and a voice changer. Also armed with a metallic painted water gun. He barges into the study with a garbage bag, some rope, and a... helmet?]

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[the professor is sitting at his desk, working on some notes when the masked figure comes in] What in the....Sean? What are you up to...?

[He puts on the helmet, which isn't ordinary. It prevents Sean's mind from being read temporarily.]

You're coming with us, sir.

[He attempts to tie him up and put a garbage bag over him. Oh god what is he doing?]

[muffled in the garbage bag, certain that this is a prank] Us? Who's with you exactly? Com'n Sean, I've got papers to grade...

[not resisting attempts at being tied up] Alex put you up to this didn't he? Lost a bet or something, hm?

That can wait. [Signals the others to help carry the professor to the car.]

[Nope. This is all Sean's idea. Part of his bucket list.]

[oh now there's more people??] Hey now, easy there...

[Oh god, Sean is really trying so hard to not laugh as he and the other guys carry him to the car. One guy asks.]

So what's the plan?

Can't tell you. He can still hear us.

[He won't say anything out loud, but it might involve a party at the end.]

You're right I can still hear you. [they hadn't been any too bright to not gag him and he was taking full advantage of the situation] You think your little hat will keep me out forever, Sean?

[Nah, they wouldn't do that. Despite prank kidnapping him.]

Maybe. [It's only temporary. They have to do this quickly.]

Dude, who's driving?

I am, duh! We have to hurry up. I'm gonna floor it!

[he is probably lying about his hat really, just a psych out back at him]

Oof! [as he's tossed into the truck and the top shut]

[sigh, what has his teaching career come to if his students were taking to kidnapping him in the middle of the night] You are all dangerously close to a pop quiz in the morning.

[The students admire you, Professor. They're showing such admiration by kidnapping you.]

Did you hear something?

Nope. [Totally ignoring the pop quiz thing. Sean whispers] Don't you remember what the plan was? We're taking him to a surprise party.

[he couldn't hear much in the trunk so the surprise party bit passed him by]

[since he's got some time while they drive, he starts testing his bonds and trying to get the bag off his head]

[Sean and the other guys are laughing along the way.]

Oh my god, that was awesome! I can't believe you put him in the trunk, man.

[Then, the car stops. They're here.]

You know what to do, guys. Get ready.

[Sean gets out of the car and opens the trunk.]

[because Charles is the man....he's sitting there smiling, the bag gone and his hands re-tied (BY HIMSELF) in front of him] So we're there, are we? Wherever there is.

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