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455. Put on your game face

the power games meme

This meme is about gaining, using and abusing power over others. Now with more options! Warning: contains possible triggers.

How to play

- Post your character with their name and canon in the subject line. You can also give your preferences if you do/don't want to thread anything R-rated or above.
- When replying, go to RNG and roll numbers 1-2 to get a scenario type, then 1-16 to select a scenario.
- Play out that scenario! Please respect others' wishes if they don't want to play out a particular scene.

i. manipulation

01. Mind games. You're messing with this person's head, using whatever you know about them to your advantage. Words are barbs, and everyone has a weakness.
02. Stay close to me. You're not letting this person out of your sight. And you don't care what extreme measures you have to go to in order to do it.
03. Blackmail. You know something and you're not afraid to use it against them. Now they have to do what you want.
04. Love makes you do things. It's because you love them that you're making them do this. If they truly loved you, wouldn't they do as you say?
05. For your own good. It doesn't matter what the other person wants. You know what's best, and you're going to force it on them whether they like it or not.
06. Break you down. You're going to make the other person think they're worthless. Crush their self-esteem, break them until they're entirely helpless.
07. Betrayal. You made a promise, and you broke it. Or perhaps you betrayed this person's trust. It's all part of gaining the upper hand.
08. Lies, lies, lies. Fool the other person with words and you'll have them wrapped around your finger in no time.
09. Sob story. A little bit of emotional manipulation never hurt anyone, right? You're going to use this person's feelings for you against them. Make them feel sorry!
10. In your debt. Look, you saved them. The other person wouldn't be here without you. They should show some gratitude.
11. I need you. You're depending on the other person to do as you say. They're the only one who can help.
12. Turn up the charm. There's nothing like a bit of good old-fashioned flirting to get someone eating out of your hand.
13. Negotiating. There's a bargain to be struck, if only you can find the right words – and the right leverage.
14. For my sake. Why should they do as you say? Because you're the one asking.
15. The truth. It's the thing that hurts most of all.
16. Your choice. Combine any of the above scenarios or choose your own! It's up to you.

ii. mastery

01. Pretty little puppet. You can command this person at will. They're a plaything, to do with as you please.
02. You're mine. You own this person, and you're going to make sure they know it.
03. No escape. Maybe you've locked the other person up somewhere, maybe you've got them in chains. Either way, they're not going anywhere.
04. Put in your place. That's it. The other person made one too many caustic comments, got in your way one last time. Now you're going to show them who's boss.
05. Force of strength. Nothing like a good old fashioned brawl to really prove who's stronger.
06. Cornered. Finally, you've got them alone. This is the moment you've been waiting for – and perhaps the moment they've been dreading.
07. Turning the tables. They thought they'd won, but here's your chance! Maybe it's time to give them a taste of their own medicine, or maybe you have a new trick up your sleeve.
08. Punishment. The other person has done something wrong, or maybe just something you don't like. Now you're going to punish them.
09. Back and forth. I have a laser gun! Well, I have a lightsaber! Whatever it is, you're closely matched and trying to outdo each other.
10. Make them beg. You hold all the power and whatever it is they want or need, you're going to make them beg for it.
11. Call my bluff. You're making claims you can't back up. Can you bluff your way out of this, or will the other person catch on?
12. Time to pay. The other person owes you, and it's time for them to pay up.
13. Show of dominance. You're not actually going to hurt this person. You're just going to show them that you could.
14. The most precious thing. Whatever is most important to the other person, you're going to take it away. Because you can.
15. Consequences. You warned them. They failed, and now they're going to pay the price.
16. Your choice. Combine any of the above scenarios or choose your own! It's up to you.

Rogue | X-Men

[idk, you can roll?]


[Marie was on her way out the door. Logan was busy grieving, Bobby had Kitty, and she was still fucked with her powers. She had no reason to be here. Johnny was off who knows. She just couldn't stay here any more.

Until Kurt had caught her on the way out.]

Please just let me go.

[He had poofed out of nowhere, putting a three fingered hand carefully on her upper arm over the sleeve. He had a concerned look on his face] You are going somevhere? And not telling anyvone?

I just want to leave, Kurt. Please. You can have my room even. [Because she needed to bargain for something here.]

[He does let go of her arm but maneuvers around in front of her, blocking the doorway] Vhy do you vant to leave? Not for gut?? [Things were nicer here, safer]

[She pursed her lips.] I'm not a kid, Kurt. I've thought this through. It's... better this way.

How is dhis bettar? [His tone is hurt] You vhould leave us?

I won't hurt anyone. [Oh god, that look.] It's not you. You have to know that.

[Kurt is the master of the whipped puppy look] vill be alone. [He's been alone before, it's tough. And lonely. He straightens up a bit] I vill go vith you.

It's fine, Kurt. I've been alone before. Before Logan.

So haf I. Vhe can be alone together and compare notes. [You aren't going to talk him out of this so easily Rogue]

You can't leave, Kurt. You love it here.

[mock offense] I can leave vhen I vant...and I vant you to be safe.


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