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The Autumn Meme




> open to anything from G to NC-17 [but this is mostly geared toward fluff]
> kid characters should be aged up where appropriate plz k thnx
> play nice!
> ???
> profit!!!


1. comment!!
2. when someone comments to you OR when you reply to them go to the RNG! roll 1-15!
3. match the number with the option below
4. shenanigans!

1 - Leaf Pile - you have both worked very hard raking up all these leaves! and now… now it's time to ruin them.
2 - Apple Picking - there is a huge orchard and the apples are plump, juicy and red. ready for picking so get your butts out there!
3 - Haunted Hay Ride - you, me, a cart full of hay and a horse. sounds like a date! except for the zombies that keep jumping out at you.
4 - You Fat Bastard - post-Thanksgiving food coma. all you want to do is snuggle up to someone and sleep forever.
5 - Star Gazing - cozy up with the person you're with on a blanket, wrap one around the both of you and count the stars. share that body heat because it's a chilly night.
6 - KILL IT! - you have now earned the honor of killing your own turkey for Thanksgiving. here's your rifle, you monster.
7 - Now Kiss - you're all cozy on the couch on a rainy day by the fireplace, hot cider in hand. and whoever you're with? you really want to kiss them.
8 - Colors - time to take a walk along a path shrouded in trees. colorful autumn trees. ooh.
9 - Harvest Festival - time to celebrate the season change with a good ole fashion harvest fest! (if you don't know what that is, Google it.)
10 - First Snow - oh fall is so lovely! not too warm, not too cold, not too--HOLY FUCK IT'S A SNOW STORM. NATURE, YOU ARE DRUNK.
11 - Pie Baking - you must bake a pie. together. for charity. don't fuck this up.
12 - Pumpkin Carving - before they were rotting prank bombs, they were big healthy pumpkins waiting to have their guts scooped out and their faces carved into.
13 - Camping - the best time to camp is in the fall among the colorful trees, sitting around a huge fire pit and roasting marshmallows. bliss. watch out for bears.
14 - Playground - the school is empty for Thanksgiving vacation and you have decided to take advantage of the empty playground. leaves everywhere, a little bit of frost here and there… empty and misty fields… …. kinda creepy...
15 - Wild Card - pick any of the above or make up your own scene. go wild!

Tifa Lockheart/Final Fantasy VII


[Sephiroth has returned with selective amnesia this time, and his primary goal at the moment is to bake a pie. Who can say why? An odd expression of a Lifestream-inspired wish to make amends, perhaps?

Whatever the reason, he is standing in the kitchen with an expectant, but bemused look on his face. He's not quite sure how he got here, and he doesn't know where anything is, yet he has at last succeeded in locating the pie tins. One of them falls to the floor with a clatter.]

lmao - how this even... I don't know. But it's going to be glorious

{it would be hard to think of anyone in the world she would never expect to see again, much less find in her kitchen, rummaging through her pantry. So when she steps into the room expecting to see one of the kids or Cloud and instead sees a sweep of silver hair and a slowly settling pie tin, there's a surreal moment when, instead of screaming or throwing a punch, she simply freezes in place.

Sephiroth is standing in her kitchen.

Sephiroth is standing in her kitchen.

Sephiroth is standing in her kitchen.

No matter how she runs it through her head there's still something desperately wrong with that sentence. Which is right about when what's going on kicks in in her mind and she drops into a fighting crouch, firmly blocking the door to the rest of the house with her own body. Not that there's anyone currently home but her - and a pie tin stealing maniac - it's just instinctive to protect what's precious to her.

She's also very aware she'd probably going to get killed this time.

Right after he... finishes rearranging her pots and pans...?}

What do you want?

ha ha, I honestly don't know either, but I couldn't stop myself

[Sephiroth remains still when she approaches. He studies Tifa, carefully noting her alarm and her defensive stance. Then, very slowly, so as not to alarm her, he bends to pick up the fallen pie tin. He sets it down carefully on the counter. He doesn't have his sword, or any visible weaponry.

He remains confused by his own presence here, having been so recently dead (again), and addled from the Lifestream. He doesn't recognize her, though there's something familiar... He shakes his head briefly, as if to clear it, in a daze. No, he can't recall. He doesn't remember much of anything.]

This place is yours? I was looking for ingredients, and utensils.

[He is sure about making a pie. It may be some scrap of human memory, combined with his current surroundings, that has inspired what seems like such an absurd aim. Yet he has enough sense to realize that appearing suddenly in people's kitchens might not be an ordinary activity.]

My apologies.

XD I'm glad you didn't

{this... isn't going at all the way she would have expect a meeting with a world-destroying madman to go - if she'd been inclined to imagine that kind of meeting in the first place - which she wasn't. Her stance doesn't change and she doesn't relax in the slightest but her mind is scrambling madly to try to make the world make sense again.


For what? You didn't make clones or Jenova monster parts in a kitchen.


did you...?

No, of course you didn't. He didn't. She ignores the apology. Being in her kitchen is so mild compared to what he does have to apologize for that it doesn't even ping her. The utter bafflement in her eyes however when they finally meet his mirrors her question.

is she really having a discussion with him? A sensible 'how's the weather' normal kind of discussion? Yes. Yes, she is.}

Ingredients for what?

When RNG gave me pie, I knew I had to

[She isn't attacking him, and she's made no offensive movements, so that's good. He remains somewhat on his guard, but he can continue with the important business at hand, for now. Her bewilderment doesn't register with him.]

For the pie.

[He says this quite politely, but also as if it should be obvious. It is, to him. What else would he be making? The pie is his first priority now. Or maybe he can make more than one, if there are enough ingredients. There are multiple pie pans here, aren't there?

Although he belatedly realizes he doesn't know how many ingredients he needs. He has no particular recipe in mind. What does one need for a pie? These small, everyday details return to him seemingly at random. There is the crust, then the filling. The filling is fruit, usually.]

You must have apples. [Apples, yes, that's something he remembers very well, for some reason. Where would they be kept? He turns to look, opening the door to the pantry. As confused as he is, he remains fairly calm. It could be that remaining so focused on one particular task is helping him with that.]

lol that sounds like one of those life phrases 'when RNG gives you pie...'


{she can't help the blank way she says it. Pie. He wants to make pie. In her kitchen.

Of course. Why not? Where else would you make pie? Not like the Lifestream probably has stoves, right...?

okay. stop it, Tifa. you're obviously going insane but there's no reason to make a fuss about it on the way there. just... deep breath and deal with things sensibly.

Because Sephiroth baking a pie is SO sensible...

stop it. focus.}

Apple pie? {it brings another pause and she's trying to keep up with you, Sephiroth, she really is. But - politely curious: (because she really doesn't want you burning down her kitchen. You know, along with everything else...)} Do you know how to make apple pie?

Yes, it does! :D Now I wish the RNG would really give me pie.

That's correct. [He scans the pantry, but he hasn't found any apples yet. She hasn't confirmed his initial assumption that she has any of the fruit, so now he begins to doubt whether she does. That would be a problem. He turns toward her again, still mannerly in his bearing.]

Do you have any apples?

[It's possible he could make another kind of pie, if necessary, but her question gives him pause. Does he know how to make pie? In spite of his vague ideas, he doesn't have any specific recollection of doing so. He tries again to recall his past. There's nothing but a dim haze, punctuated by brief glimpses of faces, places. None of it makes much sense to him. None of it involves pie, but he continues to be sure about the need to make one nonetheless. (Perhaps it's a psychic suggestion left by Aerith in his mind, which might be the kind of joke she'd make.)]

I'm unsure.

[That makes him hesitate. He doesn't like to admit to not knowing something, but it is the truth.]

we could all quit our jobs and live happily on pie and RP forever

{there's a brief, horrible moment when Tifa swears she's going to laugh. She just can't decide if it's appropriate or not.

when Cloud gets home she's going to ask him about how to go crazy properly - she's pretty sure she's doing it wrong.

Without a word, she turns and walks back out of her kitchen, the door swinging softly behind her. Because the apples are on the back counter of the bar, you see. The lunch crowd buys them sometimes. It's all very sensible, she thinks, including the question that goes through her mind to wonder if she should expect Sephiroth to pay for the apples or not.

He's still in the kitchen when she walks back in with the wire basket in her arms and she's not sure if that relieves her or not. Since she's apparently going crazy anyway though, she isn't all that surprised to hear herself calmly offer:}

I know how to make pie.

That sounds unhealthy--but fun! Also, sorry for the delay.

[When Tifa leaves, Sephiroth remains in the kitchen, not exactly sure why she left or if she's coming back, as he's not completely sure of most things at the moment.

He continues to look through the kitchen. He locates a mixing bowl, measuring spoons, a measuring cup, and some other utensils that seem relevant. He is going to accomplish this goal no matter what. Then he will--he isn't sure what will happen after that. Perhaps the pie is for someone. He's not going to ask too many questions about this goal of his or how much sense it makes. To properly be crazy, you shouldn't realize that you are, and he does not. At least he's currently harmless, though.

When Tifa returns, he's pleased to see the apples, and he shows it, his expression softening very slightly. He's even more pleased by her words.]

That's fortunate. Perhaps that's why I came here.

high in the sky apple pie hopes... also, no worries ;) time is no object when it comes to pie

{perhaps that's why...

oh, dear.

Dead megalomaniacs are showing up for cooking lessons now?

she's going to have to go shopping for more supplies if this becomes a habit...

No. No, she can handle this. Obviously she'd dreaming. About pies and Sephiroth and she doesn't even want to know what that probably says about her subconscious. Just - make the pie, Tifa and then maybe you can wake up...

So - bright smile and she's going to hand him the basket of apples to keep his hands busy and knife free while she starts going through the cabinets for the rest of the ingredients.

he'd better no be making that pie for Cloud. She is NOT cleaning up the spatter from his brain exploding

Her own part of this crazy obviously reasserts itself as she asks:}

Have you decided what kind of crust you're going to want?


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