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433. does anyone here not have amnesia?

Ah, amnesia. The old standby for soap operas, it usually involves a good knock on the head and a complete loss of memory. Ever wanted to do that to your character? Well, now's your chance.

1. Comment with your characters!
2. Others comment. Optionally, go to RNG and roll the scenario. (As to who gets knocked on the head, well, that's up to you!)
3. ???

1. HEAD-ON COLLISION - ...whoops. It was an honest mistake, really! You didn't see that car/tree/post/person/whatever coming, but now you're stumbling out of the wreckage sans memory. Better ask for help.

2. WAIT, WHO ARE YOU? - Okay, so a while ago, you got into...something that caused you to lose your memory. Fortunately, you managed to get by and create a new identity for yourself. Unfortunately, someone new has just entered your life. Or should I say, someone who's a little too familiar...

3. RINSE AND REPEAT - Sigh. Really, this is just so inconvenient. You wake up everyday with no memory of who you are, and have to figure it out over the course of the day, only to fall asleep and have to do it all over again the next day. Good thing someone's there to help you out, right? And what's with all those post-its and notes?

4. THIS ROOM'S TOO WHITE - Welcome to the hospital. You've got an "Unknown" tag on your wrist, a healthy diet of bland hospital food, a steady trickle of doctors coming in to check up on you, and a TV, and nothing else. Looks like someone's coming to help you today, though! Here's to hoping they knew you before you lost your memory.

5. I'M SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT?! - Oh, crap. There's something only you can do right now--that is, the you who didn't lose your memory, anyway. Better figure out a way out of this mess and how to control your strange abilities before it's too late.

6. FIGHTING FOR THE WRONG SIDE - Uh, oh. Looks like your enemies decided to take advantage of your confused state and convinced you that you're on their side. Here's to hoping your allies can get you back to yourself before you cause some serious damage.

7. JUST TOO TRAUMATIC - You just saw something that's so traumatic you lost your memory because of it. Unfortunately, right now, you have to remember it, or else something really bad happens. Hope you don't regret remembering this!

8. I'M WHO?! - And who the hell are you? Basically, this is the wild card option! Combine one of the above or make up a new one or whatever you want! Go wild!

Emma Frost | X-Men

[evening Miss Frost, care to lose your memory or shall I? :)]

[Why good evening, Professor Xavier. I was thinking Emma could because nothing bad has happened to her in a while >.>]

[rolled a 4]

Charles frowned a little, his eyes still closed as he was in Cerebro. Strange, he could feel another mutant and this one was very familiar. Usually she had her mental defenses up, he couldn't find her at all but...

...he could see a hospital bed and white walls...

[She didn't know much, but she did have this instinctual feeling that she hated hospitals. And that's what this place smelled like, a hospital. Even before her eyes opened she was squirming and trying to press herself back into the bed.

And then there was this feeling... this sense and she started to become flooded with voices in her mind. She didn't think they were hers, but the truth was she couldn't recognise her own in all the noise.]

No, no! Shut up! Just leave me alone...

[A sob escaped, and the normally in control and perfectly poised Emma Frost was scared. Scared of the voices, scared of the fact she couldn't remember why she was in hospital. Scared that she had no idea who she was.]

[Something was very wrong, Emma was not acting like herself. Charles could feel her frustration and fear...he knew he had to do something.]

Miss Frost...Emma, can you hear me? [His voice filters in over the others, she can just about see his concerned face as the image of Charles sits on the side of her bed, his hands holding lightly on both sides of her face so she will focus on him. He helps some by putting up a mental shield to keep the other voices out] It's ok, you're ok...breathe.

[Emma's eyes were wide and full of tears as she looked at the man who was suddenly on her bed. She tried to scramble back but in the end she realised it was easier not to fight.

He was making it quiet. He was making it better.

She took a breath, breathing deeply as she relaxed the grip she had on the bed sheets.]

I... Am I Emma? I don't know--I can't remember... Who are you?

[His eyes were full of worry for her, keeping one hand against her face as he let the other one drop to hold onto one of her hands. There was a hint of transparency about him that showed he wasn't truly there but it was the best he could do at this distance.]

There, that's a little better. I don't know what happened but I think you have had an accident to be here in the hospital. [He nods at her name] You are Emma Frost...a telepath and mutant. Like me, I realize it's confusing speaking like this but I hadn't the chance to come down in person yet. I wanted to be sure you were ok. I'm Charles Xavier.

[She uncurled slightly, legs shifting down in the bed as she felt her heart rate starting to slow. It was better without the voices, without all the noise.

She looked at him again, eyes flicking over his face and then to the hand on hers.]

You're in my head. Are you even real? I can't be... I can't be a telepath, that's just ridiculous. [But even as she said it, how else could she explain being able to hear him, being able to hear all those other voices moments earlier.] Charles Xavier? Are we friends?

[She finally relaxes enough that he can take his metaphorical hand away from her cheek, keeping her mental barriers in place.]

I am real, I assure you. [Hopefully he could make it to the hospital soon after this and prove it to her in person] I believe you're suffering from amnesia, whatever trauma that caused it, I couldn't say.

[There's an almost smirk that twitches along his mouth at the question] Perhaps not friends...recent acquaintances would probably be more accurate.

Amnesia, right. How can I know what that is but not know who I am? [She gently touched a hand to her head, trying to search it for damage. It wasn't as if she could remember either. She just knew the doctors kept trying to assure her she was fine. She just thought they were lying, and now the voices telling her as much made sense. She was a telepath.

There was a hiss of breath as she found the bandage and the tender area. But her eyes are on his face and she finds herself frowning again.]
Am I really that bad?

I could give you the technical and scientific reasons, but I doubt that would help you feel any better about it. [He's sitting as if just a normal person, one knee up on the bed so he can face her]
[Now he really does smile and drop his gaze to the bed before looking up at her again] An honest answer seems cruel to say aloud. There are not many telepaths, we are two of the few on this small planet of ours. Our last meeting, we were on opposite sides. You were helping another mutant to start a war, I was on the side of preventing it.

...I like to think, had we met under different circumstances, we might have been good friends.

Oh. [She really does seem deflated by the news, a shaky hand moving through her hair as she looks away. Why would this man be helping her if she was the enemy?

Her gaze was dragged back towards him as she gave in and hung onto the only person giving her any sort of anchor.]
We're meeting under different circumstances now. I don't remember any wars, or choosing a side.

[Because she didn't remember, she didn't know what kind of man Charles Xavier was. He lets her hang onto his mind, keeping the other voices at bay]

You will later, I'm sure. For now though, we can be friends. You could use one. [Where was the oh-so-vigilant Brotherhood after all? Either they didn't know or didn't care.]

[Emma was wondering a similar thing herself, though of course she didn't remember the Brotherhood. She was just trying to work out why Charles was the only person who had come to visit. Was she really such a terrible person? She didn't feel terrible.

Maybe she hadn't been the most cooperative of patients, but it was hard when you had voices invading your mind and the fear of realising you didn't remember anything.]
I really could. I just wished I was someone you liked. Maybe it's better if I don't remember?

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