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413. Never felt so good to be bad, never felt so bad to be good

Well, it looks like your characters have all switched alignments. Could be by choice, or it might not be. But now good characters are becoming evil, and evil characters are becoming good.

The question now is why.

✓ Post with your characters.
✓ You (or whoever is in your thread who may be picking your numbers) may either choose to use the RNG to test your luck, or just pick a number you like to play with. The set of numbers they may pick depends upon whether they are good or evil, of course.
✓ ????

1. Evil Laser Beams. Or evil gas. Or evil potion. Or maybe you just ate some bad shrimp. Silly puns aside, your character now inexplicably evil due to this event, and the only way to change them back is to hit them with the same thing a second time. That is, if your character can be stopped long enough...

2. Deal With The Devil. Your character desperately needed something done, and the only person capable of getting that something done is their nemesis. The problem is, he wants something in return - and no matter the details, the end result is the same. Your character is going to be doing some pretty evil things to fulfill their end of the bargain...

3. Brainwashed and Crazy. Someone used the activation code, put a chip in the brain, plunked on the brainwashing hat or just did it the old fashioned way with a watch while saying 'you're getting sleeeepy'. Whatever the case, your character is completely under someone's thumb, and what better way to use them then to use them to cause havoc and chaos?...

4. A Monster Am I. They've been infected with the Virus, given a syringe of mutating agents, or suppressing Their primal side for too long. But your character's reluctance to reveal the truth to their allies will cost everyone dearly. Because your character can feel the transformation start, and only seconds remain until they're little more than a killing machine...

5. Watch Out For Pea Soup. Your character's been possessed by something malevolent. A ghost, a god, a puppet master, or whatever else might want to possess them. Maybe they know they're possessed and maybe they don't. But one things for sure - their loved ones are about to find out because nothing short of death or an exorcism is going to work against your character now...

6. Amnesia Makes Everyone Evil. Your character bumped their head somehow and have completely lost their memories of being the good guy. Their enemy has thus managed to trick them into believing that their allies are really the enemy and that they have to fight them to save the day. And being the amnesiac, good-willed sap that your character is, they believed the bad guy...

7. ...Wait, That Wasn't You?! Your character's evil twin has arrived! Or maybe it's a clone. Or a robot. Or an alternate reality version of them. Or their disgruntled reflection in the mirror. Whatever the case, they've managed to sully your character's good name while they were away on vacation. Or maybe the evil twin was holding them hostage all along!...

8. This Just Isn't Working. Being good just isn't cutting it. No matter what your character tries, their methods aren't working to prevent whatever problem is happening. Or maybe they've had a falling out with their allies, or said did something that crossed a line. In any case, its time to make a decision. And your character has decided that they're better off allying with the bad guy, now the lesser of two evils in their eyes, after all...

9. Evil All Along. Your character was evil this whole time. They're just a damn good actor, if they might say so themselves. Maybe they were working as the bad guy's spy, or working toward their own evil ends. Still, their allies have now outlived their usefulness, and its time to crush them. Like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

10. Wild Card. It can be any of the above, or something else entirely!

1. Good Laser Beams. The opposite of Evil Laser Beams. It was likely an accident with actual laser beams (your character was evil, after all), but in any case your character is now the nicest and most selfless person to ever walk the the face of the planet. And the only way to change them back is to - what else? - hit them with whatever turned them good a second time...

2. Brainwashed and...Nice? The opposite of Brainwashed and Crazy. It may or may not have been the doing of the good guys. But now your character has become nice as pie. Not only this, but they'll obediently follow any order given, because they're just that nice! Heck, they're so nice it might actually start getting on the nerves of the heroes as to just how nice they are. Or, well, maybe your character's evil allies might want to un-brainwash them too...

3. I Have A Good Twin!? The opposite of ...Wait, That Wasn't You?! Your character's insufferably good clone/twin/alternate self/mirror image/etc. has just made a complete mess of your character's image and life. Now its up to everyone else to solve it while your character's gone. Or, maybe they're supposed to rescue them from whatever horrific imprisonment the good twin put your character in back when they first arrived...

4. Amnesia Makes You Good. The opposite of Amnesia Makes You Evil. Now its the good guy's turn to use amnesia to their advantage. They've convinced your character to help them with something - likely an evil scheme your character perpetrated - because, according to them, your character's a good guy and they just don't remember. And all the while they're praying your character stays not remembering long enough to finish the job...

5. Being Good Isn't So Bad. The opposite of This Just Isn't Working. Maybe it started with an unexpected act of kindness from the other side. Or maybe its from breaking free from years of misguidance. Or maybe it was falling in love with an enemy, or getting older. But something has happened and now, looking back your character's started to have scruples about what they're doing. Maybe the good guys were right - and maybe its time to start doing some heavy-duty soul-searching and genuine penance...

6. Healed In The Name Of The Moon. The truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. It turns out that you weren't always this evil, but rather you were forced by a spell or curse to become an evil monster, and its been so long you forgot all about who you once were. But now, your character's enemies have found the magic or the machine that will turn you back into your long-forgotten self. And they've just activated it...

7. Spy For The Rebel Alliance. The opposite of Evil All Along. They pretended to be evil for the sake of truth and justice - and now your character is a close ally of the enemy. So much so that your character has gotten rid of some bad guys by faking them being spies - and they have even fooled the good guys into thinking they're completely evil. But the time has come to discard that evil persona and to reveal to the enemy just why trusting your character was really a bad idea...

8. Wild Card. It can be any of the above, or something else entirely!

Re: have a 3

For both or...? Did who brainwash who? Ufufufu, this meme is horrible.

Re: have a 3

my god, it's going to be so crazy when they both are.. I think I like it xD
and it is xD


[ She chuckled, tugging on his sleeve. ]

How about that man? Hmm? He doesn't look so good so I want to help him!


[Okita looked at the man his companion meant. A confident grin was crossing his features. He licked the tip of this thumb before lowering his hand to the hilt of his katana.]

Sure. I bet he loves an offer of a cute girl like you.

... This shouldn't be so fun

Hmhm, who wants to go first? I'll make sure not to kill him to soon.

[ The shine of her gun almost gave her a frightening look, but other then that, she had a smile that would send chills down someones spine. ]

I know. This is disturbing xD

[He gave her a grin that equaled her smile in terms of scariness.]

Maybe you should go first then. I can't guarantee that I will let him live too long.


Ohh? You shouldn't be to happy about this, you know? It'll be very sad when he's gone...

[ She pouted, raising her gun with a little giggle. ]

We can't kill him again.

[ She pulled the trigger, and with a prideful smile, her aim was perfect. It went right into his arm. ]

why are we so horrible? D:

[Okita gave a small laugh.]

Well, you do have a point.

[He approached the man with a dangerous grin on his face, slowly drawing his blade out of it's sheath.]

I don't know but it's lovely

[ She giggled, putting down her weapon to watch him curiously. ]

I'll leave the rest for you, think of it as a gift!

it is indeed

Well, thank you.

[He grinned again, and at a distance throw the katana with all his might through the unwounded shoulder, pinning the man effictively to the wall.

As in trance he continued to approach the other man, taking the katana back to stab it into the left leg.]


Hmhm, no need, I think I should rest up for just a moment. I can watch you!

[ She leaned back against the wall, humming. ]


[He unceremoniously continued to stab the poor man into the other leg, before he took a look at her again.]

Do you want to give him the final blow? I am sure he would enjoy it more if it were by your hands.


Well... how about you cut of the head and I shoot the heart?


[Okita smirks.]

Sounds like a good idea. Do you want to count?

Re: ><


[ With a little smirk, she nodded. ]

You may have the honors?

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