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four words that make you cringe.

No one likes hearing the dreaded "We need to talk..." but sometimes it's absolutely necessary to improve things or at least move on.

- Post your character.
- Others respond as if your character has told them they need to talk about something.
- Go to RNG and enter numbers 1-10 and respond accordingly.
- Have fun!

1. The Relationship - there's a problem that needs to be addressed in your relationship and it needs to be now.
2. The Future - You want to talk about where you're heading, in your career, in life, in your relationship, etc.
3. Fears - There's something you're worried about or afraid will happen.
4. Guilt - You've done something you feel bad for and need to confess. It could be related to something else or the person you're confessing to.
5. Trouble - you're in trouble, big trouble, and you need to talk about it.
6. The Breakup - you broke up for a reason and you need to make it clear the other person knows why.
7. Trust - That person betrayed your trust and you need to talk it out.
8. Things You Said - Someone confessed something to you and you need to talk it out with them. Did they mean it? Do you not feel the same or agree?
9. About last night... - whatever you two ended up doing, you need to discuss it and get things in the clear.
10. Your Choice - make up your own scenario!

Dr. Carol Marcus || Star Trek (Reboot!Verse)


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