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The Rabbit Done Died Meme

The Rabbit Done Died
"The rabbit died" is an old saying meaning one is pregnant, coming from the now no longer practiced rabbit test.


You're pregnant. Knocked up. Eating for two. Have  a bun in the oven.
Insert your own cliched phrase here. No matter how you say it, you're
downright fertilized. Even if you're not typically in possession of a
womb, somehow it happened. Are you scared? Happy? Gassy? A combination
of everything? And who's the father, anyway?

1. Post
with your character with their name and series in the subject line. If
you want to avoid any of the options, this would also be a good place to
list them.
2. This is one of those RNG memes, so you'll want to go to our good friend Random Number Generator and roll 1-6 for how far along you are. Or just pick what one you'd prefer.
3. If you're replying to someone, roll 1-4 for how you factor into this madness!

So, how far along are you anyway?

1. Two months - Sooooo all this sickness is kind of annoying, isn't it? At least you can still fit in your old clothes, right?

2. Four months - Okay, so things are getting a little tight. Time to break out the flowy stuff!

3. Six months - OH MY GOD IT'S AN ALI-- oh, no. It's just the baby moving. Although it's still kind of creepy, isn't it?

4. Eight months- Please. Please let it be over. Have mercy.

5. Overdue - C'mon kid! I'll buy you a pony! NO! TWO PONIES! My baaaaaack.

6. Wildcard - Your choice!

What's your role in this whole mess, person replying?

1. YOU ARE THE FATHER - Well, now you've gone and done it. Are you going to take responsibility, or head for the hills?

2.  Friend - You may not have done the deed, but you're going to be there to help your buddy. No matter HOW weird the circumstances!

3. Enemy - Do you feel a 'HAW HAW' coming on? This is just too funny.

4. Wildcard - Second verse, same as the first.

Not my meme. Shamelessly copied!

Daenerys Targaryen ♛ A Song of Ice and Fire ♛ 2 mos.

No one is more shocked than Sweden when Daenerys got pregnant. Well, perhaps aside from Daenerys herself, but Sweden is definitely shocked at the circumstances. Personified Nations don't have children, at least not in the usual way as far as a lot of them know. But there it is. His Dany is pregnant and it's a miracle. And they've barely been in a relationship for more than a few months.

It's been a challenging two months, trying to cope with this new addition to their lives and also getting to know each other more, but they both have been taking steps to making things work. There are still a lot of things that need to be discussed but they are taking things slow. It seems to work for them so far, though others may argue that they have progressed farther than a few months together should. A baby together tends to do that.

After politely knocking on Daenerys' door (she still has her own room, if she ever wants privacy), he pushes it open and peers inside. It's probably a funny sight, a tall, intimidating Nordic peering around a door towards a woman around only half his size.

"Dany..." The name is uttered softly in Sweden's usual low, rumbling tone. "May I c'me in?"

After the death of her own unborn son years ago, Dany was told to never expect her womb to quicken with life ever again. When she burned the khal, setting him free into the Night Lands, she didn't. Imagine the terrible union of fear and happiness and sorrow then that mixed within her soul when she learned she was with child, by Sweden, no less, a man she barely knew at the time.

It's been a long two months. Daenerys remembers the progressions of her body though as their baby grows inside of her, but she still worries and not for herself. She worries for it and she worries for Sweden more than anything. Her intentions are to simply endure, no matter what this child brings for her, just as she's always done, the most she ever could do, but regardless of her determination, the pain of losing either of them frightens her all the same, most powerfully when she's alone.

Thus, she's grateful when there's a knock at her door and she nods easily in reply when the father of her unexpected child asks to enter her room. She admires that he respects her privacy still, but a part of her doesn't wish for these barriers between them, in case their time together is growing short. It may be an irrational fear, but if there is any lesson that was the hardest to learn for Dany, it's that some things in life cannot be saved.

He enters the room at her nod, moving silently and efficiently even as he just closes the door after him and sits down by her side. Icy blue eyes look to the side and carefully, he reaches to take her hand in his. There's still a bit of unsure-ness to that motion, but no real hesitance.

Tall, silent and intimidating, Sweden has always seemed to strike uneasiness, if not all out fear, into the hearts of others by just merely existing. That has cost him much needed experience in social interaction. It has also caused him to usually be cautious when dealing with others, especially when he is trying to be nice. Even his own cautiousness does not work at times and he still ends up scaring people away. This is why he is especially careful with Dany, even if she doesn't seem to fear him at all. Besides, she is carrying their child. All the more reason to be careful.

"How're you feelin'?" He looks at her and tries to gauge from just looking if there is anything wrong. "'re you hungry? Cold?"

Dany has always sensed the hesitancy in his words and actions whenever Sweden was around her, but it took her a while to realize that it wasn't personal. Her late husband was also a big, quiet, intimidating man — akin to a king, even, in his own right — so perhaps that is why she's never really found herself uncomfortable with her new lover. His reserved nature and tall stature are, in fact, comforting to her, especially now, given her condition. Daenerys appreciates the sense of security his presence exudes and it puts her worries at ease when they're together.

"A little cold," she says, tucking her hand comfortably in his to signal that she approves of the contact. She takes a breath, then gives him a small smile. "But otherwise, I am fine. Thank you."

Daenerys doesn't need to say more. With her welcoming his touch, he moves carefully to hold her closer, making a soft, thoughtful rumble as he wraps an arm around her and holds her against his side. He may be a Nation of the North, of unforgiving snow and long winters, but he knows all about warmth as well. Getting and providing it, at least. He looks down to her, quite honestly pleased that she didn't even flinch when he reached for her hand and now when he holds her close. It pleases him more than anything that Dany isn't scared of him. So many others already are and a lot of them are even bigger than she is.

"I'll g'tchu 'nother blanket and ch'ck th' heater later." He promises her, his hands coming up to fold and rub over hers gently to get them warm as well. "Y' shouldn' be cold."

"This is already much better," Dany assures him as she cuddles up against his bigger body for both the body heat and the closeness. Her smile grows more confident. She considers for a moment asking him if he has had any luck in understanding how this came to be — her pregnancy — but she doesn't want him to misunderstand her rather insistent curiosity. She's asked several times throughout the week already and she's sensitive to the fact that she may cause him to think she is angry or displeased she's conceived, which is far from the truth.

He likes it when she cuddles closer to him. She's so small compared to him and he likes the feeling of holding her close and keeping her warm. He's a caring, protective man by nature and nothing makes him happier than being able to take care of someone, especially someone as small and lovely as she is. True, she is a queen and she has a strength all her own, but he appreciates how she lets him take care of her. That's especially important now when she carries their child.

One of his hands gently fall over the bump that is their child, extending his protection and care to the little one as well, "Good."


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