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30. now that it's raining more than ever, know that we'll still have each other

Hurt/Comfort - Hurt/comfort is a fan fiction genre that involves the physical pain or emotional distress of one character, who is cared for by another character. The injury, sickness or other kind of hurt allows an exploration of the characters and their relationship.

- Post with Character Name | Series in the subject.
- Others respond.
- Roll 1-10 at RNG for a scene, play it out and have fun!

You've been injured. Broken bones or bleeding out or maybe just a tiny little papercut. The choice is yours.
You're sick and laid up in bed, at home or in a hospital. The severity is up to you.
Something is happening and you're scared beyond belief.
4. LOSS OF SENSES. Sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc. You've lost some important sense or ability and now you're left to deal with it.
Nothing is good or right anymore and you can't shake the depression. Maybe that friend of yours can help though...
You've been dumped. You need someone to comfort you, possibly by the one who dumped you.
Fight or break up, it's time to makeup.
You've just been held captived and/or tortured for however long and finally, someone has come to the rescue.
Fight, cheated on, abused, whatever the case s, someone else can clearly see you need comfort from someone who isn't your terrible lover tonight.
10. LOSS.
You've experience a loss of some kind and need help getting through it.

Idea from chamberofthorns & hooohaw

Artie Abrams | Glee


(Since it's a meme? Pregnancy freak out aka crazy hormone changes are fun?)

I don't know why I said all that. I didn't mean to say it. I just...everything's crazy right now. I didn't mean it!

[Hehehehe I love it!]

[He's still hurt by what she said, even though he does know that it was the hormones talking rather than anything else. He's sitting very defensively, looking at her.]

I know, it's just... what if you're right?

[She feels so guilty that she'd said it. It'd just slipped out. She was trying so hard to seem confident and that this wasn't scaring her and then she screwed up and said that.]

I'm not right. We both know I'm not right. I'm just going kinda crazy because of all this. I'm sorry!

[He didn't mind the fact that they were both scared - it was just one of those things, a scary situation. But he was full of doubt anyway, and Jan had accidentally made it worse. But he was trying oh so hard to be strong here.]

I know, it's just everything at once. I've got doubts about my ability to be a good father anyway, you know that.

I know and that's why I shouldn't have said it. [Nervously, she takes his hand, not sure if he'd be alright with her hugging him.] You're going to be a wonderful dad, Artie. I know that. You're going to love our kid so much and that's the most important thing.

[He slowly allows Jan to take his hand, eventually squeezing it slightly.] What if I can't, Jan? I mean, there's going to be so much I can't do to help out.

You're wrong, you'll be helping. You'll be there supporting me and loving both of us. That's what's important. The things you can't do, well, we'll just have to be creative.

I'm just worried, Jan. Things like when it comes to helping him start walking. I won't be able to pick him up when he falls. [He doesn't know if it is a boy or a girl, it's just easier for him to say 'him']

I'll be there to pick him up and you'll be there to tell him it'll be all right so that he'll want to try again. Even when we have to find different ways to do things or I have to do them instead, you'll still be there.

I don't want to let you down, Jan. I'm scared I will.

[Whether he wanted a hug or not he's getting one.] You won't, Artie. I promise, you won't.

[He hugs her back tightly, not wanting to let her go.] I'll try not to, certainly.

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[Because mun is a ho and rerolled - 3 or 9?]

3 it is.

[He's sitting there, shaking slightly, unable to control himself. What he saw... he doesn't know how he can move from here.]

Artie? Artie, what's wrong?

[He's too terrified to do anything by look at Tina right now, blue eyes wide with fear and... something else. He'll get himself back under control in a minute or two.]

Artie....Artie! [She puts her hands against his face, meeting his eyes. He looks so scared, and it's scaring her more than she can say]

[He looks at her, gradually calming down.] Car accident. Saw it on the drive home.

Oh my god....Artie... [She knows what that means. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him close to her chest] I'm so sorry....

Did....did you see it happen or...?

[He holds her tightly, moving his head slightly to indicate that yes, he saw it happen, and it has kind of freaked him out.]

Oh, I'm so sorry... [One hand moves to stroke his hair, trying to calm him.] I'm here for you,'ll be okay...

I had to stay, give a statement. All the ambulances and everything... [He buried his head in her shoulder, just trying to take as much comfort as he could.]

Oh hon....[She continued to stroke his hair, placing a kiss on the top of his head] It's okay. You're here, and, and you're just fine.

Was...was it bad?

It wasn't pleasant. I don't know how badly people were hurt, I didn't want to get that close. Too scared to.

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