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The Truth or Dare Meme:

✖ Comment here with your character!
✖ Other characters will tag in with a truth or dare.
✖ Your character is now obligated to either answer the question or act on the dare
(unless you are uncomfortable playing it out, of course -- it's all in good fun!)
✖ Continue back and forth ad nauseum.
✖ Throw up a courtesy warning if your thread wanders into adult territory.

✖ Otherwise, enjoy!

Cloud Strife | Final Fantasy VII

Truth or dare?

[Choose carefully, Cloud.]

[why is his 'she's not as sweet as she looks girl' radar going off?]


um... truth?

[Well, she is. Most of the time. When she's not busy teasing.]

Sure about that? There are no take backs, after all.

[why does he feel as if he's just walked into a trap? Of course, the last time he let a woman call the shots for him, he ended up in a dress propositioning a slum lord... he thought 'truth' would be safer. Now, given that look, he's suddenly not sure. See those eyes drifting to the door, Vanille? Yeah, he's considering making a break for it. The blue will focus back on her though after a second under determined pale eyebrows and he'll nod, just once.]


[Never, ever mention that to her, Cloud. She has this big thug who refuses to shut up and that might be effective in getting the job done. For about ten seconds.]

If you're sure.

[And now's she thinking, trying to come up with something good.]

What's something you've always wanted to do, but never got a chance to?

[actually, if it's to humiliate someone else, he just might tell her about it. At least then he'd have another male to commiserate with. Her question though will have his eyes going wide. He isn't really familiar with the game considering his childhood but... he'd expected something silly. Or invasive. It's a really good question though and his eyes will sink for a moment as he thinks about it. Or rather, how to phrase it because the answer's pretty obvious. And it really all comes down to:]

To say I'm sorry.

[Well, she's pretty sure she could get Fang or Hope or, well, anyone to video tape it for her. It'd be good blackmail material for later.

She smiles softly as she waits for him to answer, but it fades slightly when he finally does. She had a lot of things to apologize for. A lot of things that she'd never get the chance to ask for forgiveness over.]

For what?

[is that still part of the 'truth' part? His eyes come up and he might not have answered - except for the way her eyes look. Somehow, it's okay to answer.]

I let them die.

[Oh Cloud. She doesn't know what to do for a moment, other than look away from him. But then the moment was over and she was taking his hand, holding it tightly with both of hers.]

Sometimes... things just happen for a reason and it's hard to see what that reason is. But you can't hold on to the past, or else it will just weigh you down and pretty soon, it'll become unbearable.

So, maybe you the person you really need to apologize to is yourself, and allow yourself to let the weight go.

chances are I'll never forgive Cloud if he makes Vanille cry - just thought I'd mention

[the hand holding is a bit unexpected and he'll freeze up for a second but after that second he'll relax again. It's strangely reassuring so he'll curl his fingers, just a little, to finish the connection, eyes searching her face.

Is it really that easy?

More to the point... does he deserve to have it that easy?

His voice will stay soft.]

Do you believe that?

Aawww. He doesn't mean to. Cloud's just a giant derp around girls.

I do.

[Her soft smile returns slowly.]

But what's important is that you believe it.

it's part of his charm... or something

[have a chin tuck, Vanille, because he's not sure how he's going to assimilate that bit of thought into his own. Forgiving himself seems... he's not very good at forgiving himself. Maybe this is like Tifa's approach though - where you just keep going until you make things better? Either way, he'll hum a soft sound to show he's going to think about it and then he'll look back up at her.]


[He's pretty sure a child's game isn't supposed to be depressing. He'll try, offering the hint of a small smile.]

Is it my turn?

He just needs a bunch of really optimistic, really pretty girls in his life. That's all.

You're welcome.

[His question only makes her smile widen. This was far too depressing to be any fun for either of them.]

Do you know how to play?

as long as it doesn't involve him having to wear anything soft and shimmery

[there's a slight narrowing of his eyes. He's not entirely socially stunted. Okay, okay - so he's watched other kid's play it while hiding at the corner of the house. Not the point! Point is, he understands that the rules are either that: because he's chosen 'truth' she has to answer with a truth too or else she's allowed to chose which one she'd rather. He's seen the rules shift enough to know they're flexible and besides it seems wrong to corner her into something she might not want to do just because it was the route he chose. So he'll square his shoulders.]

Truth or dare?

[um... if it's not too awkward could he have his hand back now too?]

... I am so sorry for her. - rush_the_beat, 2011-06-24 05:42 am (UTC)(Expand)
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.... Is it really. - rush_the_beat, 2011-06-25 08:10 am (UTC)(Expand)

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