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Amnesia Meme

Ouch, that hurts! Or maybe you drank the wrong potion. Or someone cast a spell on you. Or you just drank way too much last night. However it happened, you’re now missing a part of your memory.

How to play:
1. Post with your character’s name and fandom. Specify anything you’d like to avoid!
2. Hail the great RNG with 1-19! (Or be godless and just choose an option. Whatever.)
3. ???
4. Profit!


1. A few minutes. Not so bad. You’re just wondering how you’re suddenly in a car, or on pavement outside the bar, or similar.
2. A few hours. That’s worrying.
3. A few days. Uhm…
4. A few weeks. This is getting really bad.
5. A few months. Crrrap.
6. More than a year. You know how much can change in a year? A lot.
7. More than five years. Oh, crap.
8. More than ten years. That’s a lot of life to miss.


9. The last thing you remember, you were a teen. Why are you old now?!
10. The last thing you remember, you were a child. You’re so big now!
11. You’d just made a significant turning point in your characterisation. Time to see how your life’s gone since then!
12. Just before that significant turning point. Can you accept the change in yourself?
13. ALL your life. You don’t remember anything at all. Tabula rasa.
14. ALL your life. The only memories you have are of a past life and this body, these people, aren’t familiar at all.


15. You can’t remember a stretch of time before the incident that caused your amnesia, despite remembering the incident itself.
16. You can’t remember anything concerning a specific topic- anything related to birds, maybe, or machinery. Could be trivial, could be important.
17. Your memory is intact up to the incident that caused your amnesia, but you can’t form any new memories beyond that point in time.
18. Reverse: you didn’t lose your memory, instead you remembered something you’d forgotten. Could be trivial, could be something significant that you’d repressed.
19. Something I missed? Combine scenarios, or make up your own!

Have fun, folks!

Charles Xavier | Xmen: First Class

[I can roll for Charles once tagged if you like :)]

You roll a number? It's your thread, so. :)

14, oh boy...

[Charles stood in the middle of the hallway, a confused look on his face. How did he get here? Where was here exactly??? He looked up and down the hall, nothing looking familiar. He couldn't even...what was his name again? Something was definitely wrong and he was starting to feel very concerned about all of this. There was a picture of himself and Raven on the wall, but Charles put a hand against it to see it better...not able to remember who the girl was.]

[Sean has no idea that Charles has a severe case of amnesia. Anyway, Sean just happens to pass by the professor.]

Hey prof! [Then again, Sean kinda feels like something isn't quite right , but he can't figure out what it is.] Uh... you okay, there?

[Charles turns, not realizing Sean is addressing him. All he sees is someone who might be able to sort out this mess.] Excuse me, can you tell me how to get out of here? I don't think I'm supposed to be here...this isn't my house.

[Now it's Sean's turn to look confused, but he snorts out a laugh first.] Very funny, professor. No seriously, are you alright?

[He shakes his head] I'm not a professor, I'm... [ok, maybe he's not sure on that bit but a professor didn't sound like him] This isn't my house, I'm sure there's been a mistake. [As if insisting might clear up the problem]

Uh, prof. I'm pretty sure you live here. [Sean looks even more confused. ] And you are an actual professor.

I live here? [He casts a look around, but it still is as unfamiliar as it was two minutes ago] You can't be serious. Look, I'm telling you I"m not a professor. Something is terribly wrong, I woke up on that couch in there and I don't know how I got here in the first place. It has to be a mistake.

Yeah, I'm serious. You do live here. [Charles, you're starting to worry Sean here.]

[He's adamant] Look, I don't know what kind of elaborate hoax this is, but I most certainly do not remember living here. I would think I'd remember a singular place like this. Now if you'll just kindly show me the exit, I'll be on my way. [Charles is getting a little miffed with this situation, why wasn't this young man believing him??]

[What the f-] No! You live here at this mansion.

[He's wondering why Charles isn't acting like himself. Maybe it's actually Raven just pulling a prank on Sean? ... Nah, that can't be it.]

Okay, well, the door's over there. [Glances at the main door leading outside.] But seriously, what's going on? How can you not remember living here?

Mansion?? Here, I've had about enough of this. [He starts strolling towards the door indicated, intent on leaving before this gets any more muddled] Good day, sir.

Sir? [Sean is rather surprised from hearing that. He'll just follow Charles.] My name's Sean. Remember?

No, I'm afraid I don't remember. [He stops to look Sean in the face to make absolutely certain] I'm positive we've never met before. I'm sorry if you remember it otherwise but that can't be... [He trails off, looking confused as his telepathy picks up a few stray thoughts around the mansion. His amnesia has completely wiped out the fact that he has mutant abilities] ...did you hear that?

Let me get this straight. [He pauses before asking.] You don't remember when you and Erik met me at the aquarium? [He mentions the first time they've ever met. Charles probably doesn't remember that, either.]

Hear what? [Sean can't hear anything in the telepathic sense.]

Why on earth would I go to an aquarium? I don't even know an Erik. [He was looking around like someone paranoid, trying to find the mystery voices] Stop that talking...that's not funny to hide like that.

[Sean isn't just concerned. He's extremely worried right now. Charles might pick up stray thoughts from Sean, which include the following:

What the hell happened? Why doesn't he remember stuff? Oh crap, what do I do?! ... Ask Hank. Yeah, good idea.]

Nobody's talking except us. [Oh wait. Sean stays quiet for a few seconds, not moving his mouth.]

Can you hear me now? [Sean points to his temple. He's obviously not telepathic, but he's hinting that Charles can hear people's thoughts.]

[Charles backs up till he hits the wall, putting a hand out as if to keep Sean and his thoughts away from him] Stop it! Stop it right now, whatever you're doing! [He puts a hand to his head, not his customary two fingers, this is more of a whole hand I'm-at-my-wits-end sort of gesture]

Hey! I'm not doing anything. It's all you. [This is a lot worse than Sean initially thought.] You can hear people's thoughts.

Look, before you go, you gotta meet Hank. He can help solve this mess, alright? [Yeah, Hank can restore Charles's memory back, right?]

It most certainly is not, that is insane! People don't hear another's thoughts. I am not meeting Hank or anyone else, I'm getting out of this fun house while I still can. [He moves towards the door as quickly as he can, stumbling over the rug in his haste as he jerks it open to step outside. None of this looks familiar either....Charles doesn't even know where he can go]

[Sean rests his head on his hands. Clearly, he has no idea what to do with Charles who has no recollection of his memories. This is getting out of hand. He follows him outside.]

Hey! Careful there, man!

[He was pacing back and forth in front of the house, looking up at the size of the building and looking more anxious and confused the more that he did so] No no no, this is wrong...this is all wrong...

[Sean keeps an eye on him, frowning. He finds it terribly sad to see Charles like this. At the same time, Sean himself feels awful because he doesn't know what to do, how to make Charles remember.]

You..! What part of England is this?? [Charles thinks he's back in England for some reason, the house is a little British looking after all]

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