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226. Handcuffed Meme
Handcuffed Meme

How it Works!

♦1. Post with the name and series of your character.
♦2. Whoever tags rolls a number between 1-14.
♦3. You two are now handcuffed/tied together by whatever means, forced to play out whatever scenario you rolled for. How you break free will be up to you.

♦1. Party Prank - So you were at a party and your friends (or maybe just some really mean party guests) decided it’d be funny to handcuff you to someone else. And they won’t give the key back either. Jerks.

♦2. Jailbreak - Oh no, you and whoever you got handcuffed to was arrested! Well, maybe if you work together you can make a jailbreak.

♦3. Magic Trick Gone Wrong - Just a little magic trick they said, the cuffs could come off easily they said…

♦4. Kidnapping - You two ticked off the wrong people, and now you’re stuck in a warehouse/evil lair/hideout.

♦5. Robots - Robots have taken over! And now you two have to figure out how to escape ’em. While handcuffed.

♦6. Post-Apocalyptic - Barren wastelands, biker gangs, thunderdomes. The future isn't looking too pleasant.

♦7. Dinosaurs - The both of you wake up handcuffed in the middle of a jungle. And there's dinosaurs. Oh fuc-

♦8. Carnival - Those cuffs you got at the carnival looked easy enough to take off, but now you two are stuck. Do you find help or try to hide your shame?

♦9. Aliens - Congrats, you two were abducted by aliens. Better find a way to get back to Earth before they start probing.

♦10. Kinky situation - So you and your partner wanted to try something new and accidentally lost the key to your cuffs. It happens, right? …Right?

♦11. Trapped in a Mad Scientist Lab - You knew you shouldn’t have gone into that big, scary-looking building and talked to the obviously crazy scientist guy, but you couldn’t help yourself! And now he’s planning to do some horrible things to you and the person you’re chained to. Is that a saw?

♦12. Haunted Castle - Oh no, ghosts! You can’t remember how you got here, but you better find your way out before you run into some unpleasant guests.

♦13. Forest - Some mobsters dumped you guys in the middle of a spooky forest. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other finding your way back.

♦14. On a boat - You and the person you’re handcuffed to are now on a boat. Better figure out how to get back to shore in handcuffs.


See, this is why I don't go to parties.

I thought it would be good for you to get out for a while. [Of course, he had not meant for them to end up at a frat party. That had been all the Tardis' doing. Now they were stuck together by a pair of cool metal handcuffs. Where did they even get handcuffs? For that matter. Where was his sonic screwdriver?

When we find out who did this I'm so eating them.


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