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216. The Domestic Meme


❧ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, and any preferences you have.
❧ When replying, RNG for a number between 1 and 15. The number corresponds to the scenario that you will play out in whatever way you want to. Or just pick one of them.
❧ Go from there!

[01] baby
Suddenly, there's a new addition to your family! Are you expecting? Adopting? Struggling to find the perfect name for your child? Or maybe you're up at a ridiculous hour in the morning because they're crying like crazy.

[02] just married
Congratulations! You and your loved (?) one are about to start a whole new life together! It's time for the honeymoon...!

[03] house hunting
Are you seeking out an apartment? A dream house? Or just any old place, as long as you're with your other? Make sure to weigh your options very carefully...!

[04] household chores
It's time to clean/cook/garden/take care of something! Do you work together, or does one of you hide until everything is done?!

[05] shopping
Whether it's for furniture, groceries, or something in between, shopping is something that everybody must do at some point in time! What varies is if they like it or not.!

[06] family vacation
... well, as long as the kids are happy, right...? You may not be happy (or maybe you are), but it's mainly about ~family bonding~.!

[07] romantic retreat
It's you and your loved one's anniversary, and you decide it's time to take some time off and take them somewhere nice, where you only have each other.!

[08] comfort
Is somebody sick in bed? Or perhaps they just had a bad day? Sometimes, a good breakfast in bed or a home-cooked meal can really lift the spirits! Or perhaps you want to try medicine, or laughter, or something else?!

[09] pet
Suddenly, you have another addition to the family! Is it a puppy? A kitty? A fierce dragon? Whatever it is, make sure to give it a name and to take good care of it!!

[10] holiday
Happy birthday/New Years/Christmas/Valentine's Day/whatever! It's a very special day that only comes once a year, so make it count!!

[11] argument
Oh, no, who left the stove on... Or maybe it's about why they were out late last night? Either way, there is a lot of tension today, and one of you may or may not be sleeping on the couch tonight.!

[12] making up
It's time to make amends for that fight/divorce/whatever you had before! After all, you love each other... right?!

[13] surprise, surprise
You are feeling rather loving tonight, so you want to remind the other person how much you cherish and appreciate them... if it's by something cute and adorable or hot and sexy is completely up to you.!

[14] proposal
SHUT UP THIS TOTALLY FITS You've been with your other for what feels like forever, and finally you want to tie the knot with them. Will you go down on one knee before them, or get a little creative?!

[15] other
I know I'm forgetting like a bajillion and one different things here, so this is the option for that!

Taken from connikebox. Thank you for the lovely meme! :)

12 - How appropo

Liam finds him in the kitchen and hesitates for a moment.




He frowns, taken aback.


"Don't yell at me right now."

Pushing his hair out of his face.

"Just leave it, Liam."

"I wasn't going to."

It's soft.

"I wanted to apologize."

He snorts.

Liam just stares at him, startled and hurt.

"What about what you said?"

"I shouldn't have said it."

"So that's it?"

He shakes his head.

"You're right. I am too... uptight."

That was not the word Break used.

"I didn't mean to say that."

He admits, quietly.

"I shouldn't have."

"Nevertheless. You were right."

It's said tiredly.

"I suppose I don't know how to be anything but."

"I like you this way."

"Even when it winds up like this?"

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