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192. the co-ed slumber party

* s l u m b e r * p a r t y *

Either you're attending a slumber party, or you're hosting one. Whatever your age. Slumber parties are for ALL ages. And maybe you weren't even invited - maybe you're crashing one. It's all up to you. The only thing that's certain is... the night's just gettin' started, and sleeping (as well as pajamas) are totally optional.
  • Post with your character - name, fandom, preferences in the subject, as per usual. Also it's good to indicate whether you're okay with smut or not, as this is a smut-friendly meme.
  • Go tag other characters! Or jump into a thread that's already started! This is a party, people. Thread-hopping is ENCOURAGED. (Unless one of the thread's subject lines says "Private", or something similar. Then that's off-limits for thread-jacks.)
  • If you want, you can also specify whether you want your slumber party to be "no boys allowed", "no girls allowed", or "completely co-ed". (Be mindful you could have crashers, though!)

The Doctor | Doctor Who


The Doctor | Doctor Who

[runs past in bunny slippers]

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

[It didn't matter who showed up. The Doctor was wearing his special Fez and he's got a plate full of fish fingers and custard.]

The slippers! Where did you get those slippers?!

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The Doctor | Doctor Who

I was meant to bring them, but that's odd because they are actually too big. [She turns and pads up.] They're cute and soft, like chikkens!

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

Nooo. But. But. Oh, they're brilliant. [The Doctor will have to see if the TARDIS wardrobe has a pair for him.] Why chickens? I wouldn't consider a chicken to be 'soft'.

The Doctor | Doctor Who

Roosting hens are. They're fat and warm and soft. They peck, though, and boy do they complain!

I like chikkens. They ask for so little and they poo out eggs every morning.

You could have mine! They might be just big enough for you.

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

I've got the chocolate! Who's bringing the popcorn?

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

Chocolate Captain? I've got fish fingers and a big bowl of custard to dip them in.

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

Fish fingers and custard? I think I liked it better when you were switching guns for fruit.

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

[You might regret saying that when his little slumber party is over.]

I've mastered my skills of gun switching rather well since I had that face.

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

[Oh he keeps his weapons well-hidden now. Besides, he is rather fond of bananas.]

Really. We should have a campfire and tell stories.

Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who

[The TARDIS does a good job on making sure weapons won't work inside of her. The Doctor has never given up his fondness of bananas either.]

Yes, we should find somewhere that is campfire friendly.

[He wanders over towards the console and he thinks.] 1930's California just like in the George Steinbeck novels my Jack likes to read.

I think you mean John Steinbeck, and 1930s California sounds wonderful.

Yes, I've met John. Maybe he should of been a George instead. Yes, 1930s California is wonderful with a bunch of people etching out a living. Monterey is always nice during that time period.

[He turns a few dials and switches and the TARDIS is headed off on her way.]

It's an adventure every time. Though it's only a slumber party if we sleep on the beach.

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........I brought diiiiip.

.....Dip? How can a Dalek enjoy dip? You don't even have a mouth.

[irritated] I have a mouth. [it's just inside and besides, why would the Dalek eat his own mind controlling drug laced dip?] Diiiip is for hu-man consumpton.

Of course you do. [The Doctor looks at the dip and he takes it in his hand.] Then perhaps you would like to try it. [The Doctor doesn't trust the Dalek, he never will and never has trusted one.] We can just open you up and you can gobble it up.

...I have no teeeeeth. [ergo, no eating chips crisps and dip]

[He looks at the dip and then the Dalek. There's one way to get rid of it and he's going to wander up to the Dalek.] Of course you don't. Oh, I do believe there's a hair in the dip...

[There's a mean smile and he's going to let you get a good look at it.]

Let's get a closer look shall we?

[the eye stalk looks down at the bowl and back up at the Doctor, the whole Dalek sliding back a step or two] What are you doing?

[The Doctor comes up closer to the Dalek.] Mmmm. I think you need to get a closer look.

[still backing up!] My vision is not impaired, it is close e-nough.

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I hope you have plenty of food, Doctor, I don't want to eat the other guests or something by mistake.


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