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183. They're dropping like flies out there. [Trigger Warning: Death/Violence/Upsetting Imagery]
It's the end of the line, bub.

Humanity spends way more time than is strictly healthy contemplating death. But right now, for our characters, it's really the most pertinent topic on hand. For one reason or another, your character is going to die relatively soon, and they know it. Face to face with their own mortality, characters are liable to do any number of amusing things. So have at it!

-Post with your character(s). Name and series go in the subject line.
-Pick an scenario and tag around.
-OR write up a scenario in your original post and wait for others to tag.

1: ☠Terminal Illness☠ Cancer, smallpox, TB, plague, cholera, pick your favorite life threatening disease, and lose against it. You character has been wasting away, they're past the point of being helped, and soon they will no longer be with us. Perhaps the other players is a loved one, a friend, a doctor, or maybe a fellow patient, (terminal or not), who's there to see the doomed party to their end.

2: ☠Elaborate Plot☠ The spike walls are slowly closing in, or the pit is filling with water, the air is running out in your sealed box, the counter on that bomb is ticking away, the poison has hit your bloodstream, the sharks are closing in, etc. Somehow you've found yourself trapped or cornered, most likely at the hands of some nefarious foe, but not necessarily. Either way, try as hard as you can to escape, you can't. When do you give up, or do you fight until the end? For this one the characters can either be trapped together, or one could be out of harm's way trying to save the other, or gloating and savoring their imminent demise.

3: ☠So Much Bleeding☠ Wow that hurts. Like, a lot. Or...or maybe not? Y'know it's starting to feel kind of light and floaty, and it'd sure be nice to just close your eyes and drift off... For some reason your character suffered a grievous injury. Maybe it was in an epic battle with their nemesis, maybe they sacrificed themselves for player two, or maybe they're just really really klutzy and were running with a pair of scissors. No matter how it went, the point is that now they're bleeding out and have not long left in this mortal coil.

4: ☠Old as Balls☠ Even your wrinkles have wrinkles. You've been alive for like...ever. But hey, all good things must end, and now you feel that you're reaching the end of your rope. Are you a bitter, angry old geezer, or are you content with your life? Heavy with regret, or proud of your accomplishments? Are you saying a tearful goodbye to your friends and family, or maybe flipping the bird to an old enemy one last time? Maybe you're even reconciling with that enemy. Go nuts.

5: ☠To the Gallows at Dawn☠ Innocent or guilty, you are scheduled to hang/firing squad/lethal injection/be drawn and quartered/be decapitated. It is your last night. Chat with your cell mate? Try to escape? Bribe/seduce the guard? Tell your life story to anyone who passes you in the stocks? This one needs a bit more tweaking to properly be an engaging two person thread, but I have faith in your creativity.

6: ☠Final Curtain Call☠ This time, it's not just about you. The entire effing country/planet/universe/dimension is about to go up in smoke and everyone knows it. Break out the condoms and fried cheese, because this is gonna be one wild night.

7: ☠Overdue☠ Waaaait a second, you're already dead! Who would've guessed that? Well anyway, welcome to the afterlife. Maybe you're in some kind of celestial paradise, a torture dimension, or perhaps you're being a clingy fart and hanging around on your previous plane of residence. Finish up your business, or chill out and creep the bejeezus out of people. Your choice.

Feel free to make up your own scenario! Any kind of death you can think of is fair game.

:(:(:(:(:( 3 and then 7?

Um, Doctor? *He whimpers* I can smell the blood, and . . . well, it's making me. Well. Hungry.

And these injuries are too serious for regeneration, you must have fifty broken bones, your head is on backwards, I'm surprised you're still conscious. So . . . oh Doctor, you won't feel it when I make you part of me.

I love you, Doctor. I love you so much. Will you let me join us as one? I promise I'll be respectful. I'll bury your bones wherever you want me to, and I'll never forget you, not even if I live a billion years. I'll keep your mind alive, I'll give you my ring and you will be born again, would you like that?

Re: :(:(:(:(:( 3 and then 7?

[he coughs, and that hurts. He feels like everything is leaking out and everything is bruising and everything just hurts. He still manages a rueful chuckle]

Are you asking me out on a date?

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I is so sad :(

*He laughs weakly.* Maybe a dinner date. Here.

*And he slips the ring onto the Doctor's finger.* Just imagine yourself entering the ring, and you will as soon as you die. I can download your mind into a clone or something that way, alright? Or maybe I'll find a way of adding your mind to the TARDIS, you'll be safer like that anyway. I don't know, but I promise I'll find something.

Do you mind if I sate the hunger, Doctor? It's the best funeral I can come up with in the condition I'm in, and its better than the other things the drums are suggesting I do with the, well, body.


I'm not going into the ring, Master. I've lived too long as is.

[he grimaces] And---no, you can't eat me. Why would you---? Oh, I suppose I won't be able to protest in a moment.

Yes you are, Doctor. If I have to force you I will, but I can't be alone. I'll turn all my genius to destroying the whole universe if you go Doctor, but first I'll find every other friend you ever had and kill them slowly. You're all I have, Doctor, you are not leaving me! *He's crying as he says this.* Look, it's just like last time. Except I'm here and you're there.

*And then he leans down and starts licking away the blood.* You're tasty, old friend. Tasty and sweet, you'll soothe my poor stomach. Is there anywhere you'd like me to start? Any dish you'd like me to make? I'll set the table for you, you can die with dignity, oh Doctor I'm so sorry! I'm sorry, I just can't help myself.

*He gently picks up the broken thing that was the Doctor and lays it out neatly on a table.* There, much better. You look lovely, old friend. Just delicious. Would you like a bit of garnish?

[being moved is utterly painful, but not as painful as the thought of being eaten. He supposes it could be worse, but he would much rather it happen after he dies]

You have to stop the degeneration, Master. You can't just keep---[cough]---seeking a fix.

Don't worry about me, Doctor. You're the one dying.

Do you want me to force you into the ring? I'm more than willing to do that.

I'll give you painkillers once you tell it to catch you, how about that? You'll feel happy and detached and all my questions will seem reasonable, would you like that? Please, Thete, I don't want you to go!

[grimace] Don't call me that.

[yes, even near death, he hates that nickname]

You can't force me, Master. And if you didn't want this to happen...well, it has to.

Yes, Doctor, I can. You're weak enough now that I can simply tell you to. The only reason I haven't yet is because I know you'd be angry at me afterwards.

But you'll forgive me, Doctor. *He kisses the Doctor's forehead.* One last chance to do it on your own, Doctor. Otherwise I'll have to do it the hard way, and then I'll punish you for making me have to do it.

Why are you resisting me, Doctor? You don't have that much of a death wish, do you?

You can't force me, Master. We both know your hypnosis isn't that strong.

[he grimaces, and lets out a breath slowly]

I'm not living life like you do. It's my time. I'm just going to go.

Want the Doctor to get saved or not? The Master kind of needs him, and this is sad enough already

Not even for me, Doctor? Not even for your best and oldest friend? I don't have any other reason to live anymore, please!

You won't have to live the way I do. I'll let you live the rest of your life however you like, promise. Just don't leave me, I need you.

*He sighs and strokes the Doctor's bloody hair. And then he takes the Doctor's hand and swiftly removes the finger with the most fractures in it.* Somehow I'm guessing you don't want any.

Let's see what happens!

[the Doctor screams in agony as the finger is severed, and blinks the blood out of his eyes as he stares in horror at the thing the Master has become]

I'm not you, Master. I won't turn the world upside down in order to survive.

Because the Master needs a friend:

If you won't use the ring I'll just have to come up with something you can't fight. *And he starts fucking around with the wiring.

*After a few minutes he grins.* There. This will add your soul to the TARDIS's whether you like it or not. You'll be a hologram, but you'll survive.

Now that that's over with, do you want me to kill you? This is just going to get more painful, I'm afraid, and I don't want to hurt you any more than I must.

Spend the rest of forever with my TARDIS.

[he lets out a slight sigh in spite of his pain]

I should say thank you.

Welcome, then, Doctor. *He smiles* You can drive me places, would you like that?

If you want me to I can kill you now.

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