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178. 'Would you go out with me?' Meme
"Would you go out with me?" Meme

There are some names written on the back of this note, saying FROM: ______ and TO: ______ but we can't make them out.

How to play!

1) Post with your character.

2) Other characters reply like they found this note saying
FROM: your character
TO: their character

But it might have been a prank or something! M-maybe it wasn't?

3) Play out the scene that happens when the note gets an answer!

idea from [info]romancedressing

Chris Halliwell | Charmed.


Re: Chris Halliwell | Charmed.

[The note is sent back to him, with "no" circled several times, along with a little note underneath saying, "just how much have you had to drink?"]

Re: Chris Halliwell | Charmed.

[The note is sent back again: "how much is between a lot and DUDE THERE ARE PINK TALKING HORSES AROUND US"?]

[she resolutely slides it back, blushing. 'No' is circled, though there is a hastily rubbed out, smudged circle of pencil about 'Yes' too... so she changed her mind. Because, come on. Chris isn't serious. Right?]


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